Egyptian Aak: Week 17


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  • Hagel presses Islamist-led Egypt on reforms
  • IMF detects discouraging signs from Egypt
  • Islamist-led parliament pushes ahead with a controversial judicial law, despite a rising uproar
  • Egypt’s Prime Minister will keep his job despite government reshuffle
  • Mubarak‘s detention extended for 15 days
  • Egypt to issue schedule next month for gradual fuel…

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Carbon dioxide concentration to hit record levels this week | Environment | The Guardian

“The 400ppm threshold is a sobering milestone, and should serve as a wake up call for all of us to support clean energy technology and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, before it’s too late for our children and grandchildren,” said Tim Lueker, an oceanographer and carbon cycle researcher with Scripps CO2 Group.

The last time carbon dioxide levels were so high was probably in the Pliocene epoch, between 3.2m and 5m years ago, when Earth’s climate was much warmer than today.

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Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Break the Rule

I want to break the rule and say I am in love

My people taught me not to love someone because I am a woman

Because I am a girl

Because of my gender

Because of my culture

Because of my religion

No! God is not against love.

He loves the one who is in love.

I am in Love


I am a girl and I am in love

Let me love the one who I want

Let me choose the one who I love

Let me experience what love is

Let me have something that I want for myself

Men can fall in love but women cannot


We do not have heart?

We do not have feeling?

We do not have choice?

We are not human?

Love is pure

Love is holy

Love is valuable

It is not against the law

It is not against religion

It is not against culture

It is not against humanity

But if it is against the rule

I want to break this rule and say

I am in love

And I love that I am in love

By Rahela

via Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Break the Rule.

UKIP candidate – physical exercise prevents homosexuality (no – not satire)

Send him back to age he thinks he came from – does not fit here!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s UKIP!)

It’s getting even more difficult than usual to be satirical now that UKIP have got such a ripe bunch of fruitcakes standing for them in the local elections next week.

I’m a bit spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a good example of UKIP’s most rabidly loony candidates but I’ve decided to pick John Sullivan – many thanks to Gay Star News for the heads up on this one.

John Sullivan – UKIP candidate in the Forest of Dean and West Gloucestershire county council elections – says that more rigorous physical exercise in schools will prevent homosexuality.

Here’s his Facebook post where he makes the comment:

John Sullivan UKIP homosexualityIf I didn’t know he was for real, I would have thought Sullivan was a satirist doing a great impression of a blustering, pigheaded Colonel Blimp type caricature.

But he’s not. He’s for real.

For more on Mr Sullivan’s…

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Celebrating Service: Through cancer diagnosis, realizing how service prepared me for life’s challenges

A Lifetime Of Service

Sarah guyToday’s post originally appeared on YSA blog on May 3, 2012.

While gearing up for Global Youth Service Day, the annual celebration of service, I spent some time reflecting on service and realized that I had new and significant reasons to celebrate service this year.  In March 2011, a little over one year ago, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  When I received this shocking diagnosis from my oncologist, my mind immediately began racing, franticly looking for answers, a plan, calmness, something familiar and comprehensible to cling on to.  I began asking myself, “What can I do, starting today, to overcome this situation?  What can I do to restore my health?”  During the days following my diagnosis, I thought about times in my life when I succeeded, “What did I do in those situations to succeed?   How can I apply those lessons to overcome this…

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The Argument Nadezhda Tolokonnikova Wasn’t Allowed to Make at Her Parole Hearing

Let her go!

chtodelat news

[Originally published by The Russian Reader]


Yesterday, April 26, 2013, a district court in Zubova Polyana, Mordovia, denied imprisoned Pussy Riot activist Nadezhda Tolokonnikova’s request for parole. According to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Judge Lidiya Yakovleva agreed with arguments made by prison authorities that it would be “premature” to release Tolokonnikova given that she “had been cited for prison rules violations and expressed no remorse,” and had not participated in such prison activities as the “Miss Charm Prison Camp 14 beauty contest.” Judge Yakovleva made her ruling without allowing the defense to make a closing argument, thus allegedly violating the Criminal Procedure Code. Tolokonnikova had written her statement out in advance. The translation below is of the Russian original as published in full on the web site of RFE/RL’s Russian Service (Radio Svoboda). Photos courtesy of the Free Pussy Riot Facebook page.


“Has the convict started down…

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States of Spanish: Why the U.S. has its own, recognized variety of Spanish | Latina Lista

The problem? The journalists and copywriters who create Spanish-language content for this industry can’t use Mexican or European Spanish, because neither fully matches the cultural reality of U.S. Hispanics, who are inundated daily with English words and grammatical structures.

English floats into the language used by even the most educated Hispanics in reports, articles, and manuals simply because Spanish speakers in the U.S. understand it. For example, Mexicans and Spaniards use the term ministerio for “department” but U.S. Spanish speakers say departamento. Mexicans called an “agency” an organismo but U.S. Spanish speakers call it an agencia. In short, U.S. Hispanics are culturally American, with their own sayings and cultural references.

What’s more, a full 98% of written material in Spanish in the U.S. comes though translations from English, whether from publishers or used in banks, schools, universities, governments, or companies. And even when newspapers produce copy directly in Spanish, the stories translate realities that mostly unfold in English, and television and radio writers face the same challenges: what’s correct U.S. Spanish and what’s just Spanglish? To solve that problem, the Associated Press published its own 486-page style manual in Spanish, with 4,900 entries, in Nov. 2012.

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Second Look Behind the Headlines

Culture War, Class War

Culture War is Class War disguised. The Wealthy Elite--the "Filthy Rich"--foment Culture War in society to distract and cover their real economic motives. Culture War, Class War explores the resulting cultural divide--how it was instigated and kept alive for fifty years in America by certain elite powers and how and why they choose to benefit while tearing families in two and keeping America paralyzed.


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