Puppies in Pet Stores May Soon Only Come From Shelters: LAist

Puppies in Pet Stores May Soon Only Come From Shelters: LAist. I love LA: If LA City councilman Paul Koretz has his way, pet stores in Los Angeles will soon only be able to sell their fuzzy, adorable wares if they’ve been procured from shelters or rescues — not from puppy mills. The councilman introduced a motion to that effect at a city council meeting yesterday, reports the Huffington Post, as part of an attempt to make LA a no-kill city. The motion was approved in an 11-1 vote.

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | We Will Rise

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | We Will Rise.

We will rise like a bird in the blue sky of Afghanistan to bring peace
We will shine like a star in the dark sky of Afghanistan to bring brightness
We will rise like a sun to cover the darkness
We will stand like a stable mountain to reach our goals
We will plant like a gardener to raise our children
We will fall like a drop of rain to water our homeland
We will raise our hands to accomplish our dreams

By Pakiza

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Searching

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Searching.

am searching for you
in the sky, in the stars’ wedding

am searching for you
when the ocean wears its blue dress on a sunny day

am searching for you
in the wild jungle of my weird dreams

am searching for you
in the lonely deserts of my panicked life

am searching for you


Everywhere, Every where
I cannot find you


Where are you?

Never vanish
I am not your stepmother

By Norwan

German engineers arrive to save Tuul river ~ Asian Gypsy – All Things Mongolian

German engineers arrive to save Tuul river ~ Asian Gypsy – All Things Mongolian.

And they’re beavers. 14 Eurasian beavers arrived in Ulaanbaatar from Bavaria, Germany this week.
Known as ecosystem engineers, the hard-working beavers build dams that have positive effects on the ecology. According to Wikipedia:

Beaver ponds, and the wetlands that succeed them, remove sediments and pollutants from waterways, including total suspended solids, total nitrogen, phosphates, carbon and silicates. Source

Six more beavers will be sent over from Germany later on. According to various news sources, Germany is sending the beavers over for free. 20 more beavers are to be imported from Russia sometime this year. The initiative by mayor G.Munkhbayar is a part of a program to restore the heavily-polluted Tuul river basin, which provides most of the drinking water for Ulaanbaatar city.

The beavers will be bred in a protected environment before being rehabilitated into the wild.
Of course, one questions the logic of pinning our hopes of saving Tuul river on a few families of beavers when there are thousands of human families dumping their household waste into the river. One hopes that this is only a small part of the Tuul river restoration plan.

British woman gears up to row across Pacific

British woman gears up to row across Pacific.


Briton Sarah Outen is no stranger to adventure, but when she rows out from a small port in Japan this week she will be on her own — all the way until she reaches Canada.

Outen’s solo voyage across the Pacific, in a rowboat packed with the latest gadgetry, is probably the most challenging leg in her ambitious project to circle the globe by boat and bike.

“The distance is really huge,” the 26-year-old adventurer, who became the first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean in 2009.

Outen left Britain on April 1 last year on a 30-month expedition under the title London2London: Via the World, which saw her kayak to Europe, cycle across Eurasia then get back in her kayak to Japan.

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | The Lovely Province

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | The Lovely Province.

arah is a special place for me—
a small and lovely city with kind, helpful people.
There is no electricity, but there is love.
There is no security, but the people are brave partners.
There is no government faculty, but there are hard-working students.
People make friendships on dusty dirt roads,
Delicious fruits grow in green villages,
With their pleasing smell.
Women stay home
And become good mothers,
Who are rich in kindness with big hearts.
Farah — Farah — Farah
My heart is in Farah.

By Leeda

In Time of Drought, Mexico’s Tarahumara Turn to Tradition – NAM

In Time of Drought, Mexico’s Tarahumara Turn to Tradition – NAM.


For the more than sixty thousand Tarahumara Indians living in the high Sierra’s of northern Mexico, the expression connotes sharing, a tradition borne more of necessity than charity. It is also a subtle reminder of the ongoing drought that is proving to be one of Mexico’s worst dry seasons in recent memory.

In Tarahumara society, those who have must share with those who do not. Far from humiliating, roaming the streets of the Chabochis — non-Indian mestizos living in the towns and cities below — asking for a few coins to ease their hunger is a natural tendency that has ensured centuries of survival in this unforgiving terrain.

But times are harder now.

As years have passed without substantial rain, even those who once smiled at Tarahumara children requesting córima outside convenience stores across Chihuahua are now clinching on to their coins more tightly, less willing to share.

“We fear the worst is yet to come,” says Antonio Rodriguez Quinones, chief of staff for Carichi’s municipal administration. “If we don’t get enough water this rainy season, next winter is going to be an uphill battle in terms of feeding these people.”

The city is working with the non-profit Angeles del Desierto – which normally focuses on locating would-be migrants to the U.S. who become lost in the California-Arizona desert – to deliver some 12 tons of winter clothing, food and water to the Tarahumara.

Indonesian Farmers Burned in Biofuel Drive – IPS ipsnews.net

Indonesian Farmers Burned in Biofuel Drive – IPS ipsnews.net.

“None of these promises were fulfilled, with investors offering to pay between 11-17 cents only for a kilogramme of jatropha beans,” said Muslikin. 

Depending on the type of seedling and soil, one hectare of jatropha can produce up to 3000 kilogrammes of jatropha beans annually so that, with a price of 67 cents per kilogramme, Muslikin would have earned 4,000 dollars annually, compared to the 2,778 dollars he earns per year cultivating rice. 

To repay his outstanding loan of 1,889 dollars, Muslikin sells rice harvested from his plot, putting a strain on his household income. “I used to buy new clothes and shoes for my children twice a year and eat meat almost everyday. Now, I buy them new clothes and shoes once a year only and eat meat just on Saturdays and Sundays,” he said. 

Failed national plan 

Muslikin was one of tens of thousands, or perhaps hundreds of thousands, of farmers who heeded government appeals to plant jatropha curcas as Indonesia – an oil-producing country that has now become a net oil importer – sought to reduce dependence on fossil fuel, whose price has been rising steadily since 2005. 

Watertown Daily Times | Farmers, legislators decry bill preventing teens from working on farms

Watertown Daily Times | Farmers, legislators decry bill preventing teens from working on farms.

I support laws that protect children from abuse while  working but parents, grand-parents, aunt and uncles ought to be able to teach their children farming. There are already laws to protect the children from abuse and not taking care of their well being. “Ronald F. Porter, co-owner of Porterdale Farms in Adams Center, plans to hire his 12-year-old son, Andrew W., to work on the family’s 5,000-acre dairy farm when he’s 14, teaching him basic skills in farming and machinery.”

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