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Pray, hope that Lebanon does not implode!

It is way too easy for things to come apart in Lebanon and the Lebanese have suffered enough and seem to be making progress. So please – take a step back and seek peace!

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1 lebanon news W. W. H. D.

In all cases, I truly hope the destructive behavior on the streets won’t last, and will never be repeated, from either side of political parties…

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Repression and Dissappearing – Opponents Goes on in Sri Lanka

His family and readers will not forget, not matter how much you hope they will. Today – with the worldwideweb – tyrants can no longer count on time to cloud people’s memories. If you killed him tell the truth – if he is still alive – let him go!

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No news of political cartoonist one year after his disappearance

The situation for journalists in Sri Lanka continues to be very disturbing. Under the system of media control and intimidation established by President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government, state media journalists are censored and journalists with the privately-owned media censor themselves. Those that dare to criticize the president or his associates, as Prageeth did, risk serious reprisals.

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Noa launches the Life Political Party in Israel – the world?

Thinking about it – not a bad idea – a good idea – in fact. Let her you know you are joining by visiting her blog and telling her. Thanks. Life is a good thing to support.

about LIFE, the party…

Since the political situation in my country, and everywhere, is nauseating and depressing to say the least, I have decided to start a new political party.
It’s called, very simply, LIFE.
Our virtual headquarters are, for the moment, in my heart.

But we’re looking for appropriate real-estate.

Feel free to join!

All you have to do is…..

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Nevada’s Angle Takes Lessons from the Racist George Wallace of Old.

She’ll not be outdone, it seems, in slamming Latinos and anyone she can smear for thinking they are as human as Anglos.

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Latina Lista

Latest political ad by Nev. GOP Angle slanders all Latinos — she should be sued!

One of the highly objectionable lines in the ad says that “waves of illegal aliens are streaming across our border joining violent gangs and forcing families to live in fear.”

Every picture of these “illegal aliens” is one showing Latino youth. The family living in fear is Anglo.

The insinuations and implications made in this ad are not just highly insulting — they’re slanderous.

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