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Rest In Power, Katherine Johnson🙏🙏

Brilliant NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson has passed away at the age of 101.

What a life she had. What she saw in her 101 years.

I am ashamed that I consider myself an educated person, and I had no idea about Ms. Johnson until Hidden Figures came out. In an era where Black people were invisible, Mrs. Johnson’s brain broke down barriers.

I am so happy that she lived long enough to see her get the accolades while she was still alive.

Thank you for blazing the trail for others, Mrs. Johnson.


We remember Katherine Johnson, influential NASA mathematician who calculated the flight path for America’s first space mission and inspired the movie ‘Hidden Figures.’ pic.twitter.com/drsXISKuBO

— Smithsonian NMAAHC (@NMAAHC) February 24, 2020

After a lifetime of reaching for the stars, today, Katherine Johnson landed among them. She spent decades as a hidden figure, breaking barriers behind the scenes. But by the end of her life, she had become a hero to millions—including Michelle and me. pic.twitter.com/isG29nwBiB

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) February 24, 2020

“Girls are capable of doing everything men are capable of doing. Sometimes they have more imagination than men.”

— Katherine Johnson

Rest In Peace 💖pic.twitter.com/McufQfQBfr

— Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD (@webmz_) February 24, 2020

We’ve lost an icon and brilliant mathematician with the passing of Katherine Johnson.

A barrier breaker and inspiration for women of color everywhere, Katherine’s legendary work with NASA will forever leave a mark on our history. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones. https://t.co/rc0qOHOZWZ

— Kamala Harris (@SenKamalaHarris) February 24, 2020

As a child, Katherine Johnson said she “counted everything: the steps, the dishes, the stars in the sky.” As a mathematician, she broke barriers to help reach those stars. Her calculations helped put Americans in space, in orbit, and, finally, on the moon. #HiddenFigures pic.twitter.com/5ONuV5zhQ0

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) February 24, 2020

RIP #KatherineJohnson “a pioneer who broke the barriers of race and gender, showing generations of young people that everyone can excel in math and science and reach for the stars”-Prez Obama.

May her memory be a blessing and inspiration. #HiddenFigures pic.twitter.com/ydSe8q6pyj

— Christine Pelosi (@sfpelosi) February 24, 2020

I am so happy that #KatherineJohnson lived long & finally received the name recognition she so richly deserved: “NASA mathematician depicted in ‘Hidden Figures,’ dead at 101” #RIP https://t.co/oQiStPA0t8

— Maya Wiley (@mayawiley) February 24, 2020

She was no longer hidden and such a powerful inspiration. We are grateful for the life and legacy of #KatherineJohnson. https://t.co/ne31DUFpiU

— The King Center (@TheKingCenter) February 24, 2020

Legendary. #KatherineJohnson Rest in power, great woman. https://t.co/VKc6eTv4PB https://t.co/qNQ6sZhACQ pic.twitter.com/UveaxQHg2W

— Barbara Malmet (@B52Malmet) February 24, 2020

Open Thread | Back to Healthcare

While you were watching the Impeachment Trial, stuff was happening in the area of healthcare:



BREAKING: Supreme Court sides with Trump in not hearing case to repeal entire ACA before election.

This is justice delayed. Case goes to same judge who decided to repeal ACA in the first place. https://t.co/qlVIjfBmRI

— Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) January 21, 2020

I want you never to forget that the 2018 Elections SAVED the American Social Safety Net. Make no mistake about that…if the Democrats hadn’t of won, they would have been well on they way to gutting it to pay for the GOP Tax Scam.😠

Medicaid block grants are a scam. And, a way to try and CUT MEDICAID😠😠😠

NEW: Trump admin will announce its Medicaid block grants on Thursday at event billed “Transforming Medicaid: A New Opportunity for Better Health.”https://t.co/FYv5SpvZ2V pic.twitter.com/9v3WXkFffg

— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) January 25, 2020


Once again….

How did you think that they were going to try and pay for the GOP Tax Scam?!?

Open Thread | Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

Today marks the official federal holiday of the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



A thread of Dr. King in color, as we commemorate his 91st birthday. #MLK91 #MLK #CorettaScottKing pic.twitter.com/xwxZ7PMSCG

— The King Center (@TheKingCenter) January 15, 2020


“All, Here and Now”

a message from #MLK
re: 3 critical words pic.twitter.com/9veXjbEUpt

— The King Center (@TheKingCenter) January 18, 2020

“For years now I have heard the word “Wait!” It rings in the ear of every Negro with piercing familiarity. This “Wait” has almost always meant “Never.” We must come to see, with one of our distinguished jurists, that “justice too long delayed is justice denied.”” #MLK pic.twitter.com/SJi5RHZGtU

— The King Center (@TheKingCenter) January 18, 2020

One of the most brilliant pieces ever written. How he sums up the plight of the Negro-unmatched.

#LetterFromBirminghamJail is the featured #MLK piece for the 2020 King Holiday, #MLK91.

Here is a thread of today’s highlighted passage from the Letter:

“Lamentably, it is an historical fact that privileged groups seldom give up their privileges voluntarily.” pic.twitter.com/mN76FMYQaq

— The King Center (@TheKingCenter) January 18, 2020

Open Thread | So Now, Iran Has Retaliated

Well, here’s the thing. They killed the number two guy in Iran. And, they have no reason for it.

He was always a bad man. He was a bad man back when Clinton was President. But, Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama knew enough that killing him wasn’t really an option. They understood that when you attack someone like this, it doesn’t really go your way. Especially, if you have anyone with any kind of knowledge, history and RESPECT of your perspective enemy.

We don’t have a functioning State Department. Dolt45 is surrounded by idiots and Islamaphobic idiots.

I’ve been telling you – sleep on the Persians if you want to. Do it at your own peril.

So now that things haven’t turned out the way they thought it would…they’ve got Pompeo out here lying with no justifications.

Then, there is the craven Nikki Haley, who should just STFU – on General Principle.

Specifically, the former ambassador told the national television audience, “The only ones that are mourning the loss of Soleimani are our Democrat leadership and our Democrat presidential candidates. No one else in the world.”

It wasn’t a throwaway line that Haley made in the heat of the moment. On the contrary, she took pride in smearing Democratic leaders and needlessly questioning their patriotism, promoting the quote via social media.

It matters, of course, that Haley was brazenly lying. It matters that she used deliberately wrong grammar as a way of staying true to a tired tribal game. It matters that the former ambassador talks up the importance of “civility” in politics, even while falsely accusing Americans of “mourning” a terrorist’s death.

Bish, please. If you don’t get the ENTIRE Phuck Outta Here.

Many have said that Dolt45 wanted his Osama Bin Laden moment, and it’s not exactly turning out that way.

Even Netanyahu is running as fast and as far as his slithery self can go. Did you ever think you’d see the moment when Bibi could find something that he wouldn’t praise Dolt45 for? Not that he doesn’t support it, but because Iranian missiles will hit Israel far sooner than they’d hit American soil.

The raging narcissist President, senses that it’s not going well for him, so he’s gonna throw out Race Bannon to do a bullshyt speech on why we attacked Iran. Now, think on this….he didn’t do any National Address…and, it’s been how many days? And, we have to wait how many more for Pence’s lying speech?

And, just to keep count, we’ve had the SIXTH high level person from the Pentagon to resign in short order. At what point will the MSM FINALLY focus on this story, and what these resignations are telling us about what’s happening at the Pentagon?

These are perilous times. The Republican Party is full of cowards, and this should never be forgotten. They all need to be held accountable for their basic fundamental betrayal of this country in the era of Dolt45.

Now that the Iranians have retaliated …what will happen next? We don’t have any rational actors on our side.



I may be jumping the gun but such an attack which US forces must be ready for in Iraq and which is being trumpeted on TV in Iran looks like a way for Iran to make a lot of domestic noise with little damage. If they really wanted to hit back this is not the drastic way I think. https://t.co/DlVmKJbkWc

— Ali Shihabi (@aliShihabi) January 7, 2020

The best-case scenario was always that Iran launched a retaliation:
— symbolically significant enough that it could move on
— limited enough in damage that the US could shrug it off
— with no loss of life, civilian or military

Here’s hoping that’s what this is.

— Max Fisher (@Max_Fisher) January 7, 2020

Iran is practicing its right under international law to self defense as stipulated by Article 51 of UN Charter. The targets are not “Americans” or civilians, but combatants who have been asked to withdraw from Iraqi sovereign territory

— Amal Saad (@amalsaad_lb) January 7, 2020

Open Thread | Dear Michael Bloomberg, Nobody Believes Your ‘Stop & Frisk’ Apology😠😠😠

Stunning news: @MikeBloomberg, who is preparing to run for president, is apologizing for his NYPD’s use of stop-and-frisk at Christian Cultural Center. He has adamantly defended it for years, even as crime has gone down as stops have been reduced.

— Sally Goldenberg (@SallyGold) November 17, 2019

So…..now that he’s running for President, Michael Bloomberg has apologized for Stop and Frisk.

He terrorized non-White men for years, but, now that he’s running for President, he has decided to apologize.

Well, apology not accepted.

Usually, when White folk do apologies like this, they are doing it for a White audience. The problem for Bloomberg is that this is the Democratic Party Primary, and non-Whites compose over 40% of the voters. The people whose husbands, sons, father, grandfathers, uncles who were terrorized by this policy, are the base of this party.

As a Black woman, I am glad that I belong to a party where I don’t even have to consider someone who put into place a policy that terrorized-FOR YEARS- men who looked like me.

Bloomberg -completely CANCELLED😠😠



But, folks have RECEIPTS😠😠😠


In JANUARY of THIS YEAR, he defended it:


Young people’s lives derailed and ruined. Communities under siege for years. Activists condemned. Years of costly litigation. Judge Scheindlin, disparaged. But now – as he prepares to run for President – he’s sorry. https://t.co/TETnprfQjM

— Sherrilyn Ifill (@Sifill_LDF) November 17, 2019

my fav stop and frisk stat: in 2011 there were more stops of black males in new york city 14-24 than there are black males in that age range in new york city. https://t.co/zbCcnFkPLZ

— *Palpatine voice* UNLIMITED DADPUNS🍝 (@AdamSerwer) November 17, 2019

He used to defend the policy by saying that the black and hispanic new yorkers who protested it just didn’t care about black and hispanic lives. https://t.co/Jf1gBtA1aQ

— *Palpatine voice* UNLIMITED DADPUNS🍝 (@AdamSerwer) November 17, 2019

You call a man who subjected hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT black and brown boys and men to millions of unconstitutional stops and frisks an ally? If so, please remove me from that “we.” I want nothing to do with that “we.” https://t.co/Z7UkHpdAWt

— Charles M. Blow (@CharlesMBlow) November 18, 2019

Read my column, “Bloomberg’s Bogus, Belated Mea Culpa,” and let me know what you think. https://t.co/QMdzJnQ7EV via @NYTOpinion

— Charles M. Blow (@CharlesMBlow) November 18, 2019

Open Thread | Nancy Smash Is Trying To Tell You

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is trying to tell folks. Nancy Smash is all about what she can get the House, and what needs to be presented that will keep the Democratic majority. So, when she gives interviews like this, pay attention.👏👏

Pelosi tells Bloomberg News: “What works in San Francisco does not necessarily work in Michigan. What works in Michigan works in San Francisco — talking about workers’ rights and sharing prosperity.”https://t.co/A0BVnTxsov

— Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) November 2, 2019

Remarkable quotes from Speaker Pelosi here questioning the political viability of the most progressive ideas in the 2020 Democratic primary.

“As a left-wing San Francisco liberal I can say to these people: What are you thinking?”https://t.co/A0BVnTxsov

— Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) November 2, 2019

Nancy Pelosi says she doesn’t quite understand the race to more lefty positions in the 2020 primary. “Bernie and Elizabeth own the left, right? Is anybody going to out-left them?”https://t.co/A0BVnTxsov

— Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) November 2, 2019

Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) Tweeted:

When I asked Speaker Pelosi if she favors a wealth tax, she didn’t say yes or no, but called for “bipartisan” tax changes that unwind the “dumb” Trump tax cuts of 2017.

https://t.co/A0BVnTxsov https://twitter.com/sahilkapur/status/1190665946102415363?s=17

Nancy Pelosi knows how to count. She knows how to count the votes in her own caucus, and she knows how to count the Electoral College. Remember what winning back the House meant for the country. It saved the American Social Safety Net. This is NOT a left-leaning country. And, the person from one of the leftest leaning districts would know. Listen to her.😒😒

Open Thread | Where Are We Now?


Where are we now?

We’re at the point where the State Department is forbidding people who have been subpoenaed before Congress to come and testify. It’s past time that these people are held in Contempt of Congress and arrested. Period. Also, Chairman Schiff says that the State Department is refusing to turn over an electronic device with messages on it.

You always knew that their whining about Hillary’s private server was nothing but garbage. Now, we know that these people were conducting the business of the United States. National Security stuff – on the WhatsApp.

A freaking APP.

Da hail?

You can’t make this stuff up.

Maddow has pointed out that the Republicans are attempting to take the sting and obviousness out of Dolt45 and his corruption by throwing the word corruption around. All the GOP is now so interested in corruption. No dice. Every muthaphucka attached to this Administration is rotten. We found out this week that while Rudy was in Ukraine trying to dig up non-existent dirt on Joe Biden, it didn’t slow him or Rick Perry down from attempting to shakedown a local utility, so that they could put their own people on it, and loot it. THAT is corruption, and just another day for this Administration.



I knew, eventually, that our luck would run out -Geopolitically Speaking.

And, it did.

When Dolt45 tweets out that, basically, the United States is abandoning their support of the Kurds, and will let Turkey massacre them.

This can’t be seen as anything other than a complete betrayal of the Kurdish people. It has been the Kurds, who have been fighting ISIS on the ground in Syria, so that American troops don’t have to. They have done the hand to hand combat in fighting this terrorist organization and defeating it in Syria. It’s the Kurds who have the captured ISIS fighters in prison.

And, now, we have a President, who, without consulting the DOD or State Department, has changed American foreign policy on a dime. And, the Kurds might wind up slaughtered because of it.

Then, this dropped too:

Trump apparently wants to pull the U.S. from the Open Skies Treaty, and nobody knows why

3:52 a.m.

On Monday, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) released a letter to National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien expressing his deep concern about “reports that the Trump administration is withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty” and urging the administration to abandon “such a reckless action.”

The treaty, in force since 2002 with 34 nations as signatories, “aims to increase confidence in and transparency of military activities, particularly in Europe, by allowing unarmed aerial observation flights over the entire territory of its participants for information-gathering purposes,” the Arms Control Association explains. Specifically, “the Open Skies Treaty allows the United States and our allies and partners in Europe to monitor Russian military deployment,” especially in Ukraine, Engels said, and “American withdrawal would only benefit Russia.”

OF COURSE, it would benefit Russia. Everything Putin’s flunky does benefits Russia.

The President of the United States is a threat to National Security.

And,he is offensive to the Constitution.


The letter the White House sent to Congress this afternoon.

The letter, which is addressed to Speaker Pelosi, & Reps. Schiff, Engel, & Cummings says impeachment inquiry is “constitutionally invalid and violates basic due process rights and the separation of powers” & “seeks to reverse the election of 2016” & to “influence” 2020 election.

— Yamiche Alcindor (@Yamiche) October 8, 2019

Wow. This letter is bananas. A barely-lawyered temper tantrum. A middle finger to Congress and its oversight responsibilities.

No Member of Congress should accept it, no matter his or her view on the behavior of Pelosi, Schiff, or Trump.

Things are bad. Things will get worse. https://t.co/AesJ6cGHrl

— Gregg Nunziata (@greggnunziata) October 8, 2019

Wednesday Open Thread | Checking In On The By-product of Racism As Public Policy

Actions have consequences. Tear children away from their parents, and then have a lowering of standards for who can keep said children….what did you think would happen?😠😠😠



These families should have never been separated.
No rest until the migrant families are reunited, freed, and ICE is abolished. https://t.co/psMdMM5Hnw

— Voto Latino (@votolatino) August 17, 2019

When it comes to Dolt45, some folks always try and bring up ‘what’s in his heart’. Muthaphucka, I don’t give two shyts what’s in his heart. I know what he’s said, and more importantly the RACISM IN THE POLICIES ENACTED.


We have been telling you from the beginning on the issue of immigration what the end goal was:


EVERYTHING that they have done has participated in MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN.

Attacking and rounding up the undocumented.

Attacking and deporting longtime residents of this country for trivial matters.

Tearing apart families.

Betraying immigrants who signed up to fight in the military and put their lives on the line for this country.

Trying to strip the actual CITIZENSHIP from naturalized citizens.

Tearing children apart from their parents.

LOSING children.

NOT attempting to reunite children with FAMILY MEMBERS IN THE UNITED STATES.

Warehousing migrants as if they were cattle, in unsanitary conditions.

Children in cages.

Monitoring the PREGNANCIES of migrants in custody and attempting to DENY THEM THE RIGHT TO AN ABORTION IF WANTED.

Closing the proper legal access points of entry for asylum, so that when people attempt to cross, they are committing a crime.

Deliberately not screening those applying who want to ‘take care’ of the stolen children – thus placing them in the path of abusers and pedophiles. When it’s all said and done, we will find out that some of these ‘lost’ children have been trafficked.

And now, I found this posted today:

Where do children separated from parents, or detained without them at the border go? In #Chicago, journalists at @propublica + community organizers exposed a network of child prisons. Now, we’re publishing testimony from a former staff member. #AbolishICEhttps://t.co/hMVsUgbcRm pic.twitter.com/wtOGsK8Un9— It’s Going Down (@IGD_News) August 20, 2019


These people belong at The Hague.


In the latest example of its racist cruelty, the Trump administration won’t provide flu vaccines to migrant families at border detention camps. This is despite the fact that at least three children held in detention centers have died, in part, from the flu.https://t.co/CQlojb1CVC— Jon Cooper (@joncoopertweets) August 20, 2019

They have been pushing ‘ the diseased invader’ meme for awhile.

They are hoping that a flu epidemic happens.


How do you lost one child?hundreds? thousands? 🤯

Federal officials lost – yes, lost – 1,475 migrant children https://t.co/YYfT7tVQVn

— Voto Latino Sacramento (@VotoLatinoSac) August 16, 2019

Jewish allies from @NeverAgainActn are putting themselves on the line to defend immigrants.

Angry but not surprised that ICE drove a truck though the people protesting their inhumane treatment of migrants at the border.https://t.co/MKSUrjWUqC

— Voto Latino (@votolatino) August 16, 2019

200 Latino leaders and artists, incl @DoloresHuerta, @AmericaFerrera, & @ChefJoseAndres, have released letter of support to US Latinos.

“If you are feeling terrified, heartbroken & defeated by the barrage of attacks on our community, you are not alone.” https://t.co/hnhGjczy7C

— Gabe Ortíz (@TUSK81) August 16, 2019

“But we will not be broken. We will not be silenced. We will continue to denounce any hateful & inhumane treatment of our community. We will demand dignity & justice. Though real pain & fear are sweeping through our communities, we remain powerful.” #QueridaFamilia

— Gabe Ortíz (@TUSK81) August 16, 2019

Thursday Open Thread | 12 Black Elected Officials In Charlotte Receive Trump Inspired Racist Letters

At least 12 local elected officials, including black county commissioners, Charlotte City Council members who are people of color, and the black chair of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools board, received similar letters in recent days, according to representatives of those bodies. The letter, which the Observer obtained a copy of from a City Council member, is also addressed to the local police and fire departments.

The letter to Leake invoked the name of President Donald Trump, said blacks need to “assimilate” to Charlotte and the United States and blamed “twisted media” for problems.


“Nothing good will come to you if you don’t change,” the letter to Leake and other commissioners stated. “You need to go back to where you came from … Your freedom was born on the backs of great Americans, white Americans, who fought for you, so get over it. Assimilate.

“One of these days, someone … will round you up. All of you. And send you screaming to the concentration camps where you belong … Be very careful.”

A Mecklenburg County commissioner says she has asked the FBI to investigate who sent her and other black elected officials a racist, threatening letter that said “Black Democrats should be tarred and feathered and run out of town” and sent “screaming to the concentration camps.”

The letter, which Commissioner Vilma Leake read aloud at a recent public meeting, was received by mail at her county office address. It is a nearly two-page-long rant that threatens “someone” may “blow up” a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr., and also says, “I would love it if they would blow you up.”