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Pushing Limits – Disability and Seniors

Eddie Ytuarte speaks to Jessica Lehman,
executive director of Seniors and Disability
Action in S. F. about the intersection between
the disability community and senior
communities.  Tune in for Pushing Limits
on Friday, Nov. 7 at 2:30 pm.

Ms Lehman is a strong disability activist and
this wide-ranging conversation will discuss
topics like In Home Support Services (IHSS),
what older folks and people with disabilities
have in common, labor unions, and the outlook
for disabled activism.

How about that aborted effort by SEIU to get
its IHSS training initiative on the California ballot?

What was that all about?!?!

Senior and Disability Action

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Ned Link Resources

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U.S. to Retire Most Chimps From Research – NYTimes.com

The decision, which follows the recommendations of an agency advisory group, does not end biomedical research on N.I.H. chimpanzees. But it calls for retiring about 310 animals that the agency owns over the next few years, to sanctuaries from which they cannot be recalled for research. A colony of up to 50 will be kept at a site yet to be decided in case there is a compelling need to use them in research for human health. And new guidelines will be in place for any future research and for chimpanzee housing.

via U.S. to Retire Most Chimps From Research – NYTimes.com.

Amazon CARES: Dogs In Amazon’s Only No-Kill Shelter Need Your Help Now!

Although the concept is very foreign in Peru, our Peruvian office is considering running a food drive in order to provide the dogs we shelter with better quality food at a more reasonable price. We’re unsure how successful a food drive will be, but we are willing to do whatever we can to help these dogs in need!


You can help too! You can help us with the extra expense of food by making a small contribution to our cause by following this link: http://www.crowdrise.com/dogfood Please consider sharing our cause with your friends!

Any contribution you make will go a long way in helping us to provide great nutrition and care for these wonderful dogs!

via Amazon CARES: Dogs In Amazon’s Only No-Kill Shelter Need Your Help Now!.

Amazon CARES: A New Beginning for Jack

A New Beginning for Jack

By Shannon Sullivan

Jack is a very affectionate dog who was brought to the Amazon CARES clinic in April. The young man who brought Jack in was concerned because the dog was injured, and he claimed that the dog’s owner (the young man’s neighbor) did not have the resources to seek medical care for him. After assessing Jack’s injury, it was determined that his left hind limb had to be amputated.

A very happy Jack after surgery.


When Jack was coming out of the operating room, it was realized that the young man had disappeared. Whether the story the young man originally told about Jack belonging to his neighbor is true or not, we’ll never know. Jack was abandoned at our clinic and is now being cared for by Amazon CARES. Since his surgery last month, Jack has become the clinic’s mascot; he is always with the staff, receiving love and attention from the team and clients. We hope to find him a permanent, loving home soon!

Jack will make a wonderful addition to any family!

via Amazon CARES: A New Beginning for Jack.