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UN finds Netherlands violated human rights of stateless child

Dutch authorities left 10-year-old without legal protection by registering him as ‘nationality unknown’

The Netherlands violated a child’s rights by failing to acknowledge that he was stateless and eligible for international protection, a UN committee has found, urging the country to change its legislation.

In its first ever decision on the right of children to acquire nationality, the UN Human Rights Committee determined on Tuesday that by registering the child as “nationality unknown”, the Dutch authorities had violated his right to international protection and also to seek a nationality.

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Happi American Horse struggling with COVID-19


Article by Brenda NorrellCensored News

Cheryl Angel sends thanks to everyone praying for her son Happi American Horse, who is hospitalized with COVID-19 and pneumonia. Happi is getting stronger.Cheryl who has recovered from coronavirus said it is so difficult not to be with loved ones when they are sick. She describes how alone she felt when she was sick with the virus.”I cried,” she said.”I

Is Airport COVID-19 Testing Ready for Takeoff?


Austria’s Vienna airport was an early adopter for in-airport COVID-19 tests, with results turned around within a few hours, sparing those with medical certificates from a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Can this serve as a model for restarting business travel and tourism? We talk to Vienna airport official Peter Kleemann to learn more.

Detroit Bus Drivers Strike over Violent Attacks

Chill – protect your drivers and riders.

Detroit bus drivers, the first essential workers in the country to strike for safety during the pandemic, pulled a wildcat work stoppage again Friday, angry over escalating violence against drivers. Often the attacks are triggered, they said, by a driver’s request that a passenger wear a mask.

Oklahoma Area now surpasses Navajo Area with coronavirus cases


 By Brenda NorrellCensored NewsCoronavirus cases in the Oklahoma IHS area now surpass the Navajo Area. There is now a rapid increase in the Great Plains and Alaska. Navajo Area did very little coronavirus testing during August and September, the current IHS report shows.The Oklahoma IHS area includes Oklahoma, Kansas and portions of Texas. In related news, Dallas area schools show the rapid

By kicking Amnesty out, India is betraying its founding ideals | Rajat Khosla

Our work is not some sinister plot to tarnish India’s reputation. It is inspired by the country’s own tradition of egalitarianism

• Rajat Khosla is a senior director at Amnesty International

As of today, Amnesty International will no longer be able to work inside India. Following years of official threats, intimidation and harassment, Amnesty India’s accounts have been frozen without any official notice. The human rights research and campaigning our colleagues were carrying out has come to a sudden halt. They have had their means to make a living snatched from them. And the millions of people who were helped by their work will no longer have a powerful voice to amplify their own calls for justice.

This decision was not motivated by any question of law, as the Indian authorities now claim. It is not about Amnesty India’s sources of funding, which are entirely legitimate and involved no lawbreaking. This is punishment for standing up for humanity’s core values in the world’s largest democracy.

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