The GOP Doesn’t Think My Son’s Life Is Worth Living | Dame Magazine

We don’t say this in polite society, but our society isn’t polite anymore, so I will spell it out: Our culture has long been riven with the idea that people with disabilities lead such miserable lives that their lives aren’t worth living. You hear this when people say, “If that happened to me, I’d kill myself.” The notion springs from being afraid of what you don’t know. If you happen to be young and able-bodied, for instance, the idea of being old and crippled frightens you and you can’t imagine that you could possibly be happy in that state. Conversely, if you happen to be able-bodied and healthy now, but are not particularly enjoying the experience, you may comfort yourself by thinking that at least you’re better off than the disabled.But perhaps you aren’t. Perhaps you and the disabled have more in common than you think. I cannot speak for everyone officially classified as disabled, for they constitute 20 percent of the population, and are as heterogeneous and complicated a group as you could wish for. But I can speak for my son: There are times when his misery is agonizing and explosive, and there are times when his joy lights up the whole neighborhood. The power of his emotions is such that he seems to be both happier and more miserable than most people I know. Surely, he is as complex and vast.This fear we have, of losing what we have now—our memory, our ease of movement, our health—can make us push the inevitable away to such an extent that we start believing that misfortune or simple decay only happens to other people, people who have not said their prayers, or exercised daily, or popped the right multivitamin. We “other” the sick, the disabled, the old. In so doing, we divide ourselves into us and them, “us” being the somewhat fit, “them” being all of those people with oppressive medical bills and annoying demands.The most recent example of this sort of thinking pops up in Alabama Representative Mo Brooks’s defense of the AHCA. In a comment to CNN, the Congressman commends Trump’s proposed bill for allowing “insurance companies to require people who have higher health care costs to contribute more to the insurance pool that helps offset all these costs, thereby reducing the cost to those people who lead good lives, they’re healthy, they’ve done the things to keep their bodies healthy. And right now, those are the people who have done things the right way that are seeing their costs skyrocketing.”In other words: “We,” the virtuous diet-abiders and Fitbitters, are unfairly saddled with the costs of “them”—those slobs who didn’t take care of their health. I’d love to see our nation’s fast-food chains go up in a purple cloud of smoke and for fresh nutritious lunches to be given out freely at schools, to every child, including those whose parents do not have decent jobs and cannot pay. I’d love to see more jogging and jump-roping and dancing in the streets. I believe that movement is good for the body and soul, as is stillness. But to imagine that we wield ultimate control over our health is a form of modern madness.

Source: The GOP Doesn’t Think My Son’s Life Is Worth Living | Dame Magazine

For 4,500 years, Stone Age humans returned to this mysterious cave | Ars Technica – in what is now Ethiopia to make paint and dye!

perhaps the most incredible part of the Porc-Epic cave is the lack of change. For more than four millennia, humans used this cave to produce paint out of the same kinds of reddish rocks. Their techniques and favored colors varied a little over time, but for the most part they stuck with what they had learned from generations of ancestors. We’re left wondering what the ochre symbolized for these people.

Source: For 4,500 years, Stone Age humans returned to this mysterious cave | Ars Technica

“Este es puto, vamos a fajarlo” – Cosecha Roja

“Creí que seria algún conocido, voltié a mirarlo con toda la inocencia del mundo para intercambiar alguna mirada a modo de saludo cuando de pronto una piña en el ojo (la cuál me lo dejo así), me deja sentado. ‘Este es puto, vamos a fajarlo’. Ahí nomás traté de pararme y salir corriendo cuando otro de los pibes me agarró de la mochila, me empujó para atrás y c on el mismo impulso le pegué un cabezazo en la boca y le rompí un diente. Ahí la cosa se puso seria”.“Ya de nuevo en el piso me pegan una patada en la panza, yo le pateo la pierna, lo tiro y con mi celular lo golpeo de nuevo en la boca. Ahí el que estaba parado me levanta de los pelos y me dijo “De acá no salís, te vamos a matar”. Lo miré y le escupí la cara. Me tira al piso y me empezaron a patear entre los tres. De la nada bajó un chabón de un auto con un palo y dijo “o la cortan o los cago a palos a todos”. Se empezó a acercar le revoleó un palazo a uno y se fueron corriendo”.Más tarde habló con los medios locales. “Opino que son tristes. Y desalentadores, que te hacen tener miedo”, dijo. “Pero que tanto odio es al pedo. Podrán pegarme todo lo quieran, pero no voy a dejar de ser gay.”

Source: “Este es puto, vamos a fajarlo” – Cosecha Roja

Diaspora Jews must place our bodies on the line | +972 Magazine

We came to Sarura to place our bodies in the gears of the occupation machine. Our Palestinian partners knew that our presence would make it possible for them to reclaim their space and regain their homes. And it’s working. We are physically reversing the process of displacement, with every cleared cobweb in every abandoned cave. I’ll be headed back to Sarura this week, and I call on every Jewish community I have ever been part of to join me.Leanne Gale is a Jewish anti-occupation activist and former NIF-Shatil Social Justice Fellow. She will be starting Yale Law School in Fall 2017.

Source: Diaspora Jews must place our bodies on the line | +972 Magazine

German military investigating officer over call to putsch: report – The Local

According to Bild, the field officer said during a seminar on May 12th that: “I’m fed up that 200,000 soldiers have been placed under general suspicion because of two crazy guys. The Defence Minister has lost all credibility for me – we need to address that or have a putsch.”

Source: German military investigating officer over call to putsch: report – The Local

Trump (accidentally) makes Corsica Italian again – The Local

US President Donald Trump appeared to make an embarrassing geography gaffe when he shared a map showing the locations of his first foreign trip since taking office.On the map, the countries which Trump is visiting over this week were outlined in white – but there was a surprising addition within Italy’s borders.Corsica – which is a French region – appeared to have been labelled part of Italy.READ ALSO: High security and protest plans: Rome prepares for Trump’s visitIn fact, the Mediterranean island, which lies north of Sardinia, hasn’t been part of Italy since the 18th century, when it was ruled by the Republic of Genoa.After that, it declared independence in 1755, before being conquered by France 14 years later.It didn’t take long for some social media users to spot the error, with a thread on Reddit titled “Thanks Donald for giving us back Corsica!”Corsica is granted more autonomy than France’s other regions, but the island is home to a number of nationalist and independence movements which oppose French dominance.READ ALSO: France refuses to make Corsican an official languageItaly occupied Corsica for one year during the Second World War, and an early 20th century nationalist movement known as Italian irredentism promoted the Italian annexation of the island, particularly under Benito Mussolini’s Fascist regime.In a short article, the editors of Corsica Oggi, a news site based in the island, mused: “Could the American president in reality be an Italian irredentist? Or simply ignorant?”The map also appeared to show the Vatican as being a city in Italy, when in fact Vatican City is a city-state.And it wasn’t the first geographical mix-up Trump has made on his trip.After arriving in Israel, the president reportedly said he had “just come from the Middle East”, a comment which appeared to puzzle Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, considering the country is located in the Middle East.He has also previously called Belgium, where he will travel tomorrow, a “beautiful city”.

Source: Trump (accidentally) makes Corsica Italian again – The Local

How Do We Let Our Kids Be Kids in an Age of Terror? | Dame Magazine

This time, the killer—a lone man in a suicide bomb vest—struck at a concert by pop idol Ariana Grande, a tiny singer with an enormous, powerful voice whose fans like to wear pink kitten-eared headbands to match hers. Grande, whose journey from child star to pop artist has sometimes threatened to derail like fellow Disney veteran Britney Spears, has emerged lately as a gracious, multitalented star, adored by tween and teen girls and their mothers, the boys brave enough to admit they love her too, and young gay men.This is who the bomber decided to kill.In targeting children, what happened in Manchester gets at the very heart of terrorism. Because what is more terrifying than the thought of sending your child out into the world—into a joyous space created for her—and never seeing her alive again? We try to raise our children to be brave, but what happens to our own courage when we think about the possibility of sudden, irrevocable danger?

Source: How Do We Let Our Kids Be Kids in an Age of Terror? | Dame Magazine

Nabi Samuel… Ongoing displacement and zionization

Occupation of their lands and dislocation of Palestinian people is a crime against all humans.


Nabi Samuel is a village on the seams of Jerusalem towards the west-northern part of the city. In 1971 the whole village was destroyed, and the people partially fled, and some were displaced outside the village close to their agricultural land. Nabi Samuel stands on more than 3500 dunums of land including one of the most impressive fortresses within a mosque that landmarks the mountain that stands in the middle of a landscape that shows you as far as Jordan and Tel Aviv.

Today the village of 200 inhabitants is considered part of a national park where Israelis feel like a holy site right under the mosque. You will see ultra Jewish people praying, in all direction of the place with minimal attention to the grand mosque that hosts this whole site. They enter, they move, their kids play, and somehow over there you may spot a Palestinian who became…

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Trump the truth: Free expression in the US president’s first 100 days – IFEX

PEN America’s new report Trump the Truth: Free Expression in the President’s First 100 Days clocks more than 70 separate instances where President Trump or senior Administration officials have taken potshots at the press, including Presidential tweets decrying “fake news,” restrictions on media access, intimations that the press has “their reasons” for not reporting terror attacks, and branding press outlets as “the enemy of the American people.” These instances amount to near-daily efforts by the Trump Administration to undermine the press during the President’s first 100 days. Such efforts not only chip away at public trust for the media and its indispensable role in keeping the public informed, but also signal to regimes abroad that the United States will not stand up for press freedom

Source: Trump the truth: Free expression in the US president’s first 100 days – IFEX

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