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Rescuing Begum’s baby would have been too dangerous, says Hunt

What a fool!

Foreign secretary reacts to death as two more British women’s citizenship ‘revoked’

The foreign secretary has said it was too dangerous to send British officials to rescue Shamima Begum’s baby son from Syria, and she knew she would not be able to rely on British consular assistance when she went to Isis-held territory.

Jeremy Hunt, in referring to the 19-year-old who was stripped of her citizenship on the orders of the home secretary, Sajid Javid, gave the first reaction by a senior government figure since it emerged that Begum’s son had died in a Syrian camp.

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Sajid Javid’s new knife crime laws ‘will criminalise the young’

Groups working with children say home secretary’s proposals are ‘deeply counterproductive’

A coalition of human rights groups is pressing the home secretary to scrap his new measures to tackle knife crime, branding them “deeply counterproductive”.

Sajid Javid’s knife crime prevention orders place a range of curbs and curfews on suspects, but groups working with young people including Liberty, the Runnymede Trust and the Children’s Society, say they have “profound human rights concerns”.

Far from addressing the root causes of knife crime … this order will likely exacerbate them

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CIA gave details of 9/11 suspect’s secret torture to film-makers, lawyers say


Ammar al-Baluchi’s defense team said they were stunned to see portrayal of his torture, including beatings, in Zero Dark Thirty

The makers of the film Zero Dark Thirty were given detailed information about the torture of an inmate at a CIA “black site” that had been denied to the prisoner’s own defence counsel at his trial in Guantánamo Bay, his lawyers claim.

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Longest Walk 2019 — Route Schedule



Longest Walk Northern Route 2008 Ute Country photo by Brenda Norrell

The Longest Walk: We Shall Continue Route Schedule (Draft)

Feb 11: Ceremony on Alcatraz-Walk Pier 33 to San Rafael                19 miles

Feb. 12: Larkspur to Vallejo                                                               25 miles

Feb. 13: Vallejo to Vacaville Junction

Thornberry: it is wrong to recognise Guaido as interim Venezuela president

right on!

Shadow foreign secretary also rebukes Maduro’s record in speech on Labour policy

The shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, broke with the European big power consensus by saying it was wrong to recognise Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela, saying she did not wish to strike a pose to help Venezuela, but do something realistic and practical to secure fresh elections.

She was answering questions at the end of a major speech in which she promised a hallmark of a Labour-run foreign office would be a consistent preparedness to criticise human rights abuses by Britain’s powerful allies including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt.

Political career

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