Monsanto Found Guilty of Poisoning French Farmer | Food Safety News

The agriculture biotechnology giant Monsanto Company has been found guilty by a French court of chemically poisoning 47 year-old Paul Francois, a French grain farmer.

Reuters reports that Francois has suffered long-term neurological problems including memory loss, headaches and stuttered speech since 2004, ever since an incident in which he inhaled Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller while cleaning the tank of his crop sprayer. The product did not carry a sufficient warning label, he argued in court.

His ailments from that incident have left him unable to work, and he eventually gained invalidity status through a court appeal.

The court in Lyon is now seeking expert opinion to determine how much the company will be required to compensate Francois financially for his damages.

Lasso has been prohibited in the European Union since 2006, after several studies showed its main herbicidal ingredient, alachlor, had a direct link to health problems in farmers.

Alachlor is still legal in the United States, though the Environmental Protection Agency has set its maximum contaminant level of alachlor in water at 0.002 mg/L, or 2 parts per billion (ppb).

The agency’s recommended level, however, is zero. That recommendation, it says, is “based on the best available science to prevent potential health problems.”

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Center for Wise Democracy ::

The three primary social innovations are:

Choice-creating … this is the heartfelt quality of thinking where people face difficult issues, think together creatively and collaboratively, and achieve unanimous, breakthrough solutions. It’s similar to “decision-making” in that we come up with group answers, but it’s different in that it’s not voting and it’s not consensus. (See the chart comparing decision-making, consensus, and choice-creating.)

Dynamic Facilitation … here is a way to reliably evoke the spirit of choice-creating in groups, where they achieve win/win perspectives on difficult, ill-defined issues. (See the chart comparing Dynamic Facilitation with traditional facilitation.)

The Wisdom Council … here is a way to evoke the spirit of choice-creating throughout a large system of people, like an organization, city or nation. The Wisdom Council uses small groups of randomly selected people, plus Dynamic Facilitation to create a voice of the public interest and to facilitate the new conversation. Through experience we’ve discovered different forms of Wisdom Council including:

The Creative Insight Council is a special form of the Wisdom Council that leaders in government can use to achieve breakthrough progress on impossible-seeming public issues.

The Wisdom Council Process is a structural change that creates an ongoing voice of “We the People.”

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It is difficult when you are not of the world you grew up in but still have to live in it…

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

I don’t believe Bechara al Raï’s visit to Syria was the devil incarnated as many seem to believe. He simply went there to hold Mass, believing his visit would actually get the Maronites of Syria to relax about their future. But it’s not all peachy. His visit is most probably not on his own accord. Odds are the Vatican had requested he visit Syria but I think Al Raï was more than itching to go down in history as the first Maronite Patriarch to visit Syria post Lebanon’s independence. The visit, in my opinion, is absolutely miscalculated and, if anything, showcases a seriously short foresight on his behalf as well – one that a person in his tenure should not have. Al Raï was simply too limited to see the repercussions of such a visit. The hidden meaning is far more serious than it being a simple religious visit.


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Pride's Purge

(satire – sort of)

Tests by experts on the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg have revealed most of the deputy prime minister is made up entirely from chicken mechanically separated from the backbone.

The Food Safety Authority analysed 18 of Mr Clegg’s speeches and all of them contained between 60% and 100% chicken, as well as large amounts of unidentified b***ocks, the FSA said.

Lib Dem Chickens

Nick Clegg yesterday with Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander

In response to the shocking findings, a spokesperson for the Liberal Democrat Party assured any voters who may have bought into Mr Clegg’s promises that they can get a full refund after the next election by never voting for him ever again.

However, the FSA has ordered urgent tests on the quality of the Deputy Prime Minister’s electoral pledges after concerns they may contain as little as 0% of the ingredients he promised on the packaging.

A spokesperson…

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Pride's Purge

(satire – probably)

North Korea has tossed its third and biggest pancake yet despite UN warnings against international tossing of battered fried puddings, and said “even stronger” flavourings such as cheese and bacon might follow.

It described the toss as a “self-defensive measure” necessitated by the “continued hostility” of the US to eating pancakes with anything other than maple syrup all over them.

Its main ally, China, criticised the North Korean pancake for “being far too sweet”, which was also universally condemned worldwide for using too much lemon and not enough sugar.

International monitors in Vienna say the pancake had double the egg to milk ratio of the 2009 test, despite reportedly involving a smaller frying pan.

If, as North Korea reports, a smaller crepe was tossed successfully, analysts say this could take Pyongyang closer to building a device small enough to make a blueberry muffin.


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RIP Ace…

Hummus For Thought

Ace was a bit of an idiot. He rarely listened to anything I ever said. Wouldn’t sit, wouldn’t come and him rolling over was as likely as me getting pregnant with a Swahili-speaking invisible pink unicorn.

We got Ace barely a few days after Dixie’s death. We were still mourning. Dixie’s death was very unexpected. But the resemblance was uncanny except for the fact that Ace was younger and a male.

In June 2006, a car parked on the side of the road. A woman came out, opened her door, dumped a dog and left. Were it not for some kind-hearted person, and BETA’s awesomeness, we would have never gotten Ace.

Ace was the only one of the ‘new generation’ dogs who knew Rex, my old dog who lived with us, along with his twin sister Reglise, who had died a few months before, and who himself died a few…

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IPS – U.N.’s Water Agenda at Risk of Being Hijacked by Big Business | Inter Press Service

last June, all 193 member states signed the Rio+20 Declaration which includes the recognition of the human right to water and sanitation as a universal right.

Specifically zeroing on the role of the private sector, Barlow told IPS that corporations are among those pledging their support for IYWC.

Aguas de Barcelona, the water company at the heart of a fierce debate in Spain over control of drinking water, is participating, she pointed out.

So are “corporations who fought us on the right to water are now scrambling to claim it in their own image”.

She quoted Nestle as saying that 1.5 percent of the world’s water should be put aside for the poor and rest should be put on the open market.

If Nestle gets its way, she argued, there will one day be a water cartel similar to big oil, making life and death decisions about who gets water and under what circumstances every day.

“But at least we have this recognised and acknowledged right that no one should be allowed to appropriate water for personal gain while others die from an inability to pay for water,” she said.

With time, “we will build consensus around the right to water and the understanding that water is a common heritage and a public trust.”

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Culture War, Class War

Culture War is Class War disguised. The Wealthy Elite--the "Filthy Rich"--foment Culture War in society to distract and cover their real economic motives. Culture War, Class War explores the resulting cultural divide--how it was instigated and kept alive for fifty years in America by certain elite powers and how and why they choose to benefit while tearing families in two and keeping America paralyzed.


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