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Navajo Nation Council approves coronavirus $93 million immediate expenditure response package


Navajo Nation Council approves coronavirus $93 million immediate expenditure response packageThe 24TH NAVAJO NATION COUNCILOffice of the SpeakerJune 24, 2020WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — Responding to public input, information shared in Naabik’íyáti’ Committee work sessions and discussions with programs and local leaders, the 24th Navajo Nation Council approved a $93 million coronavirus (COVID-19)

Follow the Money: Employers Are Behind the Rush to Reopen

May 21, 2020 / Chris Brooks

The federal government squandered the time the states spent in lockdown. We still face a national shortage of COVID-19 test kits and PPE and there is no nationwide testing or contact tracing program. The United States has 4 percent of the world’s population, but about a third of the world’s coronavirus cases.

Mixed-Status Families Ineligible for CARES Act Federal Pandemic Stimulus Checks

As part of its COVID-19 pandemic response, Congress in March 2020 approved the CARES Act, which provides one-time payments of $1,200 to individuals earning less than $75,000 who filed taxes for 2018 or 2019 using a Social Security Number (SSN). The vast majority of unauthorized immigrants, except for those with work authorization—such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients—are excluded, including those who file taxes using an IRS-issued Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

Instrucciones para abrazar a nuestrxs viejxs a la distancia


No hay psiquismo preparado para una pandemia. Pero lxs adultxs mayores están jodidxs: en 10 días deben aprender a usar internet, hacer video llamadas, usar home banking, no abrazar ni besar ¡ni ver! a nietxs, vecinxs, amigxs. Y todo eso, sin protestar.

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Doctor says supplies needed on Navajo Nation as coronavirus spreads



Want to help fight COVID?
By Sara Jager on Facebook

I am a doctor on the Navajo reservation in Tuba City, Arizona. We are being hit hard by COVID. We do not have enough gowns, masks, or face shields to protect all of the members of our triage, ER, and inpatient units. Here is what we need:1. Homemade face masks – these will be given to coughing patients to contain the spread of virus among

Navajo Nation issues ‘Stay at Home Order’ for all residents to fight spread of coronavirus


Navajo Nation issues stay at home order, after 14 cases of coronavirus in Chilchinbeto and Kayenta area, with Dine’ treated in Kayenta and Chinle in Arizona, and Shiprock in New Mexico. In other news, area coronavirus cases were also reported in Flagstaff and Page in Ariz. A man in his 30s tested positive in McKinley County, NM. 

Navajo Nation issues “Stay at Home Order” for all residents