Olga Neuwirth: ‘Austria is always the trailblazer for hatred’


A 1924 silent movie that predicted the horrors of anti-semitism has a new score by the Austrian Jewish composer. She explains why the bitter satire resonates so powerfully today

“Antisemitism is in the DNA of Austrians,” says Olga Neuwirth. “Maybe it skipped a generation but now it’s back – along with hatred for refugees.” We are speaking in a hotel bar in Vienna ahead of the premiere of the Austrian composer’s score for an extraordinary silent movie from 1924 called The City Without Jews, and she is worried about how it will go down with the locals.

After all, she says, it’s not long ago that anti-Muslim protesters interrupted a performance at Vienna University of a play about refugees, storming the stage to unfurl a banner reading “multi-culturalism kills”.

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Sri Lanka’s supreme court suspends president’s decision to dissolve parliament

Will he respect the ruling?


Purportedly sacked PM Ranil Wickremesinghe says president is ‘not above the law’

Sri Lanka’s supreme court has suspended the president’s controversial decision to dissolve parliament and MPs are planning to meet to decide between the two men claiming to be the country’s lawful prime minister.

In a verdict hailed as one of the most important in Sri Lankan history, the court ruled on Tuesday evening to suspend the order by the president, Maithripala Sirisena, calling for fresh elections that followed his attempt to install Buddhist strongman Mahinda Rajapaksa in the prime minister’s office.

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What Trump gets wrong about wildfires, by a fire scientist | Environment | The Guardian AKA – when you cannot read more than 25 words on a subject, you almost always get things wrong!

For one thing, a large portion of the area burning is not forest. Trump probably has in mind how a century of putting out wildfires in the American west has caused forests to grow dense with trees, making large, hot fires more common than they once were. This is not the predominant cause, however, of the fires currently making the news. To comprehend what is currently taking place in California, you have to comprehend how it has historically burned – and the vast changes now occurring across the landscape.

Source: What Trump gets wrong about wildfires, by a fire scientist | Environment | The Guardian

SoCal Democrats Are Licking Their Chops To Take Over The House. Here’s What They’re Planning: LAist

Many Southern California Democrats are poised to play critical roles in investigating President Trump and influencing policy that will impact California. With the House Majority, “we can stand up to stupid stuff,” said Rep. Ted Lieu.

Source: SoCal Democrats Are Licking Their Chops To Take Over The House. Here’s What They’re Planning: LAist

Stan Lee (RIP) Gets an Exuberant Fan Letter from 15-Year-Old George R.R. Martin, 1963


The letter above goes to show two things. George Raymond Richard Martin, otherwise known as George R.R. Martin, or simply as GRRM, had fantasy and writing in his blood from a young age. Decades before he wrote his fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, which HBO adapted into Game of Thrones, a 15-year-old George R. Martin sent a fan letter to the now departed Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the legendary creators of Spider-Man, the Hulk, Thor, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four (called “F.F.” in the letter).


When you read the note, you can immediately tell that young Martin was steeped in sci-fi and fantasy literature. He could also string together some fairly complex sentences during his teenage years — sentences that many adults would struggle to write today. Above, you can watch Martin read his 1963 fan letter note, and Stan Lee’s short reply: “We might want to quit while we’re ahead. Thanks for your kind words, George.” We’re all surely glad that Lee and Kirby kept going.

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Italian journalists respond with fury to M5S’s ‘whores’ insult


Freedom of the press is under attack, claims union behind protests

Italian press unions have called on journalists to join protests after leaders of the Five Star Movement (M5S) branded those working in the profession as “jackals” and “whores”.

The anti-establishment party, which is ruling in coalition with the far-right League, also renewed threats to cut funding for publishers and introduce new conflict-of-interest laws as relations with the media hit a new low after the mayor of Rome was acquitted for cronyism on Saturday.

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Where California Stands In Its Vote Count And Close SoCal Races: LAist – everyone has mail in ballots these days – count the votes!

In Los Angeles County alone, election officials estimate there are 934,000 ballots left to be counted. Orange County estimates it has 302,895 ballots to tally. Officials have previously explained that large numbers of uncounted ballots are due in part to changing election rules and a jump in the numbers who are voting with mail ballots. The last of the eligible vote-by-mail ballots for this election arrived on Friday.

Source: Where California Stands In Its Vote Count And Close SoCal Races: LAist

Gaza Resists for All Palestine

“We can only scream out and loud in the name of Gaza .. We are all Gaza. We are all Hamas . We are all Abu Ubaida.

We are all the martyrs,

the wounded,

the moaning mothers,

the bereaved daughters,

the helpless husbands,

the captived people who can only survive as we resist.”


I know thimg_258600056418108373588321776520551247at we are emotional people here in Palestine. I have to say we are exceptionally sensitive. After all, who ends up in our reality is a natural naive emotional species. Israel would have never made it to any light if empathy from Palestinians was not a significant factor together with hospitality to the captives, escapees refugees threw to us on boats from Europe. As much as this sound like a compliment, it is, by all means, a disaster.

The last nights were lighting nights in the skies and lands of Gaza. Gaza that suffers from lighing sever problems turned into day light… I wonder how difficult it could be to support lights in ap lace like gaza not rockets. If americans give israel light engines instead of firing all that vicious armory on residents … on more than two million people who cannot even have access to the basics of life…

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