अनायास / Aimlessly

Kaushal Kishore

अनायास भटकता रहा
साथ की चाहत में,
लौट कर आया तो देखा,
मेरी परछाई कर रही थी
मेरा इंतजार,
हमेशा की तरह…


I kept wandering aimlessly
in the desire of companionship,
when I came back,
my shadow was waiting
for me,
as always…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest

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Did You Know – Green Pepper

In Dianes Kitchen

Did you know that you can cut a green pepper and leave the seeds attached to the stem?

It is rare that I cut up a green pepper because I dislike the way they taste.

So todays picture below, is compliments of my husband as he loves green pepper.

Not one seed came loose from the stem, however, he has cut a lot of green peppers in his lifetime.

He makes a square out of it by slicing four sides from the pepper.

He said when he is done he also cuts the bottom off and uses it too.

So give it a try and see if you think my husbands way is easier and less messy.

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Pictures At An Exhibition Nr. 76


Da steckt Musik drin! Auf dem Event “60 Jahre The Rolling Stones”, organisiert von Manfred Engelhardt und seinem Team, durfte ich meine Portraits der Stones ausstellen / Foto: Günther Sander

„It`s Only Rock`n`Roll, but we like it!“
Gibt es ein Zitat, das besser zu dem Event „60 JAHRE THE ROLLING STONES“ passen könnte? Wahrscheinlich nicht. Das sah Manfred Engelhardt, Manager des wahrscheinlich größten “Rolling-Stones-Fan-Clubs” mit 600 Mitgliedern weltweit ganz genau so. Und darum lud er nach mehr als zweijähriger, coronabedingter Abstinenz zu einem ganz besonderen Event ein, um der „größten und besten Rockband aller Zeiten“ zum 60-jährigen zu gratulieren.

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Good People Doing Good Things – Dr. Sanduk Ruit & Dr. Geoffrey Tabin

Filosofa's Word

I find I must dig back through the archives and repeat my good people post from April 2017 this week, for I am simply too frustrated tonight to settle into writing a new one.  My apologies, but I really think you’ll enjoy reading about these two guys!

Every Wednesday morning, I write about good people who are giving of themselves, their time, their money, or whatever resources they have to help others.  Some weeks I write about millionaire philanthropists, or foundations, other weeks, average, everyday people like you and me who are doing small things that make big differences in the lives of others.  Today I would like to introduce you to a pair of doctors, Dr. Sanduk Ruit, a Nepalese eye surgeon, and Dr. Geoffrey Tabin, an American eye surgeon and world-renowned mountain climber.

Together, these two eye surgeons have restored sight to more than 150,000 patients in 24…

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Saturday Surprise — Beauty, Humour and Furry Critters (Redux)

Filosofa's Word

As I find myself sorely lacking in humour tonight, I am reposting a Saturday Surprise from June 2018, but it is, I think, one well worth repeating! I hope you find a smile or two here to start your weekend!

Well, well, well … we have all survived yet another week and here it is, the first official weekend of summer! So, does everyone have happy plans for the weekend? Me? No, no … Chris is at yet another band competition this weekend, this one in Dublin (Ohio, not Ireland), so Goose and I are just chillin’. I don’t know about you all, but I think my U.S. friends will know what I mean when I say it’s been a tough week, and personally, I’m in the mood for some beauty, some humour, and some cute furry critters. But first, a funny-sad story about a member of the Sig-7 (short…

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