Facebook markets to the Arab world, Insha’Allah

Facebook markets to the Arab world, Insha’Allah.

CAIRO: Arabic-speaking Facebook users want the social networking website to add an “Insha’Allah” button to the platform for the Middle East. And Facebook seems ready to make the move to boost its regional presence.

According to Immanuel Simonsen from Multilingual Search, “Facebook has identified a strong wish from Arabic natives to include an “Insha’Allah” (Arabic term meaning “God Willing” that indicates hope for an aforementioned event to occur in the future) button for Facebook events.”

Vietnam first Asian nation to reach WHO standards on TB treatment | Vaccine News Daily

Vietnam first Asian nation to reach WHO standards on TB treatment | Vaccine News Daily.

Vietnam has helped more than 85 percent of patients recover from tuberculosis and treated more than 70 percent of diagnosed cases, making it the first nation in Asia to reach the target set by the World Health Organization.

ABOUT | Awesome Food

ABOUT | Awesome Food.

The Awesome Foundation’s Food chapter is now taking applications for its $1,000 microgrants to further food awesomessness in the universe.  Apply at awesomefoundation.org/apply and submit under “Food” category.  Every month, one microgrant will be given for an awesome idea involving food, be it urban farming, food truck, recipe collects, pop-up cafes, or health. The more inventive the better.
The application is very simple, mainly consisting of two essay questions: “Describe yourself, your project, and how you’ll pull it off” and “How would you use the money?”

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Yes, We Are Afghan Children

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Yes, We Are Afghan Children.

We are butterflies concealing our beauty
We are pale flowers locked in our fragrance
We are stars in the sky without the light of the moon
We are clouds darkly holding heaven’s waters
Yes, we are Afghan children
We are deprived of the pleasures of childhood
—the toys, the laughter, the freedom
We are orphaned children longing for family
Some living without mothers, some without fathers
We are orphaned children desiring kisses from parents who have disappeared
Explosions are the music of our lives
We are orphaned children existing inside cold, cramped tents
We are orphaned children working to feed our families
Working with tiny, cold hands
Hands aching during the night
Hands begging to be warm
During every second we breathe, loud voices escape
We want life, happiness
—food, toys, books, school, peace
Yes, we still have hopes
It is never impossible
We will be shiny butterflies
We will be soft flowers spreading our sweet smell
We will be the light in the sky even during the night

By Farahnaz

The Deadly Addiction to Cheap Meat – In These Times

The Deadly Addiction to Cheap Meat – In These Times.

America’s cheap meat habit is costing more than we bargained for. The factory farming of cows, pigs, poultry and fish sucks up 29 million pounds—80 percent—of antibiotics sold in the United States.

Many illness-causing bacteria are now resistant to most or all of the antibiotics that once killed them. While the overuse of antibiotics on humans has contributed to this public health crisis, the most egregious factor in creating antibiotic resistance is the routine, widespread, greed-driven dosing of livestock. About a quarter of U.S. meat and poultry samples contain antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The Court – Immigration Law – NYTimes.com

The Court – Immigration Law – NYTimes.com.

The one section the court did uphold requires officers to check the immigration status of anyone they stop, arrest or detain on some other legitimate basis — if the officer has a “reasonable suspicion” the person is in the country illegally. Justice Kennedy wrote that until that provision is put into operation, the court could not assume that it would be applied in ways that conflict with federal law.

But the intent of the law is to harass Hispanics and to drive out immigrants by “attrition through enforcement.” That section of the law, as it goes into effect, will promote racial profiling of all Hispanics, including American citizens and legal residents. By mandating verification of immigration status even when it is unlikely the federal government will deport the individual, the provision sows fear that any contact with law enforcement — even for a jaywalking ticket — could result in detention.

Second Look Behind the Headlines – News you can use…

Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News

Second Look Behind the Headlines - News you can use...



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