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Claims of coup d’etat

The FMLN government in El Salvador is making claims that elements on the right are attempting to foment a coup to destabilize and overthrow the government.  Describing it as “obscure groups” advancing a “black hand strategy,”  the FMLN asserts that these anti-government plots are being advanced through social networks.   They described it as an attempt to foment a “soft coup” and not necessarily a violent overthrow using the armed forces.

The right wing ARENA party has reacted angrily to the accusations and demanded that the government show its proof of any plan against the government.   To date, the government has not publicly shown any proof.

I am no fan of the right wing parties in El Salvador.    But it seems to me that talk of coups is a pretty transparent attempt by the FMLN to rally the party faithful at a time when the government’s popularity is slipping because of its failure to address the public security problems in the country.