This Earth Day, a People’s Perspective is What is Most Needed | Inter Press Service

Today, my organization Climate Refugees will also gather in an Earth Day event, Frontlines: Climate Risks & Migration with US Congressman Joaquin Castro of Texas, and longstanding activists and advocates in immigrant and migrant rights, climate policy, and environmental justice working with frontline communities.

We will look for a reflective conversation on Central American migration to discuss solutions, and what can be done by the Biden administration and the international community to protect the world’s most vulnerable, ahead of climate negotiations at COP26 in Glasgow.

For most of the world, climate change is by no means only an environmental concern. For communities dependent on the land and natural resources for livelihood, even survival, climate change is a socio-economic and political concern as well.

Source: This Earth Day, a People’s Perspective is What is Most Needed | Inter Press Service

Earth Day with the birds

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Earth Day is tomorrow – Thursday, April 22. I am planning to spend part of it (virtually) with birds. No doubt, the birds in our garden may make an appearance or voice their thoughts on the state of our Planet. The Jamaican Woodpecker, for example, with his overly loud, imperious screech (I feel I want to tell him to turn the volume down). The White-chinned Thrush is very much engaged with his rather melodious “hooray, it’s the breeding season” song these days, with little pauses in between each phrase. The White-winged Doves and the White-crowned Pigeon will give us a selection of throaty hoots and coos and, in the case of the latter, a wonderful sound like a growl.

One of our Jamaican Woodpeckers on his favorite perch – a tilting wooden light pole that is scheduled to be replaced! The Jamaican Woodpecker is an endemic bird – that is…

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Bill targeting hate crimes against Asian Americans passes Senate – Los Angeles Times

In a rare, if fleeting, moment of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill, senators approved the bill 94 to 1. Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri was the only no vote. (Me: Hawley doesn’t want to miss out on any possible support from anti-Asian racists) Source: Bill targeting hate crimes against Asian Americans passes Senate – Los Angeles Times

OSS in Kunming, China

Pacific Paratrooper

Julia Child with OSS colleagues

The OSS group that included Julia Child and her future husband Paul found themselves in a flood in mid-August 1945.  But what they were encountering was nothing compared to the civilians.  Chinese villages of mud huts were “melting like chocolate.”  Farmers drowned in their own fields.  As the flooding began to subside, Japan was hit with the second atomic bomb.

The incoming Russian soldiers only added to the Pandora’s box that was already opened in China.  The OSS HQ in Kunming went into overdrive.  Eight mercy missions were launched to protect the 20,000 American and Allied POW’s and about 15,000 civilian internees.

Elizabeth McIntosh w/ colleagues during Kunming flood

All the frantic preparations – for rescue operations, food and medical drops and evacuation – had to undertaken despite the weather conditions.  Adding to the drama was the uncertain fate of the 6-man OSS team dispatched…

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Am a proud Ink drinker

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The other day I was learning Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, Herbology.

Which all was just fascinating. Well not only I was learning but also I was discovering new mysteries, & not to brag but, also saving my school from dangerous creatures.

The next day I was on a lovely, stunning, beautiful island with ten people including myself.

In a wonderful modernized Mansion. Just like a dream come true; which eventually became a nightmare! As an unidentified, unknown killer started to kill people one by one.

This wasn’t a dream, it was all real!
No, no I wasn’t hallucinating nor am I crazy!

It all happened, in a real-world name Books.

The first one was Harry Potter and the second one’s, And Then There Were None!

Many people ask what books do? But I would like to ask what they don’t?

There are…

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Thoughtful Thursdays, Stayed on Freedom with the Call of Freedom, and Public Health Care

Critical thinking for Human Community

Libraries are even part of the community health care network, in many neighborhoods.  

So, how do we each help our society to become more fully inclusive for all of us, and to give more money for Public Health Care?

I believe that attention to shared and connected community institutions, like Public Health Clinics, may provide part of an answer.  I started a note about that, a few years ago, on page ten of my book Stayed on Freedom’s Call:

“… Georgetown businessman Moses Zachariah Booth in 1865, and the Nash and
Mayo families from Virginia at the turn of the 20th century, so Jewish
businessmen and families trickled into the city before and, poured in during the
Civil War, as with Cantor Lansburgh from Baltimore in 1860, and the Small
family at the turn of the 20th century. Thus there are multiple parallels in the
ways that the…

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Alvis’ world : The clever bunnies


It so happened that one day at Alvis’ school, all the teachers were called to a meeting and the children were left unattended. Ms Molly left some work on the board for all the children and she divided the class into two groups. The children were to work together in each group to finish the work on the board.

The first group did as instructed and together they began working on the work Ms Molly had left them.

As for the second group, the group that Alvis was in, they thought it best to play and have fun first before doing Ms Molly’s work. And so Alvis and his friends played and enjoyed themselves, forgetting all about the work on the board. Time flew by and they didn’t notice, the games they were playing made them forget about the task they needed to do.

The meeting ended and the teachers…

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True happiness is hidden in freedom of mind

My experience

True happiness is hidden in freedom of mind. We may look independent, but our mind is tied in many bonds. Sometimes we run towards social media for happiness and sometimes towards relatives. But, this happiness does not last. We all want to be happy, but real happiness comes only when we are spending time leisurely, we take small decisions in life and we are not under any kind of pressure, our mental Do not depend on anyone else for peace. But we connect our happiness with such things, which we do not insist on. Therefore, when difficulties arise, patience begins to be answered. Liberate yourself from mental slavery. No one else but ourselves can liberate our mind.

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