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Costa Rican indigenous land activist killed by armed mob

  • Yehry Rivera, 45, latest to die in spate of violence
  • Brörán community has been trying to reclaim ancestral land

A Costa Rican indigenous defender has been killed by an armed mob while trying to reclaim ancestral land – the latest in a spate of violence targeting native communities in Central America’s safest country.

Yehry Rivera, 45, from the Brörán community in Térraba, was shot dead around 11pm on Monday after being surrounded by a group of angry locals armed with sticks, machetes, stones and at least one gun.

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Lockdowns, roadblocks: Has China gone too far to contain coronavirus?

Stupid “against the grain” article second guessing another country’s choice. 2.3% fatality rate of your total population or the world’s population. With millions of people living in isolation due to entire towns being sealed-off amidst Coronavirus outbreak, business leaders and economists in China are increasingly saying, Enough. While China must stop the outbreak, they argue, some of its methods are hurting the lives and livelihoods of millions of people while contributing little to the containment effort.

Trump jabs at Parasite’s Oscar win because film is ‘from South Korea’

Racist plain and simple.


President says US has trade problems with South Korea and wonders if ‘we can get Gone With the Wind back’

Donald Trump has taken a jab at the Oscars for awarding this year’s best picture honor to Parasite, because the film is South Korean.

“How bad were the Academy Awards this year?” Trump asked a rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The crowd responded with loud boos.

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