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He was ill; he is in rehab; he is famous = No responsibility?

I am sorry that this guy was addicted to drugs and drink but does that excuse whatever he does, as long as he says: I am sorry and goes into rehab. Would anyone care much, if he were a day laborer accused of the same behavior? The bankers and heads of Wall street firms who ruined much of the world’s economies… how many of them are in jail?

Mostly, I am just tired of rich and/or famous racists and sex criminals getting by with fewer penalties that poor and unknown racists and sex criminals. End of rant.

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Did you launch a racist, antisemitic rant? I can’t remember, Galliano tells French court

The British designer John Galliano told a Paris court he remembered nothing of an alleged antisemitic, racist rant in a bar because of his triple addiction to alcohol, valium and sleeping pills.

John Galliano Paris

He went into rehab at the end of February after he was arrested by police following the alleged bar altercation. He said his reasons for rehab were various: “I started having panic attacks, I couldn’t go to work unless I had taken some valium.”

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Remember Polio – I do. If you don’t vaccinate, you may know it too.

Millions live today without having to fear many diseases because of past vaccination campaigns. Blindly fearing vaccinations out of love and fear for your your children can cause more harm for all children. Life is not easy and there are no guarantees but without vaccinations many children will die or be permanently harmed by what could have been prevented.

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As a child of the 1950s I well remember a time when American kids by the tens of thousands were still being crippled – and sometimes killed – by polio. In the 1950s, the fear of polio was palpable across the nation.

There were hospital wards filled with polio-paralyzed children trapped in iron lungs (a grim technology many younger adults have no memory of), which were used to keep them alive.

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