Powerful woman cut down while helping give aid and comfort – the shooter will be shamed forever.


I am not sure if Florence Nightingale was killed while saving lives. I am not also sure if she was as young as Razan al Najjar when she died.

Razan Najjar, a 21 years old paramedic from Gaza was shot to her death yesterday in the Friday, facebook March of Return.  She wrote facebook page that she will Return no matter what they do … and somehow her Return was different.

I dont know if any word can sere the purpose of reflecting emotions hear. But it soring and aching …. with each word that attempts to leave my brain .real pain and feeling of loss accompanies my hands.

The photos and the videos of Razan, the beuatiful angelic face of paramedics was unable ot rescue more lives on the line of fire in the deadly shootings of the military brutal occupation.

This young woman spent the last two months in a remarkable…

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الإبداع…طاقات لا حدود لها…نجوى حرحش بخيطان ومسامير


لا أعرف كم هو سهل ، الكتابة عن موهبة تكون اختي هي النجمة فيها .

ولكنني ، وبينما كنت أشاهد مقابلة تلفزيونية أجريت لأختي نجوى إثر مشاركتها بركن في بازار بالقدس قبل عدة ايام ، لم أستطع الا ان انظر اليها بعين اعجاب شديد.

من يشاهد لوحات نجوى المصنوعة من المسامير والخيطان برسومات وزخارف واشكال ملفتة ، يظن ان هذه الانسانة كبرت على هذا النوع من الاحتراف . والمفاجأة دائما ، هل كل هذه الحرفية عمرها بضع شهور؟

بين جواب مباشر بنعم ، وجواب اكيد بلا ، تؤكد نجوى مرة أخرى ان الابداع لا يحتاج الى مكان ولا زمان. يحتاة الى قرار واصرار.

من يعرف نجوى لا يتفاجأ ، لأن شغفها نحو الرسم والفنون كان منذ صغرها ، ودراسة القانون لم تكن الا تذكرة خروج لها من القدس للتعلم بالخارج. راوغت حينها بين حرية حركة وحرية روح ، ظنت انها تستطيع المساومة فيها …. وعلمت اخيرا ، ان الروح الحرة…

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Playing at Pawell #atozchallenge #children #uganda

poetry penned in moon dust

 puppets tell stories

 balls in the sky

we run, jump and play

color and listen

all part of our day

we learn from our teachers

enjoy a sweet

sing a new song

we’re children of Pawell

come join along

I can’t express what a joy these children are to teach and play with. I hope you can tell from the pictures that we love the Acholi.

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Dance #children #atozchallenge

dance, dance, dance yass

poetry penned in moon dust

feet joyfully tap

vocal chords follow

babies wiggle their feet

boys jump in the air

hard not to move to the beat

we’re in church



place in my heart

sun rises with daily greeting

smiling boy

The prompt at the wordpress photo challenge is Smile. Our friend’s boy Danny is a constant joy. We always want to bring him home with us when we leave Uganda.

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Rise/Set #photochallenge #haiku

My awareness times of day – thanks

poetry penned in moon dust

Palmetto rise

colors of the sun merge

Equator sizzle

I love sun rise and sunset. Different parts of the world have their own unique glow.

South Carolina sunrise, Ugandan Sunset, Santa Barbara winter sunrise

Happy Wednesday to WordPress Photographers as we enjoy Sunrises and Sunsets.

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Prostituting israelis in Jerusalem east..

Strange days… getting tranger


A few months ago, two of my young Jewish students came to visit me in my place in Beit Hanina (East side of the city). On the soft train station, the security person stopped them, and they had to call me to come and pick them up because the security warned them that this could be a hazardous area for Israelis to be in.

Yesterday, I was surprised to see two young women stepping out of a car on the junction between Beit Hanina and Shu’fat, with one of them wearing a very short shorts and what looked like a strapless shirt or even just a bra. I was confused by the fact that we are in the middle of a freezing time of winter and these teenager likes are wondering like this. I thought she must be an American Arab visitor, even the though the weather thing remains hanging in my head. of course you cannot…

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