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Pandemics more likely in today’s 24/7 world – Haiti is flashpoint #1!

Used to be that when we wanted to ignore the impact of disease and starvation someplace – we could and not worry about it effecting anything more than our morals/ethics. When 450 people who attend a wedding in the Dominican Republic – get cholera that came from Haiti – and then are in Venezuela, Spain, Canada, USA and Mexico within 24 hours – get the picture? Help Haiti – because we should and to protect ourselves as well.

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Spreading cholera, maybe polio: Now will we care about Haiti?

The confirmed cholera and possible polio cases underline, one more time, that infectious diseases do not respect borders — as China found out during SARS and Nigeria when it refused polio vaccination. For as long as Haiti suffers these post-earthquake epidemics, there will be a risk of those epidemics traveling to the rest of the world.

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