Prostituting israelis in Jerusalem east..

Strange days… getting tranger


A few months ago, two of my young Jewish students came to visit me in my place in Beit Hanina (East side of the city). On the soft train station, the security person stopped them, and they had to call me to come and pick them up because the security warned them that this could be a hazardous area for Israelis to be in.

Yesterday, I was surprised to see two young women stepping out of a car on the junction between Beit Hanina and Shu’fat, with one of them wearing a very short shorts and what looked like a strapless shirt or even just a bra. I was confused by the fact that we are in the middle of a freezing time of winter and these teenager likes are wondering like this. I thought she must be an American Arab visitor, even the though the weather thing remains hanging in my head. of course you cannot…

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And I can… #poetry #art #love #uganda

True words, feelings, thoughts…

poetry penned in moon dust

you ask me what I do

so many hats sit in a corner

I point…

some are dusty

others can no longer be worn

I’m tired…

paper leaves scatter

rose petals crumble with age


children I have loved

stories I have told

one heart…

no value a head shakes

pennies fall from my pocket

hope hangs …

trial and error

at times I want to give up

but one word…

inspires me to try

ignited and refreshed

by LOVE!!!

I dedicate this to my dear friends / family in No. Uganda. Your love is not based on aquisition of things, a degree, a profession. It is given freely. That is the kind of love that God has for each of us.

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The Lion and the Butterfly #poem

poetry penned in moon dust

unlikely friends

need presses the issue

small sacrifice

generous rescuer

colourful child

king of all he sees

love conquers convention

our stories make children smile

What do a Ugandan cho and a la foufou have in common? They have found friendship in the Savanna when a lion rescues a helpless cocoon and gains a beautiful and loyal friend. The zoos and parks seem very responsible with their wildlife. This lioness will hopefully return to the wild when she is elephant

motherless child

lake doesn’t claim this baby

large appetite

Poets United prompt today is Animals in recognition of World Animal Day

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From the Shadows of Men to the Roots of Human beings

Good on you!


After a year of publishing in the Shadows of Men, I was honored to present in in Haifa at Haifa’s Cultural Club. I have been introducing and discussing the book consecutively throughout the year, and I admit that each time the event was a new one, and inspiring by all means. This time, however, I was because I have been doing this for more than a year, I am about to publish my next book, and maybe this book has taken its portion of publicity in Palestine. I did not expect that this experience will make me in a whirlpool to the starting point. IT felt as if this book is being written by every person that reads it. It was such an honor to be presented and hosted by four individuals that humbled me with speeches that made e think: Wow, how far did these words go?
When what…

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Demolishing souls



I started my day this morning seeing my father’s garage in the photos on Facebook in one of the pages that bring about the news of the neighborhood.
Of course, there was no surprise. We live in a situation where we wake up to news of close people jailed or injured or killed. Demolitions are just another daily practice of an occupation.
I found myself calling my father, and I just wanted to know that he was okay. He has been battling against the demolition order for years now, firmly believing that they cannot demolish it, for two simple reasons, that he bought this land more than thirty years ago with the two rooms with no cement ceiling there , and he was using it more as his office to receive the taxi drivers and fix his cars . And he insists: ” I WILL NEVER DEMOLISH MY PROPERTY WITH…

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Joe Semaan: The Fraud Faking Being Lebanese Police To Abuse Foreign Maids

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Meet Joe Semaan, another entity for us to add to the growing list of filth associated with Lebanon and whose mere existence is a waste of space, and an abomination to every single inch of advancement we’re trying to make in the many transgressions against human rights in this country.

I was told about Joe yesterday by a couple of activists who are trying to advance migrant worker rights in Lebanon, and highlighting the many transgressions against them as well as the immense repercussions that the abuse our law permits has on their well-being. It’s only yesterday that an Ethiopian maid committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of the 7th floor apartment where she was working. In fact, the rates of suicide and deaths of migrant workers in the country are worse than that and will be talking about them in a future post.

Returning to Joe, it seems that…

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PA… Betrayal is a state of mind

Sad beyond words – when the leaders of the communities succumb to the poison of racism and occupation.


Amad, A Palestinian News Agency, revealed today exchanges of letters between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government, through the channel of the coordination offices from both sides. The letters exposed the request of the PA to cut off the Electricity from Gaza, declaring that they will no longer pay the electricity bills concerning Gaza.
The exchange between the two sides that is clearly explained in the letters. I have to say it feels so shameful, embarrassing, I cannot but add that we had reached that day when betrayal became a state of mind.

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24 Year Old Sara Sleiman Was Killed In Zahle By Kassem Al Masri, And Her Wish To Donate Her Organs To Save Others Will Be Fulfilled

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Over the weekend, a tragedy took place in Zahle that took the life of 24 year old Sara Sleiman whose only fault, like many before her, was being at the wrong place at the wrong time in a country that allows pests and disgusting abominations like her killer prosper unchecked.

Outside the local pub “Blue Bar,” a car accident took place that prompted Kassem El Masri to deal with the situation the only way his primordial brain knew how: fire a few rounds from his gun, one of which hit Sara and took her life soon after.

This is Sara’s killer. He’s the kind of brainless Lebanese men whose entire existence can be summarized with how they can express their manliness better, which is why you see him pose with guns and bazookas, because he can.

Kassem El Masri is also known as Tah El Masri (in Arabic: طه المصري). He’s a known…

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