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H5N1: Four cases of Ebola confirmed in Guinean capital Conakry

Total fail in actually getting word out to people and about how this is different!

The minister said the virus appeared to have been transmitted by an old man who showed symptoms of haemorrhagic fever after visiting Dinguiraye in central Guinea, far from the identified outbreaks of Ebola in the remote southeast.

Four of the man’s brothers, who attended his funeral in the central town of Dabola, started to show the same symptoms and were tested for Ebola on their return to Conakry.

“The four tested positive,” Lamah told Reuters. “They have been placed in an isolation ward in Donka hospital.” The old man’s family has also been quarantined, the minister said.

The spread of the disease to Conakry, a city of some 2 million people, marked an escalation in the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, which ranks as one of the poorest nations on earth despite rich deposits of bauxite and iron ore. As of Wednesday, 63 deaths had been reported from suspected cases of infections.

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TB incidence increasing in Denmark | Vaccine News Daily

The Statens Serum Institut recently noted that tuberculosis cases in Denmark are increasing, particularly among immigrants and residents of Greenland or immigrant descent, and suggested the TB prevention plan within the country may need revision.

The presence of TB in Denmark has steadily increased since 2009. In 2012, the country saw the highest incidence of TB in five years. Most cases occurred with immigrants residing in Denmark, while the prevalence of TB in persons native to Denmark remained unchanged.

via TB incidence increasing in Denmark | Vaccine News Daily.

Oops! Industrializing organics is bad too !

E. coli in Germany outbreak has “cooled” down but who knows where “infected” sprouts seeds were shipped to. Industrialization of the seed market sent bad seeds all over Europe and who knows where else where folks are cashing in on interests in “organic” food.

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E. coli: A Risk for 3 More Years From Who Knows Where

Maryn McKenna
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reveals that, despite the epidemic curve’s trending down, the outbreak can’t be considered over. The ultimate source — the contaminated seeds from which salad sprouts were grown — has been so widely distributed that no one really knows where they have gone or for how long they might remain for sale. One prediction, based on the probable package labeling, is that they could remain on shelves for 3 more years.

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End Bird Flu Pandemic Threat – Cull Industrialized Poultry Farming

When the natural system sees that there is an overpopulation of any species – birds in particular – it “creates” a situation that allows killer viruses to mutate and re-balance the system by killing birds. Creating in this case means that birds are stressed and in close quarters both conditions facilitated/trigger an outbreak of a virus – and the result is a system that re-balances itself by reducing the number of animals in a confined space.

Culling the birds stops the immediate outbreak but continued industrialized breeding starts up the virus cycle again. Raising fewer birds and in less confined space reduces the outbreaks. Additionally, cleaning out urine and feces often and putting it in digesters that can kill all viruses, produce methane gas for energy production, and clean fertilizer. Another by-product? Fewer outbreaks of the “normal” flu which all start from an interaction between people, poultry, and pigs.

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Japan culls another 190,000 chickens

 It has now sacrificed more than half a million birds in efforts to contain H5N1 avian influenza.

This 10th outbreak was in the Miyazaki prefecture where it is proving difficult to find places to dispose of carcasses. It is the seventh outbreak since Jan. 22 in southwestern Miyazaki Prefecture.

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