Citizen Crackdown on Corporate Welfare Cash Coming?

Follow the money – who’s getting bribed to leave or come to your community? Who are the biggest corporate freeloaders and where are they? Find out and see if you are getting your money’s worth. Last time Cincinnati gave Cincinnati Bell a subsidy to stay in town it then was able to hire a few thousand people to work in its Philippines call center subsidiary.

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Introducing Subsidy Tracker

I am happy to announce that my colleagues and I at Good Jobs First have just introduced such a resource. Subsidy Tracker is the first national search engine for determining where a company has gotten economic development subsidies around the country.



How much antibiotic drugs are in your burger, meatball, whatever?

Way too much and it is making us more likely to let loose some superbugs whose job will be to super-balance the system – that means big trouble for burger eaters – aka: humans – us.

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News break: FDA estimates US livestock get 29 million pounds of antibiotics per year

That’s a lot.

The reason why antibiotic use on farms is a concern, of course, is because such use stimulates the emergence of drug-resistant organisms that move off the farm in animals, in groundwater, in dust, on the wind and in the systems and on the clothes of those who work there, and makes new resistance factors available to be swapped among bacteria.



Captain Cat’s Diaries – Afghanistan For Real

Captain Cat – a female NGO worker shares her diary on occasion – filled with her up close relationships with Afghan people. Her observations can tell you more about what is and is not happening in Afghanistan than most accounts you may find. Read and see how little we seem to understand the complexity and simplicity of Afghans and their situation today, 100 years ago and probably 50 years from now.

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Pieces of Paktia

Some days ago my friend learnt that Paktia and Khost’s Mangal tribe has been asked (reportedly by Pakistan’s not-so-secret-anymore intelligence services) to lead an aggressive anti-Shia surge in exchange for land in the upper Kurram, as well as a monopoly on trade in Parachinar, a bustling market town and Shia stronghold.
I wonder how these women live in this forced communality.
I am silently outraged at their prison-like existence, and want to scream at their men for these lives unlived, faces unseen.
The women ask me not to leave and hug me tightly; the matriarch gives me an imploring look, and I kiss her cheeks.
when I look back
they have already vanished.  



What is Interpol Red Notice? Re: Wikileaks Founder

It is not an arrest warrant. Read the explanation below. You may have seen a lot of buzz and spin about this – so knowing the facts is a good thing – grin.

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What An “Interpol Red Notice” Actually Means

I am probably the only full time blogger to ever have worked at Interpol, so it behooves me to explain the “Interpol Red Notice,”
Red Notice is simply a request for the arrest and extradition of an individual for whom an arrest warrant has been issued in the requesting country.
INTERPOL has made public the Red Notice, or international wanted persons alert, for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the request of Swedish authorities who want to question him in connection with a number of sexual offences.



Is there a pig in your tank, your pill, your photo?

Fascinating idea to document where things come from and where they go. A project of reconnecting people to the earth and nature that gives them technical products. How many kids just think hamburger is made in the back of the grocery store and not from those lovely cows?

PIG 05049 (2007), is an extensive collection of photographic images that documents an astounding array of products that different parts of an anonymous pig called 05049
With her designs Christien Meindertsma aims to regain understanding of processes that have become so distant in industrialization.



Can You Hear Me Now? Cell Phones or Peace in the Congo – Your Choice?

After hacking off limbs, rape is their weapon of choice it seems but most people are too busy playing Angry Birds on their cell phone to hear that the drive for cell phone materials is a big part of what is driving the killing games in the Congo. I really don’t give a hoot that actor Affleck thinks it’s a problem but if that is what it takes for Congress to act – You Go Ben!

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Ben Affleck
“This isn’t just altruism,” he explains. “The United States has security, economic and diplomatic interests in a peaceful and stable Congo.” Here, he details four easy-to-implement recommendations. Congress: Are you listening?



Human Rights news and links via Ned’s Google Reader

Just thought I’d share this way of “sharing” via Google’s Reader. I have “folder” of reader links to good sites for “human rights” news. I made it public – so anyone who wants to check these links rather than search out their own, can bookmark it or subscribe to it via a reader (rss). Covers a wide variety of human rights issues.

Anti-war links/news via Ned’s Google Reader

Just thought I’d share this way of “sharing” via Google’s Reader. I have “folder” of reader links to good sites for “anti-war” news. I made it public – so anyone who wants to check these links rather than search out their own, can bookmark it or subscribe to it via a reader (rss). It covers more than Afghanistan and includes a variety of resources – blogs, news services, government sources, etc.

Culture War, Class War

Culture War is Class War disguised. The Wealthy Elite--the "Filthy Rich"--foment Culture War in society to distract and cover their real economic motives. Culture War, Class War explores the resulting cultural divide--how it was instigated and kept alive for fifty years in America by certain elite powers and how and why they choose to benefit while tearing families in two and keeping America paralyzed.


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