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The NRA’s attempt to deflect blame away from guns for the Parkland shooting just fell apart

The NRA’s attempt to deflect blame away from guns for the Parkland shooting just fell apart:


Cydney Hargis at MMFA: 

National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch dismissed new findings that a school-based discipline program called Promise was not responsible for the Parkland, FL, school shooting after pushing the allegation for months that the program allowed the shooting to happen.    

Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz had been referred to Broward County’s Promise program, an alternative option for students “who have committed a behavioral infraction that would normally lead to a juvenile delinquency arrest” in 2013 after he vandalized a bathroom in an area middle school. Despite claims that referring Cruz to the program contributed to the failures to report his behavior to law enforcement, a commission set up to investigate the mass shooting concluded the program was “irrelevant” to Cruz’s ability to obtain an assault weapon and carry out the massacre.

During the months following the February 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 people dead and 14 others injured, NRA spokesperson and NRATV host Dana Loesch repeatedly shredded the “Obama-era” Promise program during her show, Relentless. During the May 29 edition of her show, Loesch suggested people should protest outside the house of President Barack Obama’s secretary of education, Arne Duncan, because it was his “Promise program initiative that assisted this murderer.”

Loesch said “the real story” behind the Parkland shooting is Broward County Superintendent Robert Runcie “worrying about the appearance of complying with an Obama-era Promise program” which ultimately “guaranteed that this murderer’s red flags would being completely overlooked” during the June 1 edition of Relentless. Four days later, she insisted Duncan’s “policies that were implemented that coddled this murderer failed” Parkland students.      

One day after the Miami Herald reported the commission’s findings, Loesch did a segment on the commission’s work that discussed the Promise program but ignored the revelation that it was found to have no causal relationship to the shooting.


During the July 13 edition of NRATV’s Relentless, Loesch referenced a tweet Runcie wrote in which he echoed the commission’s finding and said she questioned “how much” she believes him. She went on to place blame squarely on the superintendent, saying if the findings are true, “wouldn’t that just mean that it was his own personal incompetency then that contributed to this instead of a bad program? I mean, that seems like it’s worse.”

Schiff: Surveillance warrant docs show that Nunes memo ‘misrepresented and distorted these applications’

Schiff: Surveillance warrant docs show that Nunes memo ‘misrepresented and distorted these applications’:


“Schiff said Saturday that while the documents show the FBI’s “legitimate concern” about Page, he said the materials should not have been released during a pending investigation.

“These national security considerations were cast aside by President Trump, whose decision to declassify the Nunes Memo — which misrepresented and distorted these applications — over the fervent opposition of the Department of Justice, was nakedly political and self-interested, and designed to  to interfere with the Special Counsel’s investigation,” the lawmaker said.”

Trump-regret syndrome is spreading among Republicans after Helsinki: How far will it go?

Trump-regret syndrome is spreading among Republicans after Helsinki: How far will it go?:


“He’s stood by Trump when he criticized Gold Star families, waffled on condemning the neo-Nazis who rioted in Charlottesville and, until this week, has never so much as considered the possibility Trump had colluded with Russia. ‘I’ve had it,’ he said. ‘There is some shit I will not eat. I’m done apologizing for Donald J. Trump. Done.’

“… Almost to a person, former Trump campaign staffers tell me they regret tying themselves to Donald Trump for a myriad of reasons. Some have found it nearly impossible to find another job in politics as the brand itself has spoiled. They even find it difficult to get work in the private sector as the stink of Trump travels with them.”

Education in Jerusalem: Where are we heading?

As the Tawjihi ( official high school examination system) finished and results were out, a nightmare ended in the lives our students, and a horrific reality awaits them when we think of the situation of education in Palestine. An education institution that are actually to cope with the emerging changes and needs of the society , yet moving towards futuristic models and however still applying the same in futile methods of teaching and education , that only results in a purging situation of people with graduate studies and inefficiency when it comes to the demand and needs of the society and its market.

those lucky, can afford to leave to study abroad, which on a personal level I strongly recommend, in order to open new horizons to our youth beyond the life of checkpoints and restrictions that are lived here, starting with movement restrictions and ending with state-violence and violations that can finish in the loss of lives either by perishing in prisons or a grave.

In Jerusalem, things can be considered worse, because the PA does not fully rule Jerusalem, and the restrictions are not completely visible, and in comparison with the peers in the West Bank, it is more of a paradise.

The unfortunate situation in the PA, from corruption, the absence of good governance, lack of accountability, repression of freedoms, minimal incomes that could count to poverty, while having maximal profits that are way exaggerated. All these factors, in addition to a systematic Israelization to Jerusalem, made students in Jerusalem find it more convenient to study in Israeli universities.

It sounds blurry to see how much the Israeli government is investing in recruiting Palestinians to its universities. It reminds me of the time when Palestinians in Jerusalem were allowed to report living in the outskirts of Jerusalem to cut them off the private benefits a decade later.

Another thought popped to my head was my time, when almost three decades ago, we Palestinians where considered overseas students when the luxury of accepting them occurs.

The increasing numbers of schools that belong to the Israeli government, and the unprecedented amount of new private schools that are being authorized working for the system ( it is a fact that there is a severe deficiency of classrooms\schools for Palestinians in Jerusalem ), in a time that Israel is forbidding the Palestinian ministry of education to perform in Jerusalem, which increases the complexity and the difficulties on the education to the schools in Jerusalem.

Having students going to the bigrut exams ( the Israeli high school system) can be easily related to the frustration from the Tawjihi that continues to prove its inefficiency and its unneedy amount of pressure put on the students. However, at the same time, Israel is facilitating an easy escape through the Bigrut, and by allowing all those knew emerging educational centers and colleges.

What is striking now, is that reputable private schools in Jerusalem are promoting studying in Israeli institutions and universities, and entirely ignoring Palestinian universities in an attempt that makes Israeli options as the natural outcome of being a student in Jerusalem.

Could Israel suddenly turn into a beautiful, caring occupying state and put us in what may be called internalizing colonolization? I just invented this term.)

I wrote an article about fifteen years ago under the title of ” Not have they only occupied the land but the minds.” In that article, I was reflecting on an experience I encountered in the Vanleer Institue that hosted Arabs\PAlestinians (from Israel) in a seminar to discuss the education in the Arab society inside Israel. I was appalled then by the fact that everyone was considering the future of Arab culture in Hebrew by Arabs, to a group of many Arabs and Israeli hosts. Back then I felt grateful to the fact that we live under occupation, and that the best thing that happened to us in Jerusalem is that we remain Palestinians. The non-israelization of the education system was something that by all means saved our identities from being distorted and destroyed.

From that moment on, the systematic approach to Israelizing the Jerusalem schools was running like a machine. I really (naively) believed that it could not happen because we have a living experience to what happened to our people inside what became Israel. How they strive today to attach to their Palestinian identity and Palestinian hood politically and culturally.

Sadly, disappointingly, it all happened under our noses, and we were all watching, and in our maximum efforts we condemned, and now we reached a situation where it even sounds odd to raise awareness about the situation. I feel like someone from outer space. It is not only Israeli schools in Jerusalem that mobilize for higher education institutes in Israel but also private schools that are considered historically aligned with the threats of the Israelization of the Palestinian identity.

At the same time, I am not against studying in Israeli universities. After all, they offer an excellent education. However, my worries are about how and why our students are going there. In my old time of romantic aspirations, I seriously went to the Hebrew university believing that these people occupied my land, I will regain my rights by using them in benefiting from education that can build a better Palestinian quest. Back then I also believed that it was just a matter of months when Saddam Hussein takes back Palestine to the womb of the Arabs!!!

To where is all this leading us? I cannot have any hopeful answer anymore.

I don’t throw words when I say that I am the person who strives for peace. The peace I strive for is built on justice, and justice can never be achieved as we move from the situation of being oppressed under occupation to colonize under the rule. That internalization of occupation and colonolization is only suffocating what is left in any hope for justice… justice that can only be achieved through people who can carry on for the future, and the future cannot be built by a distorted education that defames identities.

Justice needs equality ….and equal Palestinians need a long way in reclaiming their freedom and maintaining their identities, and this needs outstanding education.

Retired general unleashes on Trump as ‘unfit to command our troops’ in wake of Putin presser

Retired general unleashes on Trump as ‘unfit to command our troops’ in wake of Putin presser:


“The only explanation for today’s appalling performance by @realDonaldTrump is the Russians have high value compromising intel on POTUS,” he tweeted Monday evening. “Something that would have been discovered during any serviceman’s background investigation.”

Friday Finds: Excerpt from ‘Shatila Stories’


The magazine Refinery 29 has published an extract from Shatila Stories, a commissioned novel that was written by nine Syrian and Palestinian refugees, edited by Suhir Helal, translated by Nashwa Gowanlock, and published by Peirene Press:

It opens:

Chaos everywhere. Thundering sounds rip through my ears. I blink and blink again. I take snapshots with my eyes. Racing feet, dragging feet; old people, young people; cars of different colours, of different shapes; grey sky, swaying trees. Hundreds, thousands are waiting at the closed gate, paperwork in hand, hoping to pass through. They want to cross the border. A scene worthy of the Day of Reckoning. Worry and fear are paramount. A pallor has settled across everyone’s face, no matter how dark or fair their complexion. Desperate eyes.

You can keep reading at Refinery 29and you can also meet the nine writers in this YouTube interview:

twodotsknowwhy: bluebluragainstbaddies: nitro-nova: Man yells, “Make America Great Again!”…

Make America Racist Again! #TraitorTrump succeeds!




Man yells, “Make America Great Again!” Before shooting 6 people dead.

Man wearing, “Make America Great Again” hat murders 2 strangers for no reason.

Trump supporter murders 2 police officers because they told him he
couldn’t wave a Confederate flag at a high school football game.

men beat a homeless man with a metal bar and urinate on him screaming,
“Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported,” When
asked for a comment about the incident Trump defends them saying, “My
supporters are very passionate. They love this country and they want
this country to be great again.”

Trump supporter attacks a Hispanic man and a Muslim student at a gas station while yelling, “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

supporter stabs a black man unprovoked because he was holding hands
with a white woman, tells police they need to release him so he can
attend a Trump rally that night.

Trump supporter attacks Muslim woman at airport.

A Trump supporter punches a 70 year old protester in the face.

Trump supporter arrested for brutally beating protester.

3 Trump supporters arrested planning terrorist attack to kill Muslims.

supporter confuses an Indian man for a Muslim at restaurant and says,
“Things are different now, I don’t want you sand n*ggers sitting next to
me.” Before attacking the man.

“We got a new President you fucking f*ggots.” Men yell as they attack gay man.

Trump supporters track down and brutally beat an artist because she made a painting of Trump with a small penis.

Trump supporter who sucker punched protester: “Next time, we might have to kill them.”

is asked to comment on his supporters brutally beating a black man, he
responds with, “Maybe he should have been roughed up,”

fucking gorillas and baby monkeys, We voted for Trump. Trump’s building
a wall, beaners, and you’ll be going back to where you belong.” Man
yells at black elementary school children unprovoked before he swerves
his car at them attempting to hit them.

Trump supporters beat black man so badly he’s hospitalized for concussion and call him the n-word.

supporter pepper sprays a 15-year-old girl point-blank in the face
after another Trump supporter groped her breasts, shouting “n*gger
lover” as she attempted to run away.

supporter walks up to a black man in the middle of a downtown area and
says, “Donald Trump will deport you.” Before punching the black man.

is going to win and if you don’t like it I’m going to beat your ass,”
Trump supporter yells at random black woman outside of convenient store.

Man attacks and kicks Muslim airport employee shouting, “Trump is here now, he will get rid of all of you.”

In 8 months Trump supporters attacked protesters at 20 different rallies.

supporter tracks down a local Latino Democratic political candidate and
tries to run him and his elderly mother over with a car. (The Latino
candidate is also a former marine.)

“This is for Donald Trump!” man yells as he runs up a Latino person and punches them in the head.

Trump supporter goes to Hillary Clinton rally to disrupt the event, ends up punching someone when asked to leave.

Trump supporter punches, chokes and slaps protesters on video during rally.

An angry mob of Trump supporters brutally beat and grab a mans genitals because he held up a, “Republicans Against Trump” sign.

Trump supporter yells, “Get your black kids out of here. Do you even
have a job? Do you know what a job is, n*gger?” Before physically
attacking a black man who had come to the hospital to get help for his
sick 2 week old daughter.

Republican Politician sexually assaults a woman by, “grabbing her
pussy.” and then says he is allowed to do it because now that Trump is
president he doesn’t have to be politically correct.

Canadian man who was a vocal Trump supporter both online and in person goes into a mosque and murders 6 people.

Trump supporter physically assaults Comedian on stage for making Anti-Trump Joke.

Man yells, “Trump” while beating African immigrant cab driver.

A Trump supporter is arrested for burning a Mosque down.

Trump supporter sees a car has pro-gay bumper stickers on it and then
follows the car, waiting for the 75 year old driver to get out before
brutally attacking him while screaming, “My new president says we can
kill all you f*ggots now.”

Trump supporter is arrested after brutally attacking gay men outside a
McDonald’s. Witnesses describe the aftermath as, “There was blood

A Muslim refugee gay rights activist is kidnapped and raped by two men in retaliation for, “Trump being mocked.”

A Trump supporter is arrested on terrorism charges for building bombs he was going to use to kill Muslims.

Person spray-paints a transgender veterans car with the word “Trump” then sets it on fire.

Trump supporter attacks two Muslim women and tries to push over a
stroller with a baby in it while screaming, “Get the fuck out of

Trump supporter tells a random Muslim woman he sees on the street, “I’m
voting for Trump because he said he would send all of you terrorists
out of this country.” Before attacking her.

Man shoots out the windows of two businesses from a car while shouting, “Hail Trump.”

“But Trump supporters aren’t racist/homophobic,,uwuwuwuwu”

“Democrats need to be more civil”

BOMBSHELL: Trump admin ran ‘pilot program’ for zero tolerance at border in 2017 [and over 4,100 children have been separated from parents, more than previously reported]

BOMBSHELL: Trump admin ran ‘pilot program’ for zero tolerance at border in 2017 [and over 4,100 children have been separated from parents, more than previously reported]:


The government was separating migrant parents from their kids for months prior to the official introduction of zero tolerance [in May], running what a U.S. official called a “pilot program” for widespread prosecutions in Texas, but apparently did not create a clear system for parents to track or reunite with their kids

[A] DHS official also confirmed to NBC that, from July 2017 to October 2017, the Trump administration ran what the official called a “pilot program” for zero tolerance in El Paso.

Court records and interviews with migrants show that during that period federal prosecutors began to criminally charge any adult who crossed the border unlawfully in the El Paso sector, which spans from New Mexico to West Texas. Parents arriving with young children were not exempt.

“This was happening in El Paso before it was news,” said Linda Rivas, executive director of Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center. “People didn’t believe it…”

Even those families who crossed the border hoping for asylum were caught up in the El Paso experiment. A mother named Jocelyn, whom Rivas represents, was apprehended crossing with her son last August near El Paso. Although Jocelyn said she sought asylum, she was prosecuted for illegal entry, court documents show. Her son was taken from her