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Shoot Polar Bears for Trophies? For Real

This idiot wants to make it legal for his friends and him to go to Canada and shoot unarmed Polar Bears and then import them to US to stick on the wall, in their bathroom or what ever. Really a crime against nature. Tell him where to stick his proposal.

Amplify’d from www.govtrack.us

To amend the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 to allow the importation of polar bear trophies taken in sport hunts in Canada.

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Anti-war links/news via Ned’s Google Reader

Just thought I’d share this way of “sharing” via Google’s Reader. I have “folder” of reader links to good sites for “anti-war” news. I made it public – so anyone who wants to check these links rather than search out their own, can bookmark it or subscribe to it via a reader (rss). It covers more than Afghanistan and includes a variety of resources – blogs, news services, government sources, etc.