Sky Doesn’t Fall – Ho Hum – Gitmo Trial in NYC

Who says USA can handle terror cases as crimes? Nobody in NYC anymore, it seems.

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Terrorism Trial in New York City: Keep America Afraid Goes to the Scene

The debate around bringing terrorists to justice has brought out threats of panic and destruction from fear mongers distorting the facts.

Meanwhile, a suspected Al Qaeda terrorist and former Guantánamo detainee is on trial in a U.S. federal court in New York City.



Liffey Face 1968 film – 26 minutes

“Liffey Faces” a 26min film, made by the Guinness Film Society’s Film Group in the Summer of 1968.

It traces a little boys lost sailing boat as it makes its way from the source of the River Liffey to the sea at Dublin Bay, encountering many activities, known to Dubliners everywhere.

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“Liffey Faces” a 26min film, made by the Guinness Film Society’s Film Group in the Summer of 1968.

It traces a little boys lost sailing boat as it makes its way from the source of the River Liffey to the sea at Dublin Bay, encountering many activities, known to Dubliners everywhere. Released in Spring 1969,the film credits briefly:

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Appreciating the people around you in the midst of Afghan Follies

It is amazing that if you take time to look, love is even in the midst of war.

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The people in between

Kite flying
Whilst we endlessly debate whether Karzai is friend or foe or fit to lead

Every day, a softly spoken young man in our office, whose name I don’t even know, discreetly feeds a scrawny calico cat, which hangs around by the rubbish bins beside our office dining room. He is the only person who does this and for some reason I find this gesture incredibly touching.

Yet for the miles between us and each other’s words that we don’t understand, she hugs me each morning before I leave the house. I love the sensation of wrapping my arms around this small round woman, gently squeezing her soft fat frame, and I feel loved.Read more at

Biking 211 miles – Cleveland to Niagara Falls and Back

Katie rowed from Africa to South America – no problema – Go Katie go!

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Biking to the Border and Beyond

As you might already know, last week I was donated an amazing new bike. And this weekend I just had to test it out on a long ride. 211-mile long ride, to be exact.

It was a great ride passing through vineyard after vineyard in sleepy towns of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.
About to cycle over the Peace Bridge to Canada
Katie runs through the Mojave desert

Each town I rode through seem confused by my lyrcaed-suited presence. I met many new people along the way interested to know my mission.

Conversations went a little like this:

Curious person: “Where are you from?”

Me: “Cleveland area”

Curious person: “Where are you going?”

Me: “Niagara Falls”

Curious person: “How many days will that take?”

Me: Uh, one.



An Afghan daughter at her mother’s grave

Sometimes, sometimes, all you have is a poem, a song, or a brief memory but no tears.

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Today I Want To Cry

I want to laugh
But with whom?
Today I want to give a gift
But to whom?
Today is the day I should celebrate
Where is she?

Today is the day I should put the world at her feet
Drop hundreds of flowers on her path
Today is the day I should put heaven under her feet
Give her all the happiness in the world
This is the day I should put a smile on her face
But how?

Today is the day that I should be with her
I cannot
I am with myself
With just my tears and her dust

Today is the day I sit with her memory
I kiss her hands,
They are full of my tears… as I sit at her grave

Today is Mother’s Day
She can’t hear me say
Happy Mother’s Day

By Shogofa

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Property Rights Taken from People by Hamilton, Ohio

Live in Hamilton, Ohio and have 6 cats and/or dogs in your home? You are now breaking the law and must get zoned as a kennel or give up your pet. In the middle of Congressman Boehner’s distric – go figure?!

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Council limits number of pets


With only Mayor Pat Moeller voting no, City Council on Wednesday, Sept. 22, passed an ordinance restricting the number of household pets to no more than five adult cats and/or dogs, unless the area is zoned and licensed as a kennel.



An Afghan woman speaks for all women in poetry

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Victim of Male Domination

I am an Afghan woman, a victim of male domination
I am a woman, a survivor in flames of segregation
My voice is choked down in my throat
My thoughts are frozen, disabled to tell the truth
Rejected in my society, forced to stay home;
I cannot draw, sing a song or write a poem
My skills are killed by males’ cruelty
My wings are broken; I can’t fly in this authority
There is no hope; I must bury my dreams in my heart
Walking in the dark with closed eyes is hard
When the evils of time forcefully burn my aspiration
I am an Afghan woman, a victim of male domination
I am a woman, a survivor in flames of segregation


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An Afghan woman’s memory of growing up

War, horror, and hate cannot always take away the good things in you memory.

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My Village

The sound of cocks wakes me up
The sun shines fresh.
Before washing my face
I water the plants
I go say good morning to the cows
And milk them.
I make the tea
I take my dirty clothes
To wash.
After that I relax
On the ground under the pear tree
And nap.
There is nothing new.
Tomorrow it is the same.

By Tabasom



Red Rat Snake in Bronx – OK. In toilet? Not OK – grin.

Psycho shower scene now has a rival for changing your behavior in the bathroom late at night.

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Snake In The Toilet Just As Terrifying As It Sounds

Get ready to have nightmares forever!
A Bronx man entering his bathroom in the middle of the night was shocked to find the toilet was already taken—by a three-foot long Corn Snake.
Red Rat Snake

People still know how to be nice in Ohio

Grin – Ride Katie ride!

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Out of the Ashes

After my recent vehicle and bike robbery, I thought my cycling days were over. But that all changed when I received a message from a member of the Chagrin Valley Rotary Club that there was some big news in store.

I was presented with the new bike last week at the Century Cycles

 It felt like Christmas morning. Nope, better. It’s a day I will never forget.

Girl meets bike

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