Tea Party, Take Notice – Real Climate Change Means Tea to Cost More for Less Flavor!

Can’t argue with real, practical science – recording yields of tea over last 200 years plus. If they are concerned and saying they have noticed change – IT IS TRUE – climate deniers! Tea Party take notice! You tea is going to cost more and not as good!

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Climate change leaves Assam tea growers in hot water

Rising temperatures reducing yields and altering distinctive flavour of India’s most popular drink

Assam tea garden labourer

The Tea Board of India said it had recorded a steady decline in tea production in recent years. In 2007, Assam produced 512,000 tonnes of tea. By 2008 this had declined to 487,000 tonnes, with estimated production in 2009 down again to 445,000. A further decrease is expected this year.

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Texas Whirlwind: Rick Perry – the last Anglo Governor of Texas?

Spin today was based on yesterday’s political view of the West and Southwest – Could be that present Arizona and Texas Anglo Conservative Republicans are doing their last dance.

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Texas Latinos poised to disrupt the power of Caucasian Lone Star Republicans

LatinaLista.net — It’s been almost comical reading just how giddy Texas Republicans are at the prospect of gaining four more seats in Congress. There’s only one problem — those seats aren’t their’s for the taking.

“Hispanics will dominate two or three of the new Texas districts.”

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Trust Areva for Ohio Nuclear Plant – Not!

French-based Areva wants to help build a nuclear power plant in Ohio – it can use the money from US tax payers to help repair its spill in Niger and fininsh its years behind nuke plants in Finland.

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Pesticide in your toothpaste – Triclosan – Tell EPA: Get it Out!

Trislosan, a researcher at Tufts University notes, could pave the way for a superbugs it cannot combat. And guess what: triclosan is in way too many common products.

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EPA Solicits Comments on Petition Regarding Antimicrobial Pesticide Triclosan
EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs routinely publishes petitions on pesticide issues for public comment. Comments on this Federal Register notice will be accepted until February 7, 2011, and may be submitted at http://www.regulations.gov in Docket ID # EPA-HQ-OPP-2010-0548. The Federal Register notice can be found at http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2010/pdf/2010-30850.pdf.

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Entertainer Glenn Beck cares little if his Islamic lies lead to violence

Nothing Beck says is really of any importance or should it be taken serious but… there are people who actually believe he is telling the truth – so now and then it is worthwhile to point out his grosser lies.

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Assessing Muslim Terrorism: Lies, Damn Lies and Glenn Beck’s Statistics

Are you prepared to believe there are 157 million Muslim terrorists in the world? You have a choice: You can take Fox News commentator and radio host Glenn Beck’s word for it — or you can insist on proof.

“Beck wondered why this wasn’t receiving any media coverage,” he said. “Well, let me suggest one reason. It is total nonsense — a figure made up by Glenn Beck with absolutely no basis in fact.”

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US Air Force Copies Chinese Censorship Lead!

Dumb and dumber have taken up residence at USAF HQ it seems. Deciding to censor/block access to New York Times and 25 other websites because they published information about Wikileak information.

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U.S. Air Force censors websites for publishing WikiLeaks

The U.S. Air Force has blocked access to The New York Times and other media outlets that have published WikiLeaks information, reported the Associated Press. More than 25 websites have been blocked on Air Force computers.

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John Boehner and other Republicans want right to remain anti-gay rights

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Posted in Anti-Gay, Extremist Propaganda by Mark Potok on December 15, 2010
This morning, 22 members of Congress and a large number of other conservatives signed on to a public statement attacking the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for listing several anti-gay religious right organizations as hate groups.
The statement, whose signatories included House Speaker-Designate John Boehner and the governors of Louisiana, Minnesota and Virginia,

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The First Christmas Gift – The Inside Story

What’s the inside story? You will have to read the story – eh?

Amplify’d from positivefuturesguide.com
Christmas Tale© 1989
I am going to be Santa’s helper.
tonight’s the night
I began
to remember and dream about the Christmas
the worst and best
Christmas I ever had
It might be a slow, low Christmas unless
Jeff and I can sell some more.
I saw…the quarters falling into the grate
I lost my Christmas money
Inside of the first and
every gift since is an extra secret gift
This secret is only for kids.

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Christmas – 1912 – Did Santa forget Carmen?

This is the true story of my mother’s fourth Christmas – the last one she would spend with her mother. It’s also a story about how gifts outlast the giver and provide memories of people you never really “knew,” except through stories.

Amplify’d from positivefuturesguide.com
Christmas Age Four
Wright — 1912

Once upon a time there
lived in the little village of Saranac, New York a dear little girl named Carmen
whose papa and mama were very poor but happy as Christmas time drew near.

“Daddy! Is there neny
sing in my stockings?” Daddy said, “Come and see”
She was more pleased with
those few things than all the other things she got
These are the facts as
they happened on the Christmas of 1912.

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Tuna surprise tonight? Sorry honey, the ocean ran out!

Blue Fin, Yellow Fin, Skipjack – way overfished for sandwiches and your cat! Take a look at how tuna starts maybe that will help convince you too – it bleeds just like you, it resists dying for your lunch, or dinner.

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Tears for the Tuna

Until recently the Pacific was the home to the world’s last abundant tuna fisheries, but there are now serious problems facing Pacific tuna. Bigeye and yellowfin tuna are already in serious trouble, and even skipjack, once thought of as virtually limitless, is now in decline and being caught at a rate that is not sustainable in the long term.

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