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Family Farm; Gone! Family Fisherman: Going down quick!

They will pretend to be fishermen of past fame but they are just giant corporations ready to trade your future and the planet for a quick dollar while deluding themselves that they will be exempt from the harm they cause.

In the end, they will be waving dollars, yuan and euros trying to buy a future after they have – oops – killed it!

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Fish, Inc.

The Privatization of U.S. Fisheries Through Catch Share Programs

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Smaller-scale traditional fishermen are pushed out of the fishery while larger companies, which often use fishing practices that stress ocean ecosystems, take over.

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Buffy Sainte-Marie America the Beautiful

What is beautiful is the land and people – that’s what she celebrates in this version. Buffy is always good and this is worth a listen.

America the Beautiful

It’s about America the country, not America the nation state. It’s about the real America that so many people, regardless of their political associations, really feel in their hearts-you know, this beautiful, beautiful place. So, it’s yet another take on “America the Beautiful.” People seem to enjoy it.

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