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Bike with a side car (Between 1940 and 1945) by National Museum of Denmark

More images from The Museum of Danish Resistance: http://bitly.com/1UZCyhy

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Woman. Freedom fighter with rifle at the Carlsberg Breweries. May 1945 by National Museum of Denmark

More images from The Museum of Danish Resistance: <a href="http://bitly.com/1PhmeXc; rel="nofollow">http://bitly.com/1QDnIyu;

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People celebrating the liberation of Denmark. 5th May 1945. by National Museum of Denmark

At Strøget in Copenhagen.

More images from The Museum of Danish Resistance: http://bitly.com/1UZCyhy

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Lesvos: Crossing to Safety by UNHCR

A relieved Afghan family, clearly still suffering from the trauma of a rough sea crossing at the hands of people smugglers, disembarks from a flimsy vessel onto a Lesvos beach.
© UNHCR/Giles Duley

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Lesvos: Crossing to Safety by UNHCR

An Afghan family of several generations disembark from an overcrowded boat. Almost 40 per cent of refugees currently arriving on Lesvos are from Afghanistan.
© UNHCR/Giles Duley

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Lesvos: Crossing to Safety by UNHCR

A boy from Afghanistan tries to keep warm after a cold and wet crossing from Turkey. Cases of hypothermia are on the increase as the weather deteriorates across the eastern Mediterranean.
© UNHCR/Giles Duley

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Lesvos: Crossing to Safety by UNHCR

An overcrowded boat carrying Syrian refugees heads to shore. One Syrian man had fallen from the boat into cold water. He was later rescued by volunteer Spanish lifeguards. Despite the approach of winter and worsening weather, refugees are continuing to arrive on the island at a rate of more than 3,200 per day. As of mid-November, at least 64 people have drowned this year in 11 shipwrecks off Lesvos.
© UNHCR/Giles Duley

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Lesvos: Crossing to Safety by UNHCR

Survivors struggle ashore after their boat has capsized. In the background a Spanish lifeguard, one of the many volunteers working on the beach, swims out to help other survivors.
© UNHCR/Giles Duley

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Beghum, 80, from Afghanistan, waits to be reunited with her family. She was travelling with family members but lost them lost in the crowd.
© UNHCR/Mark Henley

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Vaccine deniers as harmful as climate warming deniers?

Vaccines – especially vaccines for polio, small pox, and measles – have saved countless lives since their introduction. Opting out of vaccines, in many case, threatens public health and increasingly – global health.

Are they 100% effective? Are they 100% safe? Nope. Most are in the 99% effective and safe range.

Can you look both ways before crossing a street in a car, on foot or a bike and still get hit? Yes but the chances are really, really small. So, would you advise people not to look or not to cross the street?

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During the 1950s – before the introduction of the measles vaccine – in the United States alone the disease infected roughly 4 million, hospitalized nearly 50,000,  and contributed to the deaths of several hundred every year.


Lower vaccine uptake, and increases in international travel, have increased opportunities for the measles virus to spread – even to areas that had previously all but eliminated it.

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