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Lesvos: Crossing to Safety by UNHCR

An overcrowded boat carrying Syrian refugees heads to shore. One Syrian man had fallen from the boat into cold water. He was later rescued by volunteer Spanish lifeguards. Despite the approach of winter and worsening weather, refugees are continuing to arrive on the island at a rate of more than 3,200 per day. As of mid-November, at least 64 people have drowned this year in 11 shipwrecks off Lesvos.
© UNHCR/Giles Duley

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Lesvos: Crossing to Safety by UNHCR

Survivors struggle ashore after their boat has capsized. In the background a Spanish lifeguard, one of the many volunteers working on the beach, swims out to help other survivors.
© UNHCR/Giles Duley

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Watch President Obama Discuss the NSA and Syria Tonight on Charlie Rose | The White House

Before leaving for this week’s G-8 summit in the United Kingdom, President Obama sat down with Charlie Rose in the White House Library for a 45-minute interview on topics ranging from Syria to the National Security Agency.

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A Kurdish Spring in Syria | World | DW.DE | 22.05.2013

Everything is more complex than people have thought for past year or so…

At the start of the revolt, Assad gave the stateless Kurds their citizenship back, in order to head off uprisings in the Kurdish regions of the country too. For tactical reasons, a section of the Syrian army was withdrawn from Kurdish areas and redeployed elsewhere.

“The revolution brought a change. We didn’t start from scratch, we were ready for a solution to the Kurdish question,” says Abdullah. So units of the Kurdish Popular Protection Units, the YPG, the military arm of the PYD, brought large areas of the Kurdish region under control, with the help of the PKK.

“We believe in a democratic model for the whole of Syria,” says Abdullah. “Democracy is the political solution to Syria’s problems. We don’t want to divide Syria; we believe we can live together as brothers in a democratic Syria.”

via A Kurdish Spring in Syria | World | DW.DE | 22.05.2013.