Loxley woman starts greenhouse business in her 50s – GulfCoastNewsToday.com: Features

Although Craine Creek Farm has done well so far, Anita says there are many challenges, especially with distribution. Because there are only a few small hydroponic lettuce growers in the area, it doesn’t make sense for the larger distribution companies to make a special trip to pick up just a few heads of lettuce. Anita hopes more people will decide to grow lettuce in the area so there will be a critical mass of product for distributors to move.

“There are other people in the county and region who want to grow like we are,” she says. “We believe this could be a basis for an industry. Then you will have enough to make it worthwhile for distributors to come and take it to other parts of the state and around the South.”

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Follow your labels: American apple juice is a product of China – CSMonitor.com

When Chinese apple juice concentrate entered the US market, the price of concentrate collapsed from $153 per ton in 1995 to $55 per ton in 1998. American farmers struggled to compete. Some sold their farms; others went bankrupt.

Their loss was Feng’s gain.

“What percent of your apples are eaten and what percent are made into juice?” I asked.

“Seventy percent are taken to the local juice factory,” he said, and then laughed. “You know, nobody here drinks apple juice.”

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8 government policies which look like satire but aren’t

If GOP was in power in US, we could look forward to same strange abuse of power – then again – this is what folks have now in North Carolina – sigh.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – no really it’s not)

1. Michael Gove Abolishes Summer

2. National Blood Supply Sold Off To US Venture Capital Firm

3. Osborne Helps Out Struggling Millionaires With Tax Cut

4. £45m Paid Out To Teach Unemployed How To Use Toilet Paper

5. Dying Cancer Patients Told To Get Temporary Jobs

6. Government To Deter Immigrants To UK BY Making It Shit

7. Coalition To Tax Grannies, Bedrooms and Pasties

8. London’s Fire Engines Sold Off To Old-Etonian For £2


If I’ve missed any surreal government policies you think should have been included, please feel free to point them out in the comments below. Thanks.


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Food Stamps and Farm Subsidies

We are a community, not a nation of strangers – we take care of each other when the need arises. It we leave everyone to their own devices, there is no e pluibus unum – no nation, no America

Rcooley123's Blog

Recently, the US Senate passed a farm bill which includes significant cuts to the Food Stamp program, while the House of Representatives passed a bill which addresses farm subsidies, but does not include any mention of Food Stamps whatsoever. This was due to the failure of a previous bill to pass the House because significant numbers of Republican members thought it did not cut Food Stamps enough. The future of the Food Stamp program is still up in the air, as differences between the two legislative bodies must be reconciled before a bill can be passed by both and sent to the President for signature.

While the Senate bill is preferable to the House version that failed to pass because the cuts are not as severe, cuts are not warranted at all at this time. Claims by conservative legislators that the program is severely bloated and encourages dependency on government…

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Google reveals what it really thinks about David Cameron

Pride's Purge

(not exactly satire in fact)

Today the Prime Minister David Cameron said search engines like Google should blacklist ‘sick and malevolent’ terms.

I know what he means.

Because, for example, these are the results you get if you search Google images using the sick and malevolent phrase ‘David Cameron side view.

The first result is the most interesting:

cameron side view


Try it for yourself. I’m always amazed at the accuracy of Google’s search results.


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Egyptian Aak-Week 29. The Brotherhood’s Nakba

Spot on! “Nonetheless, there is a simple fact that all parties, including the mighty experts keep forgetting, no one ruled Egypt without the consent of its people. Baheyya asked a very good question: “If men with guns and tanks can simply arrest an elected president, then what’s to keep them from doing it again and again?” The answer is simple. The people will. The army will never has done it without the people; a fact that many chose to ignore. If Morsi responded to the demands of the public, he could avert the current stand off.

It is ironic that both our autocrats, fake democrats, observers, analysts, claim that Egyptians are great people, yet they patronize, mock, and accuse them of being either traitors or idiots. I beg to differ. I trust my people, and trust that the spirit of Tahrir has not died.”


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Abe’s ruling coalition wins Japan’s upper house election – Australia Network News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

More 1930s-style nationalism in the cards for a Japan that cannot seem to regain go-go status of the 1970-1980s?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition scored a decisive victory in an election on Sunday — so big that there are suspicions he will lose interest in difficult economic reforms and pursue his nationalist agenda instead.

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