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Waves in St Mark’s Square as Venice flooded by highest tide in 50 years


High waters peaked at 1.87 metres as the flood alarm sounded across the Italian city of canals

Venice was hit by the highest tide in more than 50 years on, with tourists wading through flooded streets to seek shelter as a fierce wind whipped up waves in St. Mark’s Square.

The exceptionally intense “acqua alta,” or high waters, peaked at 1.87 metres (six feet) as the flood alarm sounded across the Italian city of canals, the tide monitoring centre said.

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Farage’s Brexit move means a pact among progressives is now urgent | Polly Toynbee


By standing aside for the Tories, he’s made a hard Brexit much more likely. Remainers have to work together

Nigel Farage has set his stamp on this election: his astute action, standing down 317 Brexit party candidates (one in every seat that voted Conservative in the last election), confirms the brutal binary choice between the newly merged Tory-Brexit friends-of-Trump party and a flaky progressive remain alliance. The old Conservative party is no more, morphing into the Brexit party, its moderates having fled.

Here’s the vital question: will the fragmented progressives resolve their differences in an equally ruthless pursuit of power? They only have until Thursday to set aside petty tribal differences and block Britain leaving the Europe Union in January, with no referendum, on the hardest of Brexit terms. Sadly, the answer is almost certainly no. Not enough progressive candidates will stand down – unless they are seized this week with sudden paroxysms of self-sacrifice in the cause of the greater good.

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British Indians warn Hindu party not to meddle in UK elections


They say UK support group for BJP, India’s ruling party, is trying to divide them

British Indians in one of the country’s most diverse boroughs have warned against attempts to divide voters in the general election along ethnic or religious lines.

Last week, a UK support group for the BJP, India’s ruling Hindu nationalist party, said it was campaigning for the Tories in 48 marginal seats. It also emerged that WhatsApp messages were circulating among British Hindus urging them to vote against Labour, accusing it of being “anti-India”, raising fears that tensions are being stoked ahead of the election.

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Klobuchar attacks Bloomberg and Buttigieg as Democrat infighting grows


On a weekend of sharp infighting among Democratic presidential candidates, Senator Amy Klobuchar hit out at Michael Bloomberg.

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