Is There Really a Witch Hunt on for Duncan Hunter? | La Prensa San Diego

In Hunter’s case, if he really believes having donated to a Democrat is a disqualifier for impartiality or fairness, then he should get a new lawyer. Quickly. It turns out his lawyer, who also claims the investigation is politically motivated because of the Democratic fundraiser, is himself a big Democratic donor. Gregory Vega gave $5,400 to Hillary Clinton in her 2016 campaign against Trump, and also gave $2,000 that year to California US Senator Kamala Harris, herself a potential candidate for president in 2020 against Donald Trump. In 2008, Vega gave to Hillary Clinton in the primary and then to Barack Obama in the general election. And he’s given to then-Congressman Bob Filner and Congressman Juan Vargas. This year, Vega has donated our U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and to Senator Doug Jones of Alabama. In fact, it doesn’t appear that Vega has ever given to any Republican. Does that make Vega a biased lawyer that is out to wrongfully convict Hunter? Of course not, but it does make both him and Hunter hypocrites.

Source: Is There Really a Witch Hunt on for Duncan Hunter? | La Prensa San Diego

Far-Right Populism: How the Alternative for Germany Has Transformed the Country

Fascism, love for dictators, and authoritarianism runs deep and is a threat to Germany and the world! Founded only five years ago, the Alternative for Germany has grown from a marginal party to a game-changer in federal and state politics — and become ever more radical. Is it a testament to the strength of German democracy, or a threat to it? By DER SPIEGEL Staff

What happened when Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos sat down with Australian diplomat Alexander Downer – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Downer had asked Papadopoulos about Trump’s prospects, should he get to a general election, and the American was optimistic about his chances. But then he would be, wouldn’t he? He said the Russians might use some damaging material they had on Hillary Clinton, who was still some weeks from becoming the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee.

Source: What happened when Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos sat down with Australian diplomat Alexander Downer – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Italy Loosens Vaccine Law Just as Children Return to School – The New York Times Italian Fascists find new way to kill innocent people at random!

Only a year ago, the number of measles cases in Italy climbed to 5,006 in 2017, from 843 in 2016. Last year, Italy had Europe’s third-highest per capita rate of measles after much-poorer Romania and Greece. Mexico has recommended that its citizens be vaccinated before traveling to Italy.

Fingers Point to China After Break-Ins Target New Zealand Professor – The New York Times  – Clumsy clowns but dangerous.

Prof. Anne-Marie Brady, a China specialist at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, said her home was burglarized in February while she and her family were out. The thief or thieves ignored a glass jar of cash and other valuables, she said, in favor of an “old, broken” laptop, on which she had conducted her most recent research, and a “cheap” cellphone the professor had used on travels to China. Analysts said there was strong circumstantial evidence that agents of Beijing were responsible. Peter Mattis, a former C.I.A. analyst and now a China Program fellow at the Jamestown Foundation, said the burglary, along with previous break-ins at her office, meant there was “only one likely culprit for this,” referring to China. Ms. Brady’s high profile on matters of China’s influence worldwide meant “intimidating her into silence would in a sense be a major win” for the country, he said.


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