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Oops! Industrializing organics is bad too !

E. coli in Germany outbreak has “cooled” down but who knows where “infected” sprouts seeds were shipped to. Industrialization of the seed market sent bad seeds all over Europe and who knows where else where folks are cashing in on interests in “organic” food.

Amplify’d from www.wired.com

E. coli: A Risk for 3 More Years From Who Knows Where

Maryn McKenna
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reveals that, despite the epidemic curve’s trending down, the outbreak can’t be considered over. The ultimate source — the contaminated seeds from which salad sprouts were grown — has been so widely distributed that no one really knows where they have gone or for how long they might remain for sale. One prediction, based on the probable package labeling, is that they could remain on shelves for 3 more years.

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