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Good Practice+Too Many Drugs=Planet/People Killers

In short – integrated agriculture supports self-sustaining use of all organic materials. Industrialize the process to maximize profit/yield by adding massive amounts anti-bacterial drugs to the process and you grow drug resistant bacteria and superbugs that – well read on how good intentions and bad science in service to profit could end up killing us. Chinese shrimp on the barbie or at Red Lobster – those shrimp are grown are grown in ponds fertilized by untreated chicken manure – bird flu anyone?

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Drug Resistance in Food — Coming from Aquaculture?

Maryn McKenna
Salmonella Kentucky ST198, it is much more drug-resistant than the US Heidelberg outbreak, and it has been spreading since 2002 from Egypt and north Africa through Europe, and has now been identified in the United States. Its primary vector appears to be chicken meat.

The authors are especially concerned about farms that practice what’s called “integrated aquaculture,” in which chicken litter and manure are used to fertilize ponds in which fish are grown, and waste from the ponds is harvested and used as poultry feed.

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Animals on Drugs Could Kill Us but There Is Something We Could Do

Listen to a microbiologist who is also a member of Congress rather than company hacks and make-believe, science dummies in Congress. Take steps to prevent further help by industrialized big company agriculture to foster bacteria resistant to medical treatment and harmful unto death to people.

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News break: Slaughter will reintroduce PAMTA

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), Congress’s only microbiologist, said late today that she plans shortly to reintroduce PAMTA, the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act, a timely move given the collapsing antibiotic market (see this morning’s post) and continuing reports of resistance moving off farms (as in this post).

PAMTA would direct the FDA to re-examine its approvals of veterinary antibiotics that are close analogs of ones used in humans, because they can stimulate the development of resistant organisms.

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Super Pig Farms in EU – Just Say No

Why? The Superbug that threatens people in hospitals and other locations – resistant to most medicines and eats you – started in Denmark among pig farms that used too much anti-biotics. American supported Big Ag firms and partners want to export our 1,000 plus pig farm messes to EU for more Euros in their accounts regardless of whether it kills us later or not.

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Opposing industrial-scale pig farming — in Europe

At the European Parliament today, three national representatives — Janusz Wojciechowski of Poland, José Bové of France and Dan Jørgensen of Denmark — declared their opposition to industrial-scale swine agriculture

As I’ve written before (long archive here and here),the MRSA strain ST398 arose on Dutch pig farms in 2004, among pigs that had been given prophylactic doses of antibiotics, especially tetracycline. It has since spread through the EU, Canada and the United States, affecting not only farm workers and veterinarians, but also hospital patients with no connection to agriculture.

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