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Erdoğan is on a lonely path to ruin. Will he take Turkey down with him? | Simon Tisdall


At odds with the US, Europe, his Arab neighbours and potentially Russia, too, the president is also increasingly unpopular at home

For a reputed “strongman”, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan seems unusually nervous these days. A bombastic speech last week marking the third anniversary of a failed military putsch could not conceal his insecurity. He says he is using his sweeping powers as executive president to build a “new Turkey”. But it appears the old one is tiring of him fast.

“The 15th of July was an attempt to subject our nation to slavery,” Erdoğan declared. “But as much as we will never stop protecting our freedom and our future, those who lay traps for us will never cease their efforts.” It was a typical pitch, blending nationalism with scare stories of secret foes, foreign and domestic.

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How dare a woman breastfeed her baby on a plane! She might offend the bigots | Nell Frizzell


When Dutch airline KLM says it may ask nursing mothers to cover themselves if passengers object, misogyny is winning

Well, I for one welcome the news: as of this week, anybody asked to cover up while breastfeeding on a KLM flight can now walk, bare-breasted, across the plane, milk firing into the air, their baby howling at their shoulder, and immediately hand that screaming, hungry, suffering child to the person who made the complaint, who must then look after that baby for the entirety of the journey while the previously breastfeeding passenger lies back, watches a film, reads their book, has a glass of wine or enjoys a much-needed nap.

Because, my friends, that is precisely what I would do if someone asked me to cover myself while breastfeeding. This week, the Dutch airline KLM garnered a lactic tonne of deserved criticism after it put out a tweet stating that “to ensure that all our passengers of all backgrounds feel comfortable on board, we may request a mother to cover herself while breastfeeding, should other passengers be offended by this”. This was itself a response to one customer’s complaint, posted on Facebook, that she had been asked by a flight attendant to cover herself with a blanket – you know, like an actual fire – while breastfeeding her baby because someone else on the plane had complained.

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I’m told to ‘go back home’. But I’m an American – and dissent is patriotic


I still want to believe the US can make good on its promises, and not just to me. But I regularly wake up covered in fresh egg, courtesy of the highest leader in our land

My father was scheduled to speak at a university in Chicago, but there were no flights. This was right after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and commercial air travel was a mess. The nation had been, briefly, stranded on the Earth.

We lived in Minnesota. Chicago was a six-hour drive away and my father did not want to back out of his commitment. He would drive, he said.

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