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BP Aftermath in Gulf – Death

What you see wash up on the beach has to represent only a fraction of marine life being exterminated by the aftermath of bile released by BP into the Gulf of Mexico. If you look at a map of the drilling platforms in the Gulf, you have to ask – what have they been thinking. And you might get to – What have I been thinking? – about the price earth pays for me driving instead of walking a half mile to buy a soda and a bag of chips to save yourself “time and effort.”

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Sea Turtle Deaths Anger Mississippi Residents

Even 13 dead turtles is an unusually high number in March. In the past three years, NMFS reports no turtles were stranded in Mississippi until the beginning of April. The only other Gulf state to report a rise in on-shore turtle deaths this year is Texas with 48, more than twice the number counted in 2009–the year before the BP oil blowout. That year, the total number of on-shore turtle deaths in the Gulf shot up to 248, nearly five times the number from the previous year.

All five turtle species found in the gulf are endangered or threatened, including the Kemp Ridleys and the Loggerheads often seen near shore.

“I’m really mad. I’m finding dead turtles, birds, giant fish and other animals all over the beach. No one comes by to clean them up right away and people come down here and let their kids play next to them. And the water looks like chicken broth.”

So far this year, at least 134 dolphins have been found stranded along the Gulf coast, about four times the average number.

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