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No Oil, No Help, No Rush, Women Die!

All eyes on Libya – they need help but women in Ivory Coast being gunned down. Secretary Clinton deplored but no ships deployed? No oil just chocolate?

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Sadness and anger are just some of the feelings being shared by Ivorians netizens and others in the wake of the attack. Here are some of the reactions from social microblogging network Twitter, sent to the hashtag being used for the unrest, #civ2010.

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Aussie Environmental Management – Oops! 400 Birds Mistakenly Poisoned

To be fair Aussies are not the only environmental managers they mess up but you’d think with such a long history with it they get things right more often – Not!

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Poison baits kill over 400 Macquarie Island birds

Baits have killed 431 birds, including southern giant petrels (pictured).

Two months ago Parks and Wildlife admitted 300 birds had been killed after being exposed to poison pellets.

The baits were laid as part of a $24 million bid to rid the island of rats, rabbits and mice.

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