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Liar, liar – pants on fire: Lou dobbs, Wannabe Gov. Whittman

The banks and Wall Street sent way too many of our jobs out of the country – immigrants did not take them.

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Revelation about Lou Dobb underscores reality in U.S. economy that can’t be ignored any longer

Lou Dobbs
was discovered to have employed undocumented immigrants for years on his horse farm
he trouble with Dobbs, Whitman and every other public personality who, rather than admit they knew they employed undocumented labor, pled ignorant and instead blamed their employees is that these guilty parties refuse to see the reality of this nation.Read more at www.latinalista.net

Intel’s CEO thinks he is futurist – wrongo bongo

Let them eat virtual cake instead of bread says Otellini!

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CEO Now Talks Big and Bad About the President

Intel chief executive officer Paul Otellini
Washington must decide what the industries of the future are. “We still subsidize trains and agriculture — industries of the 19th century. We should decide what’s important to us going forward

As for his comment about trains, can you imagine saying anything more stupid than that? Does he know anything about Europe, China, and Japan? Trains are the future of transportation, you bongo-head.

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When and How Do We Get Out of the Ditch?

It’s clear that the public knows who screwed up – what people want to know now is how long to get out and how are we going to do it. If President can answer those question and other Democratic candidates as well, then they will win support. If it’s going to take two, three more years -fine – I can deal with that and make plans – not knowing is what drives folks nutty enough to even think the Tea Party folks might have an answer.

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The public is dissatisfied with the economy and a lot of this translates into dissatisfaction with the Obama administration. But the public has not lost sight of who is mostly to blame for the country’s current economic troubles.

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