Mississippi riot at immigrant correctional facility underscores more broken than just nation’s immigration policy : Latina Lista: News from the Latino perspective

Mississippi riot at immigrant correctional facility underscores more broken than just nation’s immigration policy : Latina Lista: News from the Latino perspective. “for-profit” prison site of trouble over housing immigrants

On Sunday, a fire and riot broke out at the correctional facility, operated by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). For anyone who has advocated for undocumented immigrants, CCA is a familiar company. They operate a number of facilities specific to housing undocumented immigrants — such as the Mississippi facility.

The Adams facility houses 2,500 low-security inmates. A spokeswoman for the CCA said that the majority of the inmates are there because they came back into the country after being deported and there were some inmates, again, according to the CCA, who had also been convicted of other crimes. Yet, if everyone is considered low-security, then it should be assumed that none of the inmates are incarcerated for hardcore crimes like murder, rape, etc.

The official explanation for the riot is that it was either a gang fighting among themselves or two rival gangs fighting for control. About 300 inmates participated in the riot where 19 people were injured and one young CCA guard was beaten to death. That left 2,200 inmates on the sidelines watching.

UN says it’s close to nuclear inspection deal with Iran | News | DW.DE | 22.05.2012

UN says it’s close to nuclear inspection deal with Iran | News | DW.DE | 22.05.2012.

“A decision was made to conclude and sign an agreement … I can say it will be signed quite soon,” Amano said after returning to the IAEA’s Vienna headquarters from Tehran. The head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog conducted talks with Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi and chief Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili.

The promised agreement would also include the right to inspect the Parchin military site near Tehran, where some Western powers believe Iran is conducting nuclear warhead tests.

Hope it is true and it defuses talk about attacking Iran…

Hijab Ban Lifted for Women in Sport: Hats off to Prince Ali of Jordan | Green Prophet

Hijab Ban Lifted for Women in Sport: Hats off to Prince Ali of Jordan | Green Prophet.

Last March, in a separate action, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) defied FIFA’s ruling: permitting players to wear their headscarves. IFAB is comprised of a single representative from each of the English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish football associations, plus four reps from FIFA. IFAB actions must be approved by 75% of the vote and FIFA approval is necessary for every decision.

IFAB meets to ratify its decision to lift the ban in July.

Women Thrive Worldwide

Women Thrive Worldwide.

Congress must pass comprehensive international legislation that would incorporate solutions into all U.S. foreign assistance programs – such as promoting women’s economic opportunity, addressing violence against girls in school, reforming the judicial response to violence against women, preventing transmission and deaths from HIV/AIDS, and working to change public attitudes. We also must make ending violence against women a diplomatic priority by requiring the U.S. government to respond to critical outbreaks of gender-based violence in armed conflict – such as the mass rapes now occurring in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti – in a timely manner.

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Get Up

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Get Up.

My Afghan girl, don’t cry; get up

Nothing is in your favor.
No one can hear you.
Stop complaining;
No one is listening to you.

My Afghan girl, get up

Raise your voice, get your rights.
It is your life, it is your right.
Don’t expect anything from anyone,
Don’t wait for anyone.

My Afghan girl, get up

Don’t be silent, don’t be crying.
Take the pen, write your future.
You are the mother of our land.
Your land needs you to be strong.

My Afghan girl, get up

Your tears are worthless.
Don’t beg; don’t say, “I can’t do it.”
Stop the violence, stop the crying.

Get up, my Afghan girl

Show the world
That no one can stop you
From getting your rights.

By Shogofa

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Ume


You are a water drop in the water. You are the only star that gives light to the galaxy of my heart. Maybe this drop holds the value of the world. Your love helps make my heart light. When I feel scared, I find myself in your arms and I feel calm. Every time I feel pain, the first one I think of is you. If I’m away from you for a moment, tears flow from my eyes. If I wake up and don’t see you, I feel like I am the loneliest person in this world. All of this is for what? All of this is because you gave birth to me. All of this is because my eyes didn’t know anyone but you. When I cried at night the only one who was in front of me was you. I didn’t know walking but you showed me walking. I didn’t know talking but you showed me talking. I didn’t know how to live but you showed me the way of living. I didn’t have power in my arms but you were my power. My Ume, my mother, I love you. By Hila G.

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