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Obama to speak about Iran deal from the White House

President Barack Obama will make a statement Saturday night on the Iran nuclear agreement from the White House.

Obama will speak shortly after the U.S. and its negotiating partners reached an agreement with Iran. The deal was finalized during talks in Geneva that stretched well past midnight.

The interim deal is aimed at slowing progress on Iran\’s nuclear program while a broader agreement is negotiated.

As part of the interim agreement, the U.S. offered the Iranians limited relief from crippling economic sanctions.

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Running in the dark

Go and keep on going!

Fit and Feminist


Over the past couple of weeks, the upward curve of the mileage required by my marathon training plan has started to run into the downward curve of the daylight hours available for running, which means I find myself, more and more, running in the dark. Last night was one such run.  I got out of work at 4 p.m. and by the time I made it home, dressed in my running gear and was out the door, it was ten minutes until 5 p.m. I estimated that I had about 90 minutes to do the ten-mile run I had scheduled (eight miles at race pace, plus a mile each for warm-up and cool down) before dark fell.

Well, I estimated badly.  I was just about to start the seventh mile of my run when I realized the sun was quickly saying bye-bye, and because I was nearing the end of…

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Fajardo’s Laguna Grande Loses Bioluminescence

Repeating Islands


Depressing. This article focuses on a Puerto Rico tourist attraction quite popular with kayakers. For almost two weeks, the Fajardo Grand Lagoon (Laguna Grande)—located off Puerto Rico’s northeastern coast—which is usually glowing due to teeming dinoflagellates, has gone almost completely dark and biologists have no idea why. The lagoon usually glows when bioluminescent organisms that live in the water are disturbed, yet they have not been visible for almost two weeks (9 days at the time the article was written). Recent construction in nearby Las Croabas may be to blame. [Thanks to Jo Spalburg and Rod Fusco for bringing this sad news to my attention.]

Nearby construction work is thought to have caused disruption to the area, but biologists also believe a recent spate of bad weather could have caused the glowing lagoon to dull.  Another theory is the chopping down of mangrove trees in the area, to let larger boats…

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Florida Bottlenose Dolphins Dying in Droves

Repeating Islands


More bad news on the environment: dolphins are dying all around Florida and scientists don’t know how to stop it. “What makes so many deaths disturbing,” says Greg Bossart, “is that dolphins are regarded as ‘sentinels for ocean and human health,’ not unlike canaries in a coal mine.” I totally agree with his observation that “We’ve used the ocean as our toilet, and now it’s starting to catch up with us.”

The die-offs of bottlenose dolphins are going on in three different places, and appear to be from more than one cause. Although dolphins are not an endangered species, the loss of so many all at once is clearly bad news, scientists say. “This particular species has suffered a huge impact, all over the Southeast,” said Blair Mase, a marine mammal specialist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which has classified each of the die-offs as an “unusual mortality…

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Culture War, Class War

Culture War is Class War disguised. The Wealthy Elite--the "Filthy Rich"--foment Culture War in society to distract and cover their real economic motives. Culture War, Class War explores the resulting cultural divide--how it was instigated and kept alive for fifty years in America by certain elite powers and how and why they choose to benefit while tearing families in two and keeping America paralyzed.


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