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Bears Ears Prayer Run — ‘Running to Heal our Lands and for Identity’


Photo copyright Nicole Nells

Photo copyright Nicole Nells

Yavapai Apache youths exploring, always running for the water. Photo copyright Nicole Nells

Ending a beautiful day of running with this sunset. Photo copyright Nicole Nells.

Bears Ears Prayer Run — ‘Running to Heal Our Lands and for Identity’

Sacred Strides for Healing Relay Run, Photos by Nicole Nells and Jackie

Nos matan porque pueden

Shameful, sham men kill women because they can…

Por negra, por lesbiana, por feminista, por haber salido de la favela, por estudiar, por obtener un título, por investigar, por política, por pensar, por denunciar la violencia policial, por mujer. ¡Marielle Franco, presente! Por querer fumar un porro, jorobar un rato, ratearse del colegio, por adolescente, por confiada. ¡Lucía Perez, presente! Por no querer…

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Zinke the Exploiter Plans Auction of Bears Ears Land on March 20, 2018

shove pole up!


Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke posted this photo of himself when he toured Bears Ears on May 11, 2017. Now, Interior e-mails reveal the land seized from Bears Ears was for the benefit of oil, gas, coal and uranium corporations, and sports hunters. Sports hunters made contact with Zinke by way of hunting with Donald Trump, Jr., in Utah.
Interior halts oil and gas sale at gateway to Yellowstone

Interior E-mails Reveal Interior Shrinking of Bears Ears was for Oil, Uranium and Sports Hunters


Interior e-mails reveal Interior Sec. Zinke planned a private dinner with the head of the Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife. The connection came from the head of the sportsmen group, who went on hunts with Donald Trump Jr Photo from Interior e-mail: Bison range free north of Lake Powell near Bear Ears, a target of sports hunters. 

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
The New York Times

After 136 Years, L.A. Times Journalists Win Their Union

March 01, 2018 / Kristina Bui and Nastaran Mohit
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Journalists at the L.A. Times on January 19 received the news we had long awaited—with a landslide of 85 percent, the staff voted to unionize and join the NewsGuild, an affiliate of the Communications Workers.

Yo aborté, hoy soy madre y estoy agradecida por mis decisiones

Por Marina Glezer – Actriz.- Cuando quedé embarazada por primera vez tenía dieciocho años. Hice el amor con mi actual compañero, padre de mis dos hijos, sin preservativo porque estaba indispuesta. Sin acceso a una educación sexual, pese a mi privilegio de educación privada, pensaba erróneamente que no ovulaba mientras transitaba el período. Mito que…

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The Guardian view of Boris Johnson’s Brexit vision: all about me | Editorial

Brexit buffoon! It was billed as a Valentine’s Day letter to remainers. But the foreign secretary’s love affair with himself got in the way

The foreign secretary Boris Johnson made a speech on Wednesday in praise of optimism, confidence and a liberal Brexit. It was rich in rhetorical flourish and almost empty of detail. It was the speech of a politician whose only credibility is as the tribune of the leave campaign, a shameless piece of oration that fell back on his old journalistic trick of describing an EU that does not exist in order to justify his determination to get out. It was billed as an overture to the 48% who wanted to stay in the EU and a definitive speech about the shape of Britain’s future relationships outside it. But it was singularly free of the kind of irksome detail needed to understand a world beyond Europe.

It was rich in what Whitehall describes as optimism bias, “an estimate for a project’s costs, benefits and duration [made] in the absence of robust primary evidence”. It was a Valentine’s Day card to himself and his ambition to be the next Tory leader, an ambition he betrayed with his incoherent answer to a question about whether he would rule out resigning this year.

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‘We will shoot your vagina’: Philippines president on communist rebels – video

some folks will tolerate crudity and foul behavior just to thumb noses of what folks think were people who looked down on them – but now world is wondering what became of this nation???

Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines president, has said soldiers should shoot female communist rebels in their vaginas. Duterte gave the order during a speech to more than 200 former communist soldiers last week

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FBI Destroyed Evidence — Sophia’s Arm Blown Apart at Backwater Bridge — Court Document


Sophia Wilansky when stuck by police projectile
Graphic image of shattered arm here.

Above and below, Water Protectors at Backwater Bridge

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FBI Destroyed Evidence after Sophia Wilansky’s Arm was Blown Apart at Backwater Bridge — Court Document 

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

MINNEAPOLIS — The FBI has destroyed vital evidence which would have revealed what munition