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Settlers harvest 300 Palestinian-owned trees in the olive-picking season

PNN/ Nablus/

Israeli settlers on Sunday stole olives from the lands of Al-Sawiya village south of Nablus in the olive-picking season.

Settlement official in the northern West Bank, Ghassan Daghlas said farmers from the town of Al-Sawiya went to harvest olives in the Al-Tamla area, adjacent to the settlement of Rahalim, which was forcibly erected on citizens’ lands.  However, they discovered that the fruit of nearly 300 olive trees has been stolen.

He added that the settlers expelled the farmers from their land, despite the permit date set by the army allowing farmers to enter their own lands and pick their trees.

Video: Israeli police shooting unarmed Palestinian in the back for fun


A video has emerged of the Israeli police firing at an unarmed young Palestinian man as he was leaving the scene with his arms raised.

In the 26-second clip released by Israel Channel 13 News on Saturday evening, officers can be heard yelling at the Palestinian youth to leave the scene, which appears to be a tunnel road in the central part of the occupied West Bank.

Holding a backpack and ID card, the Palestinian man raises his hands and begins walking away from the area.Then, as the man makes his way down the tunnel, the officers yell at him to drop his hands.

He appears to not completely understand them, briefly turning around before complying with the order.

Watch the video 


A short time later, when the man appears to be a considerable distance from the police and still walking away, one of the officers opens fire, causing the young man to fall to the ground and call out in pain.

The female officer who fired the bullet was reportedly discharged from the police and returned to the military to complete her mandatory service.

The evidence includes text messages in which members of the unit boasted about the incident and the main suspect’s admission via text messages.

She also faces a charge of obstructing justice, since she allegedly asked her fellow police officers not to talk about the incident.

Israeli police said the incident had taken place roughly a year and a half ago and the officer was arrested on suspicion of shooting the Palestinian man “as a dubious form of entertainment.”

The event came to light during the investigation of a different incident, in which members of the Israeli police allegedly beat a Palestinian man for no reason.




600 settlers storm West Bank town under military protection

no shame, no morals, no ethics, no mercy, pity or piety just steal land

PNN/ Salfit/

Hundreds of settlers stormed the town of Kafel Haris north of Salfit on Monday morning and performed Talmudic rituals in the area of the historical shrines, under strict military protection.

“0404” Hebrew website said that the settlers broke into the town after the deployment of large forces of the occupation army in its neighborhoods and took the rooftops of a number of houses and close their entrances and erecting military checkpoints.

According to the site, the Israeli army secured the entering of 600 settlers to the village of Kafel Haris district of Salfit to perform Jewish rituals.

Abbas: If Israel annexes occupied territory, all signed agreements will be terminated


President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated today that if Israel annexes any part of the occupied West Bank, including the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea, then all signed agreements will be terminated.

Speaking before the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, President Abbas urged the international community to uphold its responsibilities to bring an end to this Israeli aggression and arrogance.

“A week before the recent Israeli elections, Israel’s Prime Minister, (Benjamin) Netanyahu, came out to arrogantly announce that should he prevail in the election, he would annex and apply Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley, northern Dead Sea, and Israel’s colonial settlements despite the fact that all these areas are occupied Palestinian territory,” said Abbas. “We reject entirely and completely this illegal plan. Our response, if any Israeli Government is to proceed with this plan, all signed agreements with the government of the occupation and any obligations therein will be terminated.”

He said that he had hoped to come back to this session to proclaim the end of the Israeli occupation. “But, regrettably, I stand before you today bearing the same miseries and pain that has been endured for so long by my people, who, despite all that they have suffered of injustice, oppression and occupation – still hold on to the hope of achieving their freedom and independence, as all other nations of the world.”

President Abbas criticized the United States for siding with the Israeli occupation while denying Palestinian rights, stressing that he will not accept any American mediation anymore due to its biased policies. He called for holding an international peace conference, insisting the end of one state, the US, being the sole mediator in the Middle East peace process.

Settlers attack Palestinian homes in Hebron

PNN/ Hebron/

Dozens of Israeli settlers, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, attacked on late Saturday night Palestinian homes in Al-Haraiq neighborhood in Hebron throwing stones and burning bottles at them.

Local sources said that dozens of settlers from the Kiryat Arba illegal settlement, which was built on the lands and properties of the Palestinians east of Hebron, attacked the homes under the protection of Israeli soldiers.

The settkers broke a number of windows while  chanting racist slogans, spreading fear and panic among the children.

The residents of these homes called on international and human rights organizations for immediate actions in order to stop what they called settler terrorism  supported by the occupation authorities, who in turn provides them with protection.

Israeli PM threatens to start another war on Gaza in coming days

Say, do anything, kill, to win – murder most foul


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he may start another military operation in the besieged Gaza Strip before September 17, when snap elections are to be held in the occupied territories.

Another conflict with Gaza “could happen at any moment, including four days before the elections,” Netanyahu said on Friday morning after returning from a brief trip to Russia.

“The date of the elections does not factor [into a decision to go to war],” he added.

Earlier on Thursday, Netanyahu had made the same threat before boarding a plane to Sochi, Russia, when he said in a radio interview, “It looks like there will be no other choice but to embark on a wide-scale campaign in Gaza.”

The threats came a couple of days after Netanyahu was ridiculed for being rushed off-stage during a rocket attack from the enclave.

During a campaign event in the port city of Ashdod on Tuesday, Netanyahu was forced to flee and seek shelter as rockets fired from Gaza threatened the area.

The siren went off just as Netanyahu began his speech and addressed hundreds of supporters of the right-wing Likud-National Liberal Movement, which he chairs.

In an extraordinary scene captured on video from the event, the Israeli prime minister can be seen being whisked away from the stage by a gaggle of security guards.

The scenes of Netanyahu being forced to take shelter a few days before the snap elections provided a counterpoint to the image he had tried to cultivate as “Mr. Security,” Israeli media reported.

Emboldened by the scenes, his rivals are reportedly attacking Netanyahu for his cabinet’s failure to counter the Palestinian resistance group Hamas.

Since the Tuesday humiliation, the Israeli military has launched a number of airstrikes and artillery attacks against the Gaza Strip.

Former Shin Bet chief: Netanyahu’s annexation of Area C would lead to “bloodbath”

PNN / Bethlehem

The former head of Israel’s Shin Bet security service, Yoram Cohen, warned of the annexation of so-called “Area C” in the West Bank to Israel,  would lead to “an unnecessary bloodbath”.

“Steps should be taken to reduce the occupation in the West Bank, improve transportation, improve work, and transfer areas from Area B to Area A, which is entirely under the control of the Palestinian Authority,” Cohen said.

Area B is under Palestinian civilian control and Israeli security control. Area C, which accounts for 60 percent of the West Bank, is under full Israeli control under the Oslo Accords. Earlier this week, the Israeli cabinet approved a plan to build 6,000 housing units in Israeli settlements in area C and only 700 housing units for Palestinians.

Cohen referred to the armed clash at the security fence in the eastern Gaza Strip last night, during which Hamas fighter Hani Abu Salah was killed when two officers and two soldiers were moderately wounded. “The state is investing billions in manpower, technology and intelligence to prevent such events. But in this case the work was done well. ”

He added that launching an Israeli attack against the Gaza Strip in the wake of such an operation could lead to another round in which hundreds of rockets were fired at the “Gaza envelope” (the region of Israel surrounding the Gaza strip). “Our deterrence may have been damaged by the fact that we did not want to degenerate into a major battle or a war,” he said.

Cohen added that, during the Gaza offensive in 2014, “we did not know the places of the tunnels on the Israeli side, and we were not able to correctly estimate the intentions of the other side for the war.”