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A Cultural Way to Get Latino Kids Interested in Health Careers

By Cliff Despres
Salud Today

he U.S. Latino population has grown 243% since 1980. But the number of Latino doctors dropped 22%, a study found.

That’s why we need programs like Roots to Wings.

The innovative Roots to Wings program teams up Latino and Native American middle- and high-schoolers in Washington schools with medical students at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.

Kids getting on-the-job demonstrations of health activities as part of Roots to Wings.

The teams then “co-mentor” each other.


The kids teach the medical students about their Mexican-American or Yakama Nation heritage.

The medical students teach the kids about medicine and pursuing higher education.

“Roots to Wings is actually an educational pathway for underrepresented youth to enter the health sciences,” Dr. Mirna Ramos-Diaz, who leads the program, recently told the Yakima Herald. “It makes a huge difference in someone’s medical care if I understand your native traditions and values, and I can speak your language.”

roots to wings studentsRoots to Wings participants.

The program worked with Yakama Nation tribal leaders and Latino teachers to build a curriculum. The program mixes traditional cultural dance events with demonstrative lab or clinic lessons on issues like sugar and diabetes, according to the Yakima Herald. The kids in Mt. Adams schools meet with the medical students once a month.

Roots to Wings helps the medical students learn the challenges of providing care to the underserved. It also stirs their desire to serve as doctors in rural communities.

It helps the kids gain academic confidence, and stay true to their values and traditions.

“By keeping culture front and center, directors of the program aim to show the young students that they are welcome and wanted in the medical field,” according to the Yakima Herald article.

Can you start a Roots to Wings program in your schools? Email the staff of Roots to Wings for help!

‘Chinese n*gger!’ Asian man verbally harassed, slapped while riding on California train

Beer talk from a nothing human can get pretty vile – why did no one intervene? Two people in same area were killed earlier this year when they intervened – never can tell – but a rail attendant should have done something or someone should have called for assistance – hope someone did.


A video has gone viral on social media showing an older white man harassing an Asian man on a train in northern California, threatening him, slapping him, and calling him a “Chinese nigger.” In the footage, the man is seen verbally harassing his fellow passenger with a steady stream of threats and insults. “I’ll punch you down into your seat. I’ll punch you down,” he says before slapping the Asian man on the shoulder….

C++ Developer

They also need a UI developer – javascript

Location: Oslo, Norway

We make browsers. That’s what we do. And we’re pretty good at it. We made Opera and now we’re making Vivaldi. The recipe for success? Build a kick-ass community that helps us make the browser better. We’re looking for a new teammate to get dirty with the code and create something special with us.

We are looking for a C/C++ developer with 3+ years of coding experience. Your primary responsibility will be to design, develop and maintain the native base of the Vivaldi web browser which is based on the Chromium open-source project.

Check out the details below. If you’re into whipping up brain-melting solutions with a hungry, fast-moving team, get in touch and join the ride. You’re our kind of dev.


  • B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
  • Strong proficiency in C++, with fair knowledge of the language specification.
  • Knowledge of the Chromium open-source browser project or a keen interest in learning more about it.
  • Experience with developer tools for Windows, Linux, macOS or Android.

You are:

  • Passionate about technology and interested in user experience.
  • Detail-oriented, with focus on writing maintainable and testable code.
  • A doer that doesn’t shy away from challenges and is able to break down complex problems into smaller tasks and follow through with them.
  • Self-driven, with the ability to take initiative and motivate others.
  • Flexible and able to work with distributed teams.
  • Happy to work in a fast-paced environment, applying agile methodologies.
  • Based in Oslo.


You get to join one of the most experienced teams in the browsing industry and be part of shaping Vivaldi’s next rocket launch! No need to say the team you’ll be working with is full of awesomeness 😉

Sound like a dream role? Send your CV and a cover letter to hahn@vivaldi.com

New global initiative finishes & publishes the unfinished investigations of murdered journalists


LatinaLista — The notion of a free press is quickly devolving into just that — a notion. Everywhere, journalists have come under threat of either legal action or physical harm if, in the course of doing their jobs, they uncover inconvenient facts that prove criminal acts.

The lucky journalists are the ones who live to finish their investigations, publish their stories and expose the criminals. The unlucky ones are those who end up sacrificing their lives for the sake of justice.

Too many times, murdered journalists not only leave behind grieving families, friends and co-workers but also unfinished stories. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 34 journalists have been killed in 2017.

In response to the growing dangers faced by many journalists, an unique project founded by the Freedom Voices Network, in partnership with Reporters Without Borders, strives to protect the work of journalists under attack.

Forbidden Stories, a non-profit initiative, is comprised of a network of journalists with one mission: “to publish the work of other journalists facing threats, prison, or murder.”

Through the website, any journalist who feels their current line of investigation threatens their safety, can upload their story-in-progress to Forbidden Stories – in one of three secure methods – for the Forbidden Stories team to finish and/or publish in the name of the journalist.

By protecting and continuing the work of reporters who can no longer investigate, we can send a powerful signal to enemies of the press: even if you succeed in stopping a single messenger, you will not stop the message. 


فارسة الانجازات

فارسة الانجازات : صفاء ناصر الدين

يتم تكريم الدكتورة صفاء ناصر الدين في هذه الأثناء من قبل القنصل العام الفرنسي وباسم الرئيس الفرنسي , من خلال تقليدها وسام جوقة الشرف الوطني الفرنسي برتبة فارس. هذا الوسام تمنحه فرنسا في كل عام لشخصية تقدم خدمات وانجازات لدعم المجتمع الفلسطيني من خلال البرامج الفرنسية المختلفة.

ولعلي اجد بهذه المناسبة فرصة للتوقف امام شخص الدكتورة صفاء ناصر الدين وانجازاتها على الصعيد الوطني , التي اذا ما جمعناها لا بد انها ستتلقى وساما برتبة قائد فرقة لا مجرد فارس.

صفاء ناصر الدين تعتبر مثالا مشرفا للمرأة المقدسية التي تحمل شعلة الوطن بين كفيها وتسير بإصرار نحو ابقائها مشتعلة. تذكرني صفاء بنشيد المدرسة التي جمعتنا سوية , كلية شميدت للبنات,  عندما كنا ننشد بأعلى صوتنا وبشجون الحالمات المتطلعات الى مستقبل لابد مشرق: “يا فتاة شميدت سيري    في ركاب العلم نورا    وعلى الدرب اثيري    يا فتاة اليوم حربا”

فبعد تخرجها من المدرسة قبيل الانتفاضة الاولى, التحقت صفاء بجامعة القدس بقسم العلوم والتكنولوجيا لتنتهي بدرجتي البكالوريوس والماجستير بمرتبة الشرف وتكمل مشوارها الاكاديمي ببرنامج انتهى الى حصولها على درجة الدكتوراه من الجامعات الفرنسية. شغلت عدة مناصب في خلال مسيرتها المهنية , وكانت في كل منصب تقدم للمكان كل ما يمكن تقديمه من خبرة وتفاني لا يمكن الا التوقف امامه باعجاب. فتقلدت مناصب استشارية في وزارة الاتصالات التي اصبحت فيما بعد على رأس وزارتها . وعملت في جامعة القدس لتصبح عميد كلية هند الحسيني وفيما بعد نائبا لرئيس الجامعة في حرم القدس , وهو المنصب الذي لا تزال تشغله حتى هذه اللحظة.

كم اللجان التي تترأسها وتشارك بها لا يسع لهذا المقال ان يذكره . كما هو الحال, لكم المشاركات المحلية والاقليمية والدولية في المؤتمرات التي تحضرها كعنصر فاعل ومؤثر.

لقد مرت طرقاتي بصفاء للحظات معدودة على مر السنوات . التقاءات كثيرا ما يفرضها واقع المكان وخلفياتنا المهنية والاجتماعية. فمنذ رحلة المدرسة وانتهاء بعملها الحالي بجامعة القدس , كنت اقف في كل التقاء واسأل نفسي : متى ستنجرف هذه  المخلوقة امام مغريات المناصب ؟ ولكنها في كل مرة كانت تثبت ان المنصب ليس مفخرة , بل هو مسؤولية . لا بد ان كل من يعمل معها يعجب بهذا الكم الكبير من التواضع الذي تتحلى به . اهتمامها بكل صغيرة وكبيرة في عملها . وقوفها على رأس اي وكل مهمة تقوم بها . وتنشئتها لطفلتين لا تكاد تتكلم مع الواحدة منهن حتى تقف متعجبا وواثقا, مدركا , ان قائدتين لا بد تنتظرهما هذه البلاد بلحظة بلوغهن مرحلة الانخراط بعالم العلم والعمل.

اتساءل كثيرا , كيف تستطيع هذه المرأة التوفيق بين كل ما تقوم به من انجازات حقيقية . انجازات تراها امام عينيك. ان وعدتك صدقت . وان اعطتك موعدا التزمت , وان دعوتها لبت . ثم اطرد هذا التساؤل واقول لنفسي : انه التفاني والاخلاص وحب الوطن.

صفاء ناصر الدين فارسة حقيقية تستحق ان تكرم. لا تكل ولا تتعب ولا تقبل بأقل من الافضل كنتيجة. تحارب بهدوء وتصل الى هدفها بتروي واصرار , وكمن يمتطي حصانا عربيا اصيلا , تراها تدفع بنفسها قدما بخطى الواثق المؤمن.

اذا ما اردنا ان نجسد المرأة الفلسطينية بأبهى صورها …. فستكون صفاء ناصر الدين هي تلك المرأة

مزيدا من التقدم والعطاء لفارسة هذا الوطن الاصيلة .

beowulfstits: socialistarticles: When I lost my hands making…




When I lost my hands making flatscreens I can’t afford, nobody would help me

On February 11, 2011, I lost both my hands.

I was working an overnight shift at my job in Reynosa, Mexico, where I was cutting metal for parts used in assembling flatscreen televisions. I was working in my usual area, and the boss was pressuring us.

“I want you to work faster, because we need the material urgently,” he said.

I was moved to Machine 19, which can rip and cut metal and takes two hands to operate. It is heavy, weighing at least one ton, maybe two, and no one liked to work on it because it was too difficult. They always seemed to assign it to me.

I started work at 11pm. Around 2 or 2:30am, I was positioning metal inside Machine 19. My hands were actually inside the machine, because I had to push the metal in until it clicked into place.

That’s when the machine fell on top of them.

I screamed. Everyone around me was crying and yelling. They stopped the assembly line on the female side of the room, but the men were told to keep working.

Meanwhile, I was stuck. No one could lift the machine off my hands. They remained trapped for 10 minutes, crushed under the machine.

Finally, a few fellow employees created a makeshift jack to lift the machine up just enough for me to pull my hands out. I wasn’t bleeding very much, because the machine actually sealed the ends of my arms and forged them to the piece of metal. They took me to the hospital with the piece attached to my hands. The doctors were surprised when I showed up like that. I remember saying, ‘Take the piece off. Take it off.’ But they didn’t want to.”

My hands were flattened like tortillas, mangled, and they both had to be amputated. I lost my right hand up to my wrist and my left a little higher. I didn’t know how I’d ever work again.

Immediately, I started to worry about my children. I have six children at home, who were between the ages of 9 and 17 during the accident, and I am both mother and father to them. How would I take care of them now?

Working six days a week, I made 5,200 pesos a month ($400). Without my hands, I knew I wouldn’t even be able to make that much.

After five days in the hospital, I checked myself out. But I didn’t go home first. I went directly to the factory where I worked for HD Electronics. I asked to see the manager. He offered me 50,000 pesos ($3,800).

“I’ve lost both my hands,” I said. “How will my family survive on 50,000 pesos?”

“That’s our offer,” he said. “Stop making such a big scandal about it and take it.” I eventually got about $14,400 in settlement money under Mexican labor law, an amount equal to 75% of two years’ wages for each hand. But I knew I had to do better for my family. So I looked across the border, to Texas, where my former employer is based.

I found a lawyer with a nice office in a good part of town. I was sure he would help me. Instead, he said, “Go up to the international bridge and put a cup out and people will help you.”

I was devastated.

That’s when I decided to tell my story on television. That led me to Ed Krueger, a retired minister who vowed to find me the right lawyer. That lawyer was Scott Hendler at the law firm Hendler Lyons Flores, in Austin, Texas. Even though I could not pay, he helped me file a lawsuit against LG Electronics, which contracted with the factory where I worked. Finally, about 18 months after the accident, I had hope.

Then the judge in my case threw out the lawsuit on a technicality, saying LG had not been properly notified. I wasn’t even given a chance to respond.

It’s been four years since I lost my hands. I have trouble paying my mortgage, and I wonder: Was that first lawyer right? Will I end up on a bridge, holding a cup out in front of me?

I constantly wish that someone with a compassionate heart could help me get some prosthetic hands that are flexible, so I could actually do something. Right now, I can’t do much. I can do smaller things, and move some things around, but I can’t do anything for myself. I can’t even take a shower. My family is surviving on a small disability benefit from the government, the kindness of friends and because my oldest daughter is now working instead of pursuing her education.

I’ve worked in factories most of my life. I know I am not the first person to be injured. But more needs to be done to help the workers who are making the products that so many Americans buy. We don’t ask for even a tiny share of the billions these companies make. We are just asking for enough to take care of our families and, when we are hurt, to take care of ourselves, too.

I’m honored that I’ve been asked by Public Justice, a wonderful legal organization fighting on behalf of workers like me, to share my story. And I’m humbled that they’ve selected me to receive their Illuminating Injustice Award. That’s just what I hope to do: shine a light on the stories of workers, like me, so that the people who buy the products we make can understand a little about our lives, too.

I hope someone, somewhere, will hear or read my story and help prevent this from happening again. Because, while my hands are gone, the injustice for so many remains.

http://ift.tt/1S4Vg4q fund to donate to Rosa Moreno

Psst! Little Girl Step Into My Office

Most of us Southerns know of Roy Moore and his 10 commandments debacle at the Alabama Supreme Court and his antics afterwards about LGBT issues.  He has been running to replace Sessions as the senator from the great state of Alabama and the scary part is he has a good chance of winning that race……that is until the latest news came out about his early life…..

The latest high-profile figure accused of sexual misconduct is a politician who has staked his career on morality. The Washington Post is out with a detailed report about Alabama’s Roy Moore, the state’s former supreme court justice who is now running for the US Senate. A woman who is now 53 says Moore initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was just 14 and he was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney. Leigh Corfman says that they did not have intercourse, but that Moore drove her to his home, stripped down to his underwear, removed her pants and shirt, and touched her through her bra and underpants. She says that when he began guiding her hand toward his underwear, she recoiled, got dressed, and asked to leave, at which point he drove her home. Moore categorically denies the allegations as “fake news” drummed up by Democrats.

The Post also talks to three other women who say that Moore asked them out on dates, sometimes successfully, when they were between the ages of 16 and 18 and he was in his early 30s and still single. The account given by Corfman is the only one that advances beyond kissing. “I wasn’t ready for that,” Corfman says of Moore’s attempt to guide her hand. “I had never put my hand on a man’s penis, much less an erect one.” She says she first met Moore outside a courtroom, when he approached her and her mother and offered to sit with Corfman while her mom went inside for a custody hearing. In his later career, Moore would twice be removed from his chief justice post for taking stands against gay marriage and his refusal to remove a 10 Commandments plaque. Read the full Post investigation, based on interviews with more than 30 people, here.

I always thought he was a pervert….but now I am more certain than ever.

The cowboy hat wearing gun toting son of a gun has more problems….the politicians in DC are starting to come out against this toad…..

Roy Moore was accused of initiating a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32 in a Washington Post report published Thursday. Three other women say he asked them out on dates while they were between 16 and 18 years old and he was in his 30s. Now Republican senators are calling for the Senate hopeful from Alabama to drop out of the race—with one big caveat. “If these allegations are true, he must step aside,” the Hill quotes Sen. Mitch McConnell as saying in a statement. “If these allegations are found to be true, Roy Moore must drop out of the Alabama special Senate election,” Sen. Cory Gardner added.

I agree….time for this pervert get on his high horse and get the f*ck out of Dodge while he can……

But wait there is someone who is defending this person and it is the scum of the earth…….Bannon……

Minutes before the Washington Post on Thursday published a bombshell report detailing allegations by a woman who claims Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 14, the Steve Bannon-directed outlet Breitbart News ran a story that spotlighted Moore’s denials of the claims against him and attempted to “undermine the Post‘s credibility.”

“The story detailed some of the allegations, but with a distinct twist,” notes Business Insider‘s Maxwell Tani. “Breitbart included five paragraphs of denials from Moore, which were placed above many of the details of the allegations.”

Headlined “After Endorsing Democrat in Alabama, Bezos’s Washington Post Plans to Hit Roy Moore with Allegations of Inappropriate Relations with Teenagers; Judge Claims Smear Campaign,” Breitbart‘s piece more closely resembles a “press release” for Moore than a news story, argued the Washington Post‘s Aaron Blake.


That should not be a surprise after all he, Bannon, is defending Trump even after the “Access Hollywood” tape was made public……the one where Trump talks about grabbing women by their hoo-hoo and all…..

Time for Moore to just ride off into the sunset on his high horse and disappear from the American collective memory……we have enough perverts in Washington….we do not need another.

Transgender Candidate Danica Roem Wins Historic Election to the Virginia State Legislature

Transgender Candidate Danica Roem Wins Historic Election to the Virginia State Legislature:


She soundly defeated 25-year incumbent Bob Marshall, a social conservative who frequently tried to use her gender identity against her throughout the campaign, even misgendering her at times. Her win in the 13th district, in northern Virginia, is a significant rebuke to the Trump administration’s hostility toward the transgender community. When she is sworn in, in January, she’ll become the first transgender person elected and seated to a state legislature.

Closing Thought–07Nov17

She Thinks He Is Number One!

It seems that a young lady was out for a bike ride and as an entourage went past she threw up her middle finger in a gesture of love…..snap!  Some caught it on film and the rest is history…..

Last week, an image revolving around President Trump went viral, though the White House surely wasn’t happy about it. In the photo—you can see it here—a female bicyclist is seen flipping the middle finger to the Trump motorcade as it passes her in Sterling, Va. The anonymous bicyclist became an internet hero in anti-Trump circles, but those 15 minutes of fame have now cost the woman her job. Juli Briskman, 50, tells HuffPost that government contractor Akima cut her loose from the marketing and communications post she’d held for the last six months because of the image. “They said, ‘We’re separating from you,’” says Briskman. “Basically, you cannot have ‘lewd’ or ‘obscene’ things in your social media. So they were calling flipping him off ‘obscene.’”

Briskman says she had no idea a White House pool photographer snapped the image of her until it began circulating on social media. She then used the photo on her own social media pages, which don’t mention her affiliation with Akima. Briskman accuses the company of uneven treatment because a male employee was able to keep his job after calling out someone as a “f—— Libtard a——” on Facebook, where his link to Akima was obvious. Akima hasn’t commented about its decision publicly. Briskman also talks to the Washington Post, explaining that she is indeed a critic of Trump’s political policies and behavior as president. But something further than that touched off the now-famous salute: “Here’s what was going through my head that day: ‘Really? You’re golfing again?’”

Okay…I admit it….I she is my new hero….

Briskman said she had no regrets about the attention her public show of displeasure received.

Juli Briskman said she had no regrets about the attention her public show of displeasure received. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

On that note I bow out for the day…TTFN…..more stuff coming…..chuq