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Afghan Women\’s Writing Project | Awakened

Don’t put me in a cage againLet me fly again to my world

Where I can find peace, happiness, and love

Don’t put me in a cage againI have a hope, I have a dream

Let me reach my goalDon’t make my life useless

Don’t put me in a cage againI am silent, not weak

Let me speakI am the voice of my land, I am the dream of my land

Let me change my futureLet me live my life

Don’t put me in a cage again

Give me my pen and my book

I will write my pain and read it to the world

And tell them that I hunger for peace, happiness, and love in my land

Don’t put me in a cage again!

By Shogofa

via Afghan Women\’s Writing Project | Awakened.

An Afghan woman says no to the darkness

For too many Afghan women, their life is one of darkness – no light for laughter and opportunity. This poem says much and one wonders how strong she must to be to still claim her right to light!

Amplify’d from www.awwproject.org

Society Ritual

A dark life!
A lone girl!
Whose heart only feels pain.

When I think about my life, and the other girls’ lives
It is a huge load on my heart.
Our society does not allow us a chance to progress.
When I think of the future
Everywhere is dark.

This is life’s tradition, a ritual
Fighting against them is the only way
I will stand strongly against all darknesses.

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Can you hear me now? An Afghan poet’s plea…

God help us make the right choices – we are already there for almost 10 years and still no peace for us or them.

Amplify’d from www.awwproject.org
I have come a very long way
Give me a smile?
I am tired of crying
I miss happy times
I miss my mother’s hug
Talk to me … for just a second?
I am new in your land
Hold my hand
Show me the way
I have lots to learn
I have lots to teach my people
Let’s help each other
Bring peace and smiles on faces
I have come a long way
To start my new life
Please talk to me …

Talk to Me

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An Afgahn Poet’s Do Fly Zone!

She wants the real good life! More power to her!

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I want to fly where birds sing their nicest songs,
where I can hear waterfowl, where it is green all the time,
where flowers smile and butterflies speak.

I want to fly where I can write poems and sing songs,
where dancing is not forbidden.

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An Afghan Poet’s View of Osama bin Laden’s Coming and Going

Evil has gone, embrace the light – she says – she has a point. Will you hold on to fear of the dark or welcome the return of light and work to make it stay?

Amplify’d from www.awwproject.org

A Monster’s Tale

It was a timeless autumn, the day the sky darkened.
Soon, the people learned a monster had come to occupy the land!

Children forgot to smile.

But violence cannot stay forever:

The monster left the land and died. Clouds scattered. The people could see the sun shining again.

Sky becomes blue, land gets green.

By Farida

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One Afghan Lament on Sorrow

You wish you could take someone’s sorrow away but in sharing it, perhaps you help the healing process. Catch a sweet dream!

Amplify’d from www.awwproject.org

How Can I Hide My Sorrow?

I am an Afghan girl,
tears in my eyes, pen in hand,
writhing from my heart.

That heart, full of sorrow,|
Pain, grief, sores.
How can I hide my sorrow?

No one understands me
or feels my sadness.
No one smooths ointment on my wounds.

How can I hide the sorrow
that fills me,
when my heart is

By Farahnaz

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Woman is…

I do not have the words but this Afghan poet does.

Amplify’d from www.awwproject.org
For International Women’s Day

SHE struggles, hungers, cares, and loves.
SHE is the one for whom we never care.
Purity, honesty, then promises and sacrifices.
SHE is the one about whom we never wonder.
Hard work, talent, then intelligence and power.
SHE is the one about whom we never bother.
SHE helps, supports, gives tenderness. HER role.
SHE is the one for whom we never trouble.
SHE is the one who carries us while we are children,
the hands we have when we want to walk,
the guide for how to grow,
the only shoulder we have to cry on.
SHE is the mother,
the daughter,
the wife,
the sister.
Today is the day to speak of her.
SHE is the ONE we call a woman.

By Pakiza

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Dreams of Peace and Freedom in Afghanistan

Dreams – thankfully – no nothing of borders and reach from mind to mind with a swiftness that defies miles between the dreamers.

Amplify’d from www.awwproject.org

We Will Rise

We will rise like a bird in the blue sky of Afghanistan to bring peace
We will shine like a star in the dark sky of Afghanistan to bring brightness
We will rise like a sun to cover the darkness
We will stand like a stable mountain to reach our goals 
We will plant like a gardener to raise our children 
We will fall like a drop of rain to water our homeland 
We will raise our hands to accomplish our dreams

By Pakiza

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An Afghan Poet Tears at the Truth of Her Being

My hope for her is that 10 years from now, someone will say: “Amazing that women were not fully appreciated back then – look at all they have done, now, to move us forward!”

Amplify’d from www.awwproject.org

A World of Luck

If I were not a woman
the day I was born
Mom wouldn’t have suffered.
Dad wouldn’t have warned
her: You’ve brought shame
to the house!

If I were not a woman
I would never be a hurt,
never be ashamed.


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Celebrate Today! Afghan Poet Advises

It is true – today is the only day you get that you can be sure of.

Amplify’d from www.awwproject.org

Every day is a good day for me.
I love nature and its beauty,
and I love all people.

I hate war,
I hate conflicts
all around the world.

From the bottom of my heart
I want peace.
I want peace with all human beings
I want to respect each other
and make every day
a lucky day to live
for today
and the next generation.

When that time comes
life will be golden.


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