BP your death dealing management is still killing dolphins

BP is looking for $5 a gallon gas to fill its coffers while people on the Gulp Coast see BP killing ways still washing up on their shores. BP should be criminally prosecuted for marine murder!

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Infant dolphins dying in high numbers

GULFPORT — Baby dolphins, some barely three feet in length, are washing up along the Mississippi and Alabama coastlines at 10 times the normal rate of stillborn and infant deaths, researchers are finding.

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Dreams of Peace and Freedom in Afghanistan

Dreams – thankfully – no nothing of borders and reach from mind to mind with a swiftness that defies miles between the dreamers.

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We Will Rise

We will rise like a bird in the blue sky of Afghanistan to bring peace
We will shine like a star in the dark sky of Afghanistan to bring brightness
We will rise like a sun to cover the darkness
We will stand like a stable mountain to reach our goals 
We will plant like a gardener to raise our children 
We will fall like a drop of rain to water our homeland 
We will raise our hands to accomplish our dreams

By Pakiza

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Any questions about venomous Arizona Atmosphere?

Kill a nine-year- old just cause she was there when you were trying to steal money to fund your anti-alien Minutemen??? Spin this away – not.

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Vigilante Found Guilty of Murder in Arizona; Could Face Death Penalty

Shawna Forde (left) was convicted in the murder of 9-year-old Bricenia Flores and her father Raúl Flores via New America Media

Shawna Forde (left) was convicted in the murder of 9-year-old Bricenia Flores (right) and her father Raúl Flores. (Via New America Media)

PHOENIX, Ariz.—Shawna Forde, the founder of a vigilante border group, could face the death penalty after she was found guilty on Monday of killing 9-year-old Bricenia Flores and her father Raúl Flores in 2009.  The jury began deliberations on Tuesday on whether or not to impose capital punishment.

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Afghanistan: Time for everyone to come home in peace?

1939-1945 – that’s almost 6 years to fight an actual world war. 2001-2011 US and allied nations fighting in Afghanistan. Something wrong with this picture? Read what this former elected official in Germany has to say after visiting/researching Afghanistan since 1980. Maybe has has learned something that Americans, as well as Germans need to know.

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Why Germany Must End its Deployment in Afghanistan

A Commentary by Jürgen Todenhöfer

The first lie says we’re there to fight international terrorism.
The second lie is that we’re there to defend our civilization’s values.
The third lie is that we prioritize civilian reconstruction over military activities.
The fourth lie is that we’re in the Hindu Kush to prevent the return of the Taliban for good.

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Montgomery, Alabama is for you on Saturday – if you want to return to racism!

Post racial America? Not in Montgomery, Alabama on Saturday! They will be telling lies and yearning for times when no one even thought about Black-American voting but wanted to hang on to getting 3/4 of a person “credit” for Black-Americans when figuring seats in Congress and then decided to try and have a slavery country of their own.

Free speech – sure but I want them to hear that I think they are fools and not to be fully trusted – still.

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This coming Saturday, the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) is holding a major event to honor the sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary, of the beginning of the Civil War. The festivities will “commemorate” events that most Americans see as a terribly dark period in American history: “the founding of the Confederate States of America, the inauguration of Jefferson Davis and the raising of the first Confederate Flag.

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Both Sides Now: It Is Long Past Time to End this Afghan War; Is It Not?

Regardless of what your intentions are – the result is that children die and are maimed. Time to stop – no?

A UN report on children and armed conflict in Afghanistan makes very sad reading. It shows, for example, how children have been used by anti-government elements for suicide bombings and planting explosives, or recruited to the Afghan National Security Forces, despite official government policy banning such practices.
The report also sheds light on the detention of children for alleged association with armed groups, on the number of children killed or maimed by suicide attacks and on sexual violence committed by armed groups against boys and girls.

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Chicken salad please; hold the Superbug – whadya mean you cannot!

Canada, Greece, US everywhere or so it seems chicken is in the marketplace and in restaurants loaded up with drug resistant bacteria. Since poultry went global, really global 10-15 years ago, the problems with disease and flu and now Superbug have continued to climb.

So, you wanna cut spending on food inspection and leave it to the Col.? I did not think so. So tell your market, tell your Congressmember and stop buying it til you know it is safe.

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Superbugs in Canadian chicken? Yes, and US too

Chicken bought at major supermarkets across Canada is frequently contaminated with superbugs — bacteria that many antibiotics cannot kill — an investigation by CBC TV’s Marketplace has found.

Two-thirds of the chicken samples had bacteria.
Some of the bacteria found were resistant to six, seven or even eight different types of antibiotics.

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Save your part of the world and your AmeriCorps Programs

I served two years as a not-so-grumpy elder – grin. Helps kids, families, elder for next to nothing. Let them cut the spending and watch your community sink faster and farther just so someone else can have their tea.

What does AmeriCorps do? Check it out and then sign the petition y’all!

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Continue Funding for AmeriCorps and Teach for America

The continuing resolution (CR) proposal that the Republicans are proposing calls for cutting all funds for AmeriCorps and by doing that cutting Teach for America as well.
Continue Funding for AmeriCorps and Teach for America

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Border Minute Man supporter guilty of murger of father and 9-year old duaghter.

A little justice can go a long way toward settling bad feelings and uncover hate and fear’s worst effects on us all.

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Concluding a three-week trial that exposed the most unsavory side of Arizona’s militant border vigilante movement, a jury on Monday found Shawna Forde guilty of two counts of first-degree murder for the May 2009 killings of Raul Flores, 29, and his 9-year-old daughter in the border town of Arivaca, Ariz.

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