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Netanyahu finally gets the annexation government he’s been waiting for

Sad day for Palestine and Israel.


After a year of political deadlock, Netanyahu forms a new governing coalition that prioritizes annexing of the West Bank above all else — including the fight against the coronavirus.

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Israeli Supreme Court looking into Netanyahu’s eligibility to form government

PNN/ Jerusalem/

On Tuesday morning, the Israeli Supreme Court opened the special session to consider the petition against the eligibility of Benjamin Netanyahu, the interim Israeli Prime Minister, in forming a government, under criminal charges against him.

The Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” reported that “a committee composed of three judges in the court started looking at the possibility that a member of the Knesset (parliament), who is forming a government while facing criminal crimes, would refer to Netanyahu.

The Judicial Committee is chaired by the President of the Supreme Court, Esther Hayut, the Vice-President of the Supreme Court, Hanan Melcer, and Judge Uzi Fogelman.

The petition was submitted by nearly 70 Israeli personalities, including university professors, and technology and security workers, who were seeking to prevent Netanyahu from forming the government, after the March 2 Israeli elections, to file an indictment against him with corruption files.

According to “Yediot,” the Supreme Court asked the Israeli Attorney General and Judicial Adviser to the government, Avichai Mendelblit, to provide his legal opinion in this regard, but he answered, saying that he “wants to wait even after the court’s ruling.”

And yesterday, Monday, Netanyahu decided to ask the Knesset to grant him immunity from prosecution in corruption cases, according to the Israeli media.

Opponents of Netanyahu say he refused to form a broad unity government and insisted on holding elections, the third in less than a year, to give himself more room to maneuver to evade the trial.

On December 13, the Knesset announced that it would dissolve itself and hold early elections on March 2, 2020, after Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz failed for the second time to obtain a majority of 61 (out of 120) representatives to form a government.

Next Thursday, a deadline for Netanyahu to submit a request for immunity to the Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Adelstein, from trial in three corruption cases, expires.

The government’s attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, announced last month that he had filed an indictment against Netanyahu on charges of bribery, breach of trust and fraud.

In the event that Netanyahu makes the request for immunity, all legal measures against him will be suspended until the formation of the government and the parliamentary committee concerned with deciding to grant him immunity.

Israel prevents Jerusalem governor from holding activities in the city

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli occupation intelligence, on Monday evening, delivered the Jerusalem governor, Adnan Ghaith, a decision issued by the so-called Minister of Internal Security Gilad Erdan, to prevent him from holding meetings, seminars and activities inside the occupied city of Jerusalem for a period of six months.

The decision included preventing Governor Ghaith from collecting and providing financial aid to individuals and affected people, not holding organizational meetings, and not conducting meetings and seminars inside Jerusalem.

The occupation intelligence stormed the house of Governor Ghaith in the town of Silwan, south of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and handed him the decision and a summons to investigate the “Al-Maskoubiya” detention center.

Settlers harvest 300 Palestinian-owned trees in the olive-picking season

PNN/ Nablus/

Israeli settlers on Sunday stole olives from the lands of Al-Sawiya village south of Nablus in the olive-picking season.

Settlement official in the northern West Bank, Ghassan Daghlas said farmers from the town of Al-Sawiya went to harvest olives in the Al-Tamla area, adjacent to the settlement of Rahalim, which was forcibly erected on citizens’ lands.  However, they discovered that the fruit of nearly 300 olive trees has been stolen.

He added that the settlers expelled the farmers from their land, despite the permit date set by the army allowing farmers to enter their own lands and pick their trees.

Video: Israeli police shooting unarmed Palestinian in the back for fun


A video has emerged of the Israeli police firing at an unarmed young Palestinian man as he was leaving the scene with his arms raised.

In the 26-second clip released by Israel Channel 13 News on Saturday evening, officers can be heard yelling at the Palestinian youth to leave the scene, which appears to be a tunnel road in the central part of the occupied West Bank.

Holding a backpack and ID card, the Palestinian man raises his hands and begins walking away from the area.Then, as the man makes his way down the tunnel, the officers yell at him to drop his hands.

He appears to not completely understand them, briefly turning around before complying with the order.

Watch the video 


A short time later, when the man appears to be a considerable distance from the police and still walking away, one of the officers opens fire, causing the young man to fall to the ground and call out in pain.

The female officer who fired the bullet was reportedly discharged from the police and returned to the military to complete her mandatory service.

The evidence includes text messages in which members of the unit boasted about the incident and the main suspect’s admission via text messages.

She also faces a charge of obstructing justice, since she allegedly asked her fellow police officers not to talk about the incident.

Israeli police said the incident had taken place roughly a year and a half ago and the officer was arrested on suspicion of shooting the Palestinian man “as a dubious form of entertainment.”

The event came to light during the investigation of a different incident, in which members of the Israeli police allegedly beat a Palestinian man for no reason.




600 settlers storm West Bank town under military protection

no shame, no morals, no ethics, no mercy, pity or piety just steal land

PNN/ Salfit/

Hundreds of settlers stormed the town of Kafel Haris north of Salfit on Monday morning and performed Talmudic rituals in the area of the historical shrines, under strict military protection.

“0404” Hebrew website said that the settlers broke into the town after the deployment of large forces of the occupation army in its neighborhoods and took the rooftops of a number of houses and close their entrances and erecting military checkpoints.

According to the site, the Israeli army secured the entering of 600 settlers to the village of Kafel Haris district of Salfit to perform Jewish rituals.