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– Lebanese police violence at protest on Jerusalem

“I remember officers just stampeding people and just starting to beat people who were already on the floor, they were going after everyone,” said one witness. “They weren’t differentiating between people who were part of the protest and media.”

Witnesses and journalists also said that police told them they were not allowed to film or take photos. One journalist said that police fired a rubber bullet directly at him from less than five meters away, for which he was treated at a hospital. He said police hit journalists, knocked their cameras to the ground, and told them they were not allowed to photograph the protest. Another journalist said that a police officer hit her with a baton as she was trying to film. Demonstrators had gathered to protest the United States decision on December 6 to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Louisiana activist buys land in path of proposed Bayou Bridge pipeline


Julie Dermansky’s blog

With Tribal Blessing, Louisiana Activist Buys Land in Path of Proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline

By Julie Dermansky • Sunday, December 17, 2017 – 19:51

On December 16 anti-pipeline activists calling themselves water protectors gathered in Rayne, Louisiana, on land located along the proposed route of the Bayou Bridge pipeline. The gathering occurred two days after 

Bolivia: aborto en el hospital

Anoche el Senado boliviano aprobó el artículo 157 del nuevo sistema penal que garantiza la realización de abortos en los hospitales públicos del país. Cuando el presidente sancione la ley, las personas gestantes podrán abortar durante las primeras ocho semanas si tienen a su cargo personas adultas mayores, con discapacidad u otros menores, o sean…

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Hopi, Zuni and Utes File Lawsuit to Protect Bears Ears




December 4, 2017By NARF, Censored News

President Trump’s action to revoke and replace the Bears Ears National Monument is not only an attack on the five sovereign nations with deep ties to the Bears Ears region, it is a complete violation of the separation of powers enshrined in

SALT LAKE ‘Stand UP! Fight Back!’ Protesters Block Street, Scream Obscenities at Trump



SALT LAKE ‘Stand UP! Fight Back!’ Protesters Block Street, Scream Obscenities at TrumpThis is what revolution looks like, the people take to the streets, block the street, as Trump guts Bears End for miningNews video by ABC News 4 Salt LakeArticle and screenshots by Brenda Norrell, Censored NewsSALT LAKE — Protesters blocked a street and yelled, “Stand UP! Fight Back,”

Defending Bears Ears — Utah Dineh Mark Maryboy suggests to BBC that Trump is mentally ill


Dineh Utah Mark Maryboy suggests to BBC that Trump is mentally ill

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

Dineh Utah Mark Maryboy, former Navajo Nation Councilman and San Juan County Commissioner, suggested President Trump is mentally ill, during an interview with the global news media BBC.

Maryboy’s comments came as Indian Nations filed multiple lawsuits to protect Bears End this week and

Blackwater founder pitches plan to quell Libya migrant crisis with private police

Scum floats new idea to get rich and important again.

The military contractor and Trump ally Erik Prince, who has faced scrutiny for his human rights record, has a ‘humane’ proposal to try to stop the flow of migrants

Erik Prince, the founder of the private military contractor Blackwater, is pushing a plan to intervene in the migrant crisis in Libya with a proposal involving a privately-trained police force that would mirror his company’s work in Afghanistan.

The proposal, he said, would be a more humanitarian option for the European Union compared to the chaos that is now gripping the oil-rich nation, given widespread reports of grave human rights abuses by militia groups against migrants.

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