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Rep. Issa to investigate? Gunmen kill Libya military police chief in Benghazi | News | DW.DE | 18.10.2013

Unidentified assailants gunned down Libya\’s military police chief outside of his home in Benghazi on Friday, according to Libyan security officials. Colonel Ahmed Mostafa el-Barghathy was reportedly heading to mosque to attend Friday prayers when he killed.

\”Several shots hit Ahmed [Mostafa] el-Barghathy. He was brought to hospital but later died there,\” a security source told the news agency Reuters on the condition of anonymity.

El-Barghathy was one of the first members of the military to take up arms against Moammar Gadhafi in the 2011 uprising.

The latest attack comes roughly a week after the kidnapping of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, who was later released unharmed, and attacks on several consulates since this summer. Benghazi was also the site of the high-profile killing of the US ambassador Chris Stevens last year.

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Post-Revolution Libyan Kitesurfers Reclaim Their Turf | Green Prophet

(Not a really big deal but nice pay off from revolution) For years, anyone who wanted to kite surf in Libya had a real challenge: beaches were under government control and many sports were outlawed. But now, 100 or so kite surfers in the country have reclaimed their turf, and even women are getting involved.

Jalal Elwalid is largely responsible for making kitesurfing such a popular sport in Libya, where the former regime outlawed certain sports, Brownbook Magazine reports.

He owns the country’s only dedicated kitesurfing shop in Gargaresh, an upscale Tripoli neighborhood, and recently arranged a gathering of some 30 surfers at Farwa Island.

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Sarkozy’s Place in Sun – #1, Not Libya?

Thanks to France for pitching in to help save Libyan’s effort to found a new government. Did France’s President suddenly discover how wonderful was the cause of Libyan freedom after his deporting Roma and disrespecting Muslims and immigrants in general did not raise his standings in polls?

Don’t know – what do you think? I am still wondering why the slaughter of women in Ivory Coast does not cause a Security Council meeting and why on Darfur continued killings and politically motivated rapes in Congo – we hear……..?

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Libya crisis may save Nicolas Sarkozy from electoral humiliation

The French president certainly needs something to prevent him coming third in next year’s election

Nicolas Sarkozy

It would surely be poor taste to accuse Nicolas Sarkozy of leading France into combat for purely selfish political reasons – but that won’t stop some in the president’s inner circle wondering if Operation Odyssey Dawn might just save the skin of a man who, a matter of days ago, seemed destined for electoral humiliation. Ever so discreetly, they will be hoping Libya can do for Sarkozy what the Falklands did for Margaret Thatcher – anoint a successful war leader deserving of re-election.

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