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Suffragettes / Suffragettes by Nationaal Archief

Spaarnestad Photo, SFA002006268
Suffragettes op een kar. (Pleitbezorgsters van het vrouwenkiesrecht in Engeland rond 1900).

Two suffragettes (women’s rights movement) standing on a cart, bringing their message. England, location unknown, about 1900.

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A Comanche Mother by George Eastman House

Accession Number: 1972:0001:0054

Maker: Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952)

Title: A Comanche Mother

Date: 1896-1927

Medium: photogravure print


George Eastman House Collection

General – information about the George Eastman House Photography Collection is available at http://bitly.com/1GWwaVA.

For information on obtaining reproductions go to: http://bitly.com/1ShBWCy.

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Off the Charts Blog | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities | Who Receives SNAP, and How Would the House Cuts Affect Them?

In Mississippi, over 40 percent of the state’s children rely on SNAP each day to put food on the table.

via Off the Charts Blog | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities | Who Receives SNAP, and How Would the House Cuts Affect Them?.

Can you guess how Mississippi’s Representatives voted – they voted to cut SNAP that feeds their kids!


Sen. Brown: Job over health?

Senator Brown says he is for keeping children safe and says he if for jobs. So he votes against EPA updating clean air standards. So if people are too ill to work in factories spewing air pollution that makes them too ill to got to work – hmmm.
If worker cannot go to work 10 days a year because she has to take her children to the doctor because of ill effect of pollution… Hmmm. Ya think that Brown has thought his position through?

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Scott Brown Plays the Victim

ads and a website blasting one Republican and one Democratic Senator each for voting to block the EPA from updating clean air safeguards
Scott Brown
“As a father, I would never do anything to put my two daughters or anyone else’s children in harms [sic] way.” And that one of his most “solemn responsibilities” is to “protect children.”

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Both Sides Now: It Is Long Past Time to End this Afghan War; Is It Not?

Regardless of what your intentions are – the result is that children die and are maimed. Time to stop – no?

A UN report on children and armed conflict in Afghanistan makes very sad reading. It shows, for example, how children have been used by anti-government elements for suicide bombings and planting explosives, or recruited to the Afghan National Security Forces, despite official government policy banning such practices.
The report also sheds light on the detention of children for alleged association with armed groups, on the number of children killed or maimed by suicide attacks and on sexual violence committed by armed groups against boys and girls.

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