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Biden Has Deep Connection to Black Voters. Will It Translate Into Votes?

No it will not. The extra voters who waited hours in line to vote for President Obama were not drawn to Hillary and will not be there for Biden either. The Democratic front-runner leads in the polls among African-Americans, and older black voters admire him. But it’s not “locked down,’’ said one party strategist.

EU dismay as Boris Johnson compares himself to Hulk

Bully boy on his way down!


Breaking ‘manacles’ comments come a day before PM travels for Brexit talks in Luxembourg

European officials reacted with exasperation on Sunday as Boris Johnson compared himself to the Incredible Hulk throwing off the shackles of the EU the day before he is due to travel to Luxembourg for talks in pursuit of a Brexit deal.

No 10 struck a combative tone before the scheduled meeting with European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker saying Johnson would tell him that the UK must reject any new Brexit deadline.

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Fearing ‘Spy Trains,’ Congress May Ban a Chinese Maker of Subway Cars

Turning racism into nationalism is always wrong on every level. Recall that Chinese labor built western railroads and were then excluded marginalized and… A Chinese train maker, the world’s largest, has contracts in Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston, but Congress may block it from securing any new contracts in the United States.

Trump is seriously, frightening, dangerously nuts – and the world is in danger | Robert Reich


It is almost too late for impeachment. The 25th amendment is untested. The ballot box offers our only remaining hope

In retrospect, what’s most disturbing about “Sharpiegate” isn’t Trump’s clumsy effort to doctor a National Weather Service map or even his brazen move to get the same agency to lie on his behalf.

Related: Republican Trump challengers warn of totalitarian drift in party

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Taliban want Russia help to make US leave Afghan

Following the collapse of the US-Taliban talks, the insurgent group has sent a delegation to Russia to discuss prospects for of US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan. The move, days after Trump cancelled a planned meeting with Taliban leaders, came as the movement looks to bolster regional support, with visits planned for China, Iran and Central Asian states.