The UK judge who thinks benefit fraudsters should be jailed but lets rapists go free

Split mind about sex crime not so bad and “evil” poor people harming society and threatening money tells you real values of Tory mindset

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Back in February, senior UK Judge Beverley Lunt gave a convicted rapist a suspended sentence instead of jail time citing the man’s ill health as the reason for her decision.

Here’s an article about the case (warning – link to Daily Mail!):

Rapist walks free from court because of his ill health 

Not everyone may agree with Judge Lunt’s decision in that case but it’s actually not all that unusual for judges to give suspended sentences in cases of ill health.

It’s not unusual that is, until you notice what Judge Lunt had to say back in 2011 about the sentencing of people who have been convicted of benefit fraud.

She was angry that they didn’t automatically receive a custodial sentence (warning – link to Express!):

Anger of judge forced to free benefits cheat

Now I’m fully aware that for some inexplicable reason a…

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Egyptian Aak: Week 23 -The week of Aabath

Tons of competent people in Egypt but none seem to be involved in politics or governing. Those who were are being tossed out by those who are not.


Image week 24

(One of the “suggestions” made by Egypt’s political elite to tackle the Ethiopian dam)

Main headlines




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Thousands join Turkey protests defying PM | Maan News Agency

Thousands of angry Turks poured into the streets on Saturday to join mass anti-government protests, defying Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call to end the worst civil unrest of his decade-long rule.

Protesters blew whistles and waved flags in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, the epicenter of the protests which erupted on May 31, while others brought blankets and food to settle in for the weekend at the adjoining Gezi Park, now a festival-like camp site.

“A week ago, I could never imagine myself sleeping out on the streets of Istanbul,” said 22-year-old Aleyna, wrapped up under a blanket with a stray kitten, pointing to her dirty clothes. “Now I don’t know how I can ever go back.”

Fresh rallies were also held in the capital Ankara, with over a thousand people gathering peacefully in the central Kizilay Square, singing revolutionary songs and dancing.

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MMWR: MERS-CoV Update – June 7th – Pandemic in making?

Number of confirmed cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) (N = 55) reported as of June 7, 2013, to the World Health Organization, by month of illness onset — worldwide, 2012–2013 – CDC MMWR

via MMWR: MERS-CoV Update – June 7th.

So the real big question is what else was going on in Saudi Arabia in April and May that could possibly have an influence on such an outbreak? New or different people working in the hospital or local area – Lots of immigrant workers coming and going from Saudi Arabia from South Asia all the time. Any significant changes in environment – date palms all in fruit so more bats? My point is that people need to broaden their view a bit if they are going to find links  of causation and thus prevention.

Green revolution technologies will benefit a few at the expense of the majority (AfricaFiles)

Corporations from EU and fronts will profit and ship food globally – Africans can work for day wages until robots take over… Bad deal.


Read at :


No. 26656: Corporate takeover of agriculture & land will increase hunger, groups claim  — Food and Land

 G8 “Hunger Summit” initiative rejected by African civil society

At the heart of the leading initiatives to “modernise” African agriculture is a drive to open markets and create space for multinationals to secure profits. Green revolution technologies – and the legal and institutional changes being introduced to support them – will benefit a few at the expense of the majority.

As world leaders gather at the high profile ‘Hunger Summit’ in London this week to endorse the spate of on-going initiatives to ‘modernise’ African agriculture, 57 farmer and civil society organisations from 37 countries across the continent have slammed these efforts as ‘a new wave of colonialism’. Harmonisation, free trade and the creation of institutions and infrastructure to facilitate multinational companies’ penetration into Africa are presented as…

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Latino Texans almost blocked from voting-but for the Voting Rights Act, they say

NBC Latino

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Victoria and Nicole Rodriguez turned 18 in 2012, and they were excited about voting for the first time. Twins who finish each other’s sentences, they grew up on the heavily Latino south side of San Antonio, and started college last fall at St. Mary’s University a few miles away. Their Mexican-American family has been in Texas for generations.

“At 18, you can’t do much, but you can vote,” Nicole told MSNBC in an interview at the university’s student center. ” So why not just look forward to it?”

But a strict voter ID law passed by Texas Republicans in 2011 and signed by Gov. Rick Perry threatened to stand in their way. The law, so restrictive that Attorney General Eric Holder called it a “poll tax,” required election-day voters to present one of several forms of photo identification, including a driver’s license or passport.

To read the rest…

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Outrage over House amendment to deport DREAMers, stricter Senate immigration measures

NBC Latino

DREAMERs as well as immigration reform activists and civil rights groups have been swiftly condemning the amendment filed by Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King, which calls for stripping away the Administration’s policy to keep DREAMers from deportation through deferred action (DACA).  Rep. King stated the law allows for no distinction between undocumented immigrants, whether they be DREAMers or those convicted of crimes.

“Representative Steve King, an anti-immigrant extremist with a history of attacking our community, is up to his old tricks,” said United We Dream’s Cristina Jimenez.  “Now, some House Republicans are making their demands clear—a return to deporting DREAMers!” she added.  Pro-reform America’s Voices said the House made a big mistake, consider the public’s support for DREAMERs.  “It’s unthinkable,” said Sharry.

The White House weighed in too.    “It asks law enforcement to treat these Dreamers the same way as they would violent criminals,” said White House press secretary…

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Hops, Sour Cherry Trees And Kale Growing On Waldorf Astoria Rooftop: Gothamist

The honeybee hives atop the Waldorf Astoria hotel don’t have to travel far for their pollen sources. The iconic hotel made good on a promise to open a chef’s garden in the bees’ backyard, which they unveiled at a media event this week. The hotel has installed nine raised plantings beds on a 20th Floor rooftop space in addition to several large planters with a few kinds of fruit trees.

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RECENT LEGISLATION: North Carolina Legislators Vote to Repeal Racial Justice Act | Death Penalty Information Center – Rights won can be lost – vote and remember

On June 5, legislators in North Carolina voted to repeal the Racial Justice Act, which had allowed death row inmates to challenge their sentences based on claims of racial bias. The Racial Justice Act was the only law of its kind that allowed inmates to use statistical evidence to claim that race played a role in their trial. Since the law took effect in 2009, most of the inmates facing execution in North Carolina appealed their sentence under the act. In 2012, Marcus Robinson, who was the first defendant to receive a hearing under the Racial Justice Act, was re-sentenced to life without parole due to evidence of racial bias in jury selection. Representative Darren Jackson expressed his disappointment at the repeal of the law. Johnson said, “[W]e voted for the RJA because we wanted the death penalty to be applied uniformly, without regard to race. Be it the perpetrator, the victim, or an individual juror, race should play no part in the process.”  Governor Pat McCrory has said he will sign the repeal bill.

via RECENT LEGISLATION: North Carolina Legislators Vote to Repeal Racial Justice Act | Death Penalty Information Center.

234 years later, NH slaves are granted freedom – Wire National News – The Sacramento Bee

New Hampshire has posthumously emancipated 14 slaves who fought in the Revolutionary War and asked state lawmakers for their freedom more than 230 years ago.

A group of 20 slaves submitted a petition to the New Hampshire General Assembly on Nov. 12, 1779, while the war was still being fought. They argued that the freedom being sought by colonists should be extended to them, as well, and maintained that “public tyranny and slavery are alike detestable to minds conscious of the equal dignity of human nature.”

via 234 years later, NH slaves are granted freedom – Wire National News – The Sacramento Bee.

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