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84 Israeli violations against media freedoms in Palestine in December 2017

MADA/ Ramallah/

The last month of 2017 witnessed a sharp rise in attacks against media freedoms in Palestine as a result of a wave of Israeli attacks that accompanied the unrest in the Palestinian territories in protest against the US administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The total number of violations monitored by the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) in December 2017 amounted to a total of 89 violations committed by the Israeli occupation, 84 of them, noting that the Palestinian official authorities did not commit any violations during this month. 5 of the incidents consisted of the injuries of five journalists from stones thrown by demonstrators during clashes with the Israeli occupation army.

The attacks included 9 women journalists who were subjected to serious attacks just as similar as there male’s journalists colleagues.

In addition, most if not all journalists who participated in covering these incidents on the ground suffocated from the gas bombs or they were at risk of obstructing their work or indirectly preventing them from carrying out their work and covering these protests.

It was noted during this month that the Israeli army used a new method to block the picture and prevent journalist to cover the image of what is happening on the ground, through mass detention of journalists (the detention ends when the event ends), and also using mass expulsion to prevent journalists from the opportunity to transfer the reality of what is happening on the ground.

This procedure was repeated at least twice, the first was in Hebron on 20-12-2017 and the second was implemented in Jerusalem on 29-12-2017.

On 20-12-2017, the Israeli occupation forces prevented all journalists from covering demonstrations in three locations in the city of Hebron (Bab al-Zawiya, Hawawra, and the police bridge area south of Halhul). They were expelled from the three sites and threatened with arrest if they did not comply.

In the city of Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation forces, forced dozens of journalists who were present on 29-29-2017 at Bab al-Amoud to cover the events of the fourth Friday of the Palestinian protests, to be located only behind metal barriers set by the police, and prevented them from moving freely to cover the protest that attracted the attention of dozens of foreign and Palestinian media on that day.

Furthermore, Israeli social networking pages were flooded this month with incitement to violence against journalists and the media, which led to direct calls for the killing of journalists and the removal of the media from the sites of events to prevent the transmission of what is happening on the ground from Israeli attacks. It is interesting to note that some Israeli journalists took part in this wave of incitement, as well as the silence of the Israeli authorities, who have been arresting and persecuting any Palestinian who may write or publish a statement interpreted by the Israeli authorities as inciting against the occupation or the Israelis.

Report: 909 violations against Palestinian journalists in 2017

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate announced the summary of its annual report for freedoms 2017 in special press conference on Wednesday.

The report recorded 909 violations between 1-1-2017 and 31-12-2017, including 740 by Israeli and 169 local violation by Palestinian authorities in West Bank and Gaza.

PJS president, Nasser Abu Baker focused in his opening speech on the dramatic increase in the number and nature of these violations, he also mentioned that the FAJ will gather today in Cairo to discuss the Palestinian situation.

“With this sharp escalation in the Israeli violations against our journalists, it is shameful to see increase in violations by local authorities” Abu baker said.

The PJS president condemned Facebook step in closing 158 Palestinian accounts based on Israeli request.

To his part, president of the independent commission of human rights “ICHR” Ammar Dowik praised the role of journalists, mainly in field, as they face high risk of Israeli violations. He mentioned also the partnership between ICHR and PJS in following up the violations and dealing with its.

Deputy minister of the ministry of media Mahmoud Khalifah said that the Israeli violations against the Palestinian journalists targets their narrative and aims to prevent the truth.

The Head of freedoms committee in PJS Mohammed Allaham introduced the main indicators and numbers in the report. The report said the second half of last year witnessed higher percentage of violations, the highest months were December followed by July.

Allaham said that the nature of violations in 2017 was different. “October witnessed Israeli closure for 8 offices of 3 media production companies by military orders, with raiding and closing 2 radio stations, two journalists were sentenced by 2 years because of their professional activities as journalists, financial panelty targeted 25 journalist and 28 journalists still in Israeli jails”.

The main numbers and indicators in the report are:

– The total violations in 2017 were 909, with 37% increase from 2016 numbers.

– Israeli violations are 740 “81% of the total” and the Palestinian violations are 169 “19% of the total”.

– Israeli violations in 2017 are more than 2016 by 183 violation “33% increase”.

– Palestinian violations in 2017 are more than 2016 by 64 violation “61%” increase.

– The highest violations recorded in Jerusalem by 137 violations “18% of the total”, followed by Hebron and Ramallah.

– Last December witnessed 147 violations, all by occupation forces, “20% of the total”, with increase by 406% from December 2016.

– December Also witnessed organized incitement campaign by Israeli media and social media against Palestinian journalists.

– The journalists have faces new violations by Palestinian authorities in nature, mainly the electronic crimes law, blocking and prohibiting 29 websites since last June, arresting the journalists Foad Jaradah in Gaza for 2 months, and arresting 7 journalists in WB with sentencing some of them.

Israel banned call to prayer in Ibrahimi Mosque hundreds of times in 2017

racism runs deep

PNN/ Hebron/
The Israeli occupation authorities banned the Muslim call to prayer in Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron hundreds of times last year, the Palestinian Ministry of Religious Endowments revealed on Monday. At least 645 occasions were documented when the call was banned, with 53 occasions in December alone.

“This is a violation of Muslims’ freedom to practice their faith,” the ministry pointed out, “as well as a violation of an Islamic holy site.”

Religious Endowment Minister Yousef Idrees warned of the dangers of the increasing Israeli violations against the religious and heritage sites in the Palestinian city of Hebron. “Such measures,” he added, “are intended to take control of Palestinian and Islamic property and pave the way for illegal Israeli settlers to carry out their aggression against the city and its inhabitants.” Israel claims that the call to prayer “annoys” the Jewish settlers.

Muslims have to go through an exhaustive search and series of military checkpoints in order to enter Al-Ibrahimi Mosque for prayers. Commentators point out that this is ironic, given that it was a Jewish settler who entered the mosque in February 1994 and shot 29 Palestinian Muslims while they were at prayer.

“He used his Israeli army-issue rifle to carry out these murders,” explained MEMO’s Ibrahim Hewitt. “After this, the Israelis divided the mosque between Muslims and Jews. Settlers have access to the whole building during Jewish holidays.” The world is silent about such injustice, he added.

Source: Quds Press International News Agency

Translated by: Middle East Monitor

In collaboration with the Palestinian Media Forum

Nablus: Israeli soldiers and settlers attack high school

Shame has been banned there?

PNN/ Nablus/

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and settlers on Thursday morning stormed Burin high school, south of Nablus, northern West Bank, and fired tear gas inside it.

Local sources said that the occupation force stormed the school during periods when the students were all inside their classrooms.

The sources added that a group of settlers also attacked the school and besieged the teaching staff in the classrooms.

A number of students suffered from side effects of teargas inhalation.

Video and photos from  Burin Village‎ Facebook page. 

مواجهات عنيفه وعدده إصابات بعد محاوله المستوطنين اقتحام مدرسه بورين.

Posted by ‎قرية بورين Burin Village‎ on Thursday, December 28, 2017


Abbas signs 22 international treaties to boost legal status of Palestine


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed 22 agreements and international treaties that strengthen the legal status of the State of Palestine on a global scale.

These important agreements would make the State of Palestine a key partner in discussing and addressing the fundamental issues facing the whole world.

Christian Palestinians not welcoming Mike Pence threatening to receive him with shoe

Bethlehem/PNN/Monjed Jadou –

Christian Palestinians, along with Muslims held a protest in front of Nativity Church after Sunday prayers, To express there rejection of US President Donald Trump’s decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The protesters assur that  they would not meet his deputy Mike Pines because of his US administration pro-Israel  positions.

 Participants also raised Palestinian flags and slogans in English and Arabic denouncing American decision on jerusalem and warning against  US Vice President’s visit to the city.

George Zina who spoke on behalf Palestinian factions, Follow – up Christian Committee and Christian institutions in Bethlehem, stressed the popular position that rejects USA Vice President visit to the city, which carries the meaning of war and aggression.

Zina added that Trump decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel harms Palestinian Christians and Muslims he said also that US president have no right to forget religious and historical significance of the city and its indigenous inhabitants.

He assur that Trump decision is against international laws and conventions and will not change the Christian and Islamic reality of the city.

He called on international community to challenge this American arrogance and pressure Trump to withdraw his decision on Jerusalem adding that the Christian in the city is not welcoming US  Vice President Mike Pines visit.

Revolutionary Council member of Fatah movement, Mohammed Lahham, called for not receiving the US Vice President in Bethlehem.

He said: “We will receive US vice president with shoes and more.”

He added that Mike Pines unwelcome person and would be expelled from Bethlehem.

On Thursday, senior Fatah official Jibril Rajoub said that Pence was “unwelcome” in Palestine.

“In the name of Fatah I say that we will not welcome Trump’s deputy in the Palestinian Territories.

He asked to meet (Abbas) on the 19th of this month in Bethlehem, such a meeting will not take place,” Jibril Rajoub  stated.

On response for the reports that Palestinians not meeting and welcoming Mike Pence a spokesperson for Vice President said that by refusing to meet the latter during his upcoming trip to the region, the PA was turning its back on a dialogue about the future of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

It is unfortunate that the Palestinian Authority is walking away again from an opportunity to discuss the future of the region, the White House lamented in a statement released Sunday evening.

Pence is expected to visit the region later this month. He is set to travel to Israel and to the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

It was not clear what Rajoub’s remarks meant for the West Bank portion of Pence’s trip, but Politico reported Thursday that Pence “still intends to meet with Abbas and Palestinian leaders and thinks any decision to pull out of the meeting would be counterproductive,” a White House official was quoted as saying.

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