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Settler Terrorists should be policed and not answered in kind

All terrorists, not just settler terrorists, read from the same book and hope that their targets over-react to gain them new recruits and to strike fear into those who just want to live their lives in peace. They should be hunted down, arrested, tried, and imprisoned as the criminals against humanity that they are.

Settlers Torch Another West Bank Mosque

Torched mosque of Beit Fajjar

Not to be outdone by the magnificent handiwork of their settler colleagues of Yizhar, who burned down a nearby mosque several months ago, residents of Gush Etzion torched the mosque of Beit Fajjar, a village near Bethlehem.  Haaretz calls this a “price tag” action by settlers warning the Israeli public of their displeasure with the prospect that Bibi Netanyahu’s government might contemplate renewing the settlement freeze.

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