Nigeria slams US refusal of arms to fight Boko Haram | News , World | THE DAILY STAR

ummmm – Let’s see now – who is in charge in Nigeria, who has an army that is well armed but has done little to protect people in the north and the government has done little to accommodate the needs of people in the north? So, where does the fault lay and with whom?

The ambassador however insisted the fault lay with Washington.

“The US government has up till today refused to grant Nigeria’s request to purchase lethal equipment that would have brought down the terrorists within a short time,” he said.

“There is no use giving us the type of support that enables us to deliver light jabs to the terrorists when what we need to give them is the killer punch,” he said.

Washington’s allegations of widespread human rights abuses by the Nigerian army “cannot be substantiated by facts,” Adefuye said, adding “half-truths” had been spread by Jonathan’s rivals and human rights groups with an agenda.

“The terrorists threaten our corporate existence and territorial integrity,” the ambassador said, urging members of the Council on Foreign Relations to plead Nigeria’s case with the US administration.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed. The true test of friendship is in the times of adversity.”

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Israel PM Netanyahu (head inciter) says Abbas incites Palestinians | News | DW.DE | 11.11.2014

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments followed warnings by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas earlier Tuesday that Israeli actions to change the rules of access at a disputed Muslim-Jewish holy site in Jerusalem “are leading the region and the world to a destructive religious war.” Abbas had spoken in the city of Ramallah as tens of thousands marched in Palestinian cities in the West Bank on the 10th anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat (pictured), who for decades led their cause for an independent state.

“Unfortunately, Abu Mazen is not a partner in the fight against terror,” the Israeli daily Haaretz quoted Netanyahu as saying after a meeting of his security Cabinet, using another name for Abbas. “Instead of calming the unrest, he is enflaming it and spreading lies,” Netanyahu added.

via Israel PM Netanyahu says Abbas incites Palestinians | News | DW.DE | 11.11.2014.

CDC assembling protective Ebola kits for U.S. hospitals | Vaccine News Daily

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  recently ordered $2.7 million in personal protective equipment for U.S. hospitals with Ebola patients to increase Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) supply levels.

Various products are being put into 50 kits that can be delivered quickly from SNS facilities to hospitals. Each kit can provide care of one Ebola patient for up to five days.

via CDC assembling protective Ebola kits for U.S. hospitals | Vaccine News Daily.

Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I’m going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works – The Oatmeal

Good explanation – problem is that folks like Senator Ted Cruz does not care whether he knows or not, or what happens to the Internet. He figures, he has it made now and no matter what he will always have enough money to overcome any barriers he has put up for everyone else to deal with.


Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I’m going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works – The Oatmeal.

Main Street USA #poem #VeteransDay

penned in moon dust

I went to Main Street today

some of the old buildings

from the past century were gone

newly painted signs marked the street

boys and girls jubilant cries

mothers and fathers

sang the same favorite song

as the veterans marched by


I went to Union Square today

they always did know about celebration

stars and stripes buntings fluttered

men hawked “freedoms” wares

traffic on Market Street was blocked

the air filled with anticipation

as we heard the drums coming toward us

horses  carried their warriors proudly


I went to the “L” &  “N” street of our Golden State today

the light posts bore bear and star  stripped flags

the spacious Capitol’s  lawns

were covered with colorful chairs

some had chosen a prize spot the night before

we would honor those who had served

arm and arm as comrades

our hails and shouts they deserve


I went to Pennsylvania Ave…

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