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“She was ‘The Grandma.’  She worked as the head nurse at St….


“She was ‘The Grandma.’  She worked as the head nurse at St. James hospital.  She owned her own house.   I lived with her up until the sixth grade.  We’d have these long conversations every night.  And every morning she’d make a ball of coconut for me to bring to school.  She was the most consistent thing in my life.  Even after Mom got mixed up in drugs, Grandma paid to keep our phone on.  She paid to keep our lights on.  She checked my grades and sent me to after-school programs.  She even bought me my first computer.  It was made especially for me, big tower, lots of lights.  It kept me off the street for months.  Grandma was the only person who ever took me out of the state.  We went to theme parks.  We went to water parks.  Once she even took me to the Bahamas for four days.  Most of my friends had never even left the block.  I did get mixed up in the streets for a while.  Grandma was upset when I dropped out of high school, but she still did her best to keep me level.  She helped me get my GED.  She talked to me about nursing.  She supported me when I joined the military.  I never thought I’d be where I am today.  I’m working construction.  I recently joined the union.  Everything is because of her.  She’s the only woman who’s name I have tattooed on my body.“

wilwheaton: “It’s as if a group of far-right online trolls took control of the executive branch of…


“It’s as if a group of far-right online trolls took control of the executive branch of a global superpower. I’m especially fascinated by the idea that the White House wanted to put the House Speaker “in her place.” Does anyone seriously believe Nancy Pelosi will feel intimidated by the amateur president’s sophomoric antics? Is it realistic to think she’ll shy away from confrontations with the White House because Trump threw another tantrum and needlessly cancelled her trip to a warzone the president hasn’t yet visited himself?”

Trump White House reportedly sought to put Pelosi ‘in her place’

A Real Life “Manchurian Candidate”

Back in the 60’s there was a great suspense movie with Frank Sinatra, The Manchurian Candidate…..the movie is about some brainwashed soldiers during the Korean War…it was a “Red Scare” film….it was updated in the 2000s….but the original was by far the better of thew two….

Trailer from the original movie

Now the trailer for the newer version…….

I have been writing about this situation for several years now……this is one of my posts…..https://lobotero.com/2017/01/05/modernizing-the-manchurian-candidate/

I bring all this up because of the news in the last couple of weeks…but of course if you listen to the talking heads it is all “fake news”….but is it?

The article below entitled Trump, The Manchurian Candidate: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Campaign to Destabilize the Trump Presidency waspublished on January 4, 2017 prior to the inauguration of president Trump.

In early January 2017, we had predicted an unprecedented constitutional crisis characterized by a coordinated and carefully planned operation to destabilize the Trump presidency involving several stages, both before and after his inauguration.

We are dealing with a carefully planned operation, a “conspiracy” in the true sense of the word.

In recent developments (January 2019), the FBI investigation is being quoted by the media as “evidence” that Trump is “wittingly or unwittingly” an agent of the Kremlin. (see below Guardian January 2019 report)

Personally, I liked the original much better…I guess as an old fart that lived through the Red Scare days I can relate.  The news smacks of the script of the Manchurian Candidate….could this be the case….if not it would make a good script for a future movie.
Just Saying.

In case you would like to watch the full movie…..

“I had three bottles of wine on election night.  I got in bed…


“I had three bottles of wine on election night.  I got in bed after Pennsylvania, and stayed there for a week.  I’d only get up to use the bathroom and get more wine.  I’d have left the country by now if it wasn’t for my elderly mother.  I’ve weaned myself off Xanax, but I haven’t recovered.  I still watch MSNBC all the time.  I’ll spend entire days on the couch.  I’ll wake up with Morning Joe and go to sleep with Brian Williams.  I’ll get on Twitter during the commercials and search for any hint that somebody’s going to be indicted.  I know way too much.  I know the name of every congressman.  I know their district.  I know what percentage of the vote they got.  Before 2016, I hadn’t purchased a book in twenty years.  Now I buy all the political ones.  The scarier the better.   I even got the Omarosa book.  Nobody else wanted to read it so I thought I’d take one for the team.  I went to DC for four different protests.  And a few weeks ago I drove down to Mexico to see for myself what was happening on the border.  I’m obsessed.  It’s not healthy.  Recently I was able to cut myself off from politics for about a week.  But then here comes Brett Kavanaugh and I’m back on the couch for three days.”