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Afghanistan: Time for everyone to come home in peace?

1939-1945 – that’s almost 6 years to fight an actual world war. 2001-2011 US and allied nations fighting in Afghanistan. Something wrong with this picture? Read what this former elected official in Germany has to say after visiting/researching Afghanistan since 1980. Maybe has has learned something that Americans, as well as Germans need to know.

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Why Germany Must End its Deployment in Afghanistan

A Commentary by Jürgen Todenhöfer

The first lie says we’re there to fight international terrorism.
The second lie is that we’re there to defend our civilization’s values.
The third lie is that we prioritize civilian reconstruction over military activities.
The fourth lie is that we’re in the Hindu Kush to prevent the return of the Taliban for good.

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Tuna surprise tonight? Sorry honey, the ocean ran out!

Blue Fin, Yellow Fin, Skipjack – way overfished for sandwiches and your cat! Take a look at how tuna starts maybe that will help convince you too – it bleeds just like you, it resists dying for your lunch, or dinner.

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Tears for the Tuna

Until recently the Pacific was the home to the world’s last abundant tuna fisheries, but there are now serious problems facing Pacific tuna. Bigeye and yellowfin tuna are already in serious trouble, and even skipjack, once thought of as virtually limitless, is now in decline and being caught at a rate that is not sustainable in the long term.

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Hope, dead and maimed soldiers, Afghan corrupters richer

Deja vue 1968 Vietnam – different war, different leaders but same dynamics – American idealism, mixed with self-delusion and cowboy heritage spell disaster.

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Tolerating Afghan Corruption Got Us Where We Are Today

Let us not mince words: For the past 8+ years, the international community has, at a minimum, looked the other way while Karzai’s government stole
If it had worked
We might see the government feared
and effective

In Afghanistan, we see nothing like that.

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