Day 15/67 High School in Five Months, conversions, and Adulting Education

Critical thinking for Human Community

    Expanding the term “adulting” to include equivalencies and understanding how to determine those equivalencies, including decimals as shown in the US or Europe, be they mathematical or rhetorical shows Adulting Education as an essential part of any democracy.

Day 15 Lesson Plan
Grammar: Ending a Sentence…
Math: US measurement conversions
(Day 14Day 16)

Action Items:

1.) How would you explain or define, for someone who has never heard the word, a tautology?

2.) How do you see conversion from one language to another as being the same, or different, from mathematical conversions?  For example:

conversion chart Eight different forms to express the equivalent quantity

3.) Write a book, story, blog post or tweet that uses one of the ideas, and then, please tell us about it! If you write a book, once it is published please consider donating a copy to your…

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Green Gold: Billion Dollar Question for Congo Rainforest | Inter Press Service (Me: close to the fall into an abyss from which we and the earth may not survive)

The lifting of the moratorium could open some 70 million hectares to logging – an area roughly the size of France – and its impacts would be catastrophic. With or without a “sustainability” label, the logging of the Congo Basin is a nightmare for the rule of law and a constant threat to local people.

For millions of people who depend on the forest for their livelihoods, including Indigenous Peoples, selling it off to multinationals has meant land grabs, displacement and destitution. And bulldozing the rainforest will likely mean less rain.

The Congo Basin forest is estimated to contribute more than half of the annual precipitation in Sub-Saharan Africa, an area already facing a plethora of droughts and extreme heat waves.

One of the things the EU ambassadors the Minister is schmoozing ought to remind her is that no one appears to know exactly who these multinationals are.

Nearly six months after the launch of an EU-funded legal review of logging titles, the lead auditor reported this month that his team still hasn’t been able to pull together a list of titles… He hasn’t yet glimpsed a “so-called existing” list; what there is is “very incomplete.” Ève Bazaiba took her time to sign the team’s mission order, until two months after an intervention by the EU ambassador.

Over 40 Congolese and international NGOs are still waiting for a reply to their 23 September letter to donors, warning of the impending catastrophe.

In the letter they were told that lifting the moratorium in DRC, home to about 60 per cent of the Congo Basin forest, would remove the last shreds of credibility from COP15 on biodiversity in Kunming and from COP26 on climate in Glasgow.

The Congo Basin forest has more than 600 tree species and 10,000 animal species, including forest elephants, lowland gorillas, bonobos, and okapi. Its vegetation is estimated to contain between 25-30 billion tons of carbon, equivalent to about four years of global anthropogenic emissions of CO2. Increased logging might mean greater risk of yet another pandemic.

Source: Green Gold: Billion Dollar Question for Congo Rainforest | Inter Press Service

Miami Herald: DeSantis descending into ‘anti-vaxx Crazyville’ | TheHill

The Miami Herald’s editorial board published a scathing rebuke of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Monday, writing that he is descending into “anti-vaxx Crazyville” after he called a special legislative session to pass new laws aimed at undermining federal COVID-19 vaccine requirements for workers.

“We thought things couldn’t get much worse in DeSantis’ handling of the pandemic, but we were wrong — then we were wrong again. Just when you think he’s done enough to undermine our chances of exiting a pandemic that has killed nearly 60,000 Floridians, he has a new trick up his sleeve,” the Herald wrote in an op-ed.

The newspaper criticized DeSantis’s proposed law that would make businesses liable for medical harm resulting from mandatory vaccines, pointing out that millions of vaccines have been administered in the U.S. without issue. It also took issue with taxpayer funds being used to send lawmakers to Tallahassee to attend a “special session for this nonsense.”

Source: Miami Herald: DeSantis descending into ‘anti-vaxx Crazyville’ | TheHill

Covid: Masks mandatory for everyone in the Commons – except MPs – BBC News (Me: Tories still playing dumb about Covid-19)

In updated guidance, the Commons authorities said all staff, visitors, contractors and press must cover their faces to combat the spread of Covid.

But it remains up to individual MPs to decide whether to follow suit – and many Conservatives have chosen not to.

Sajid Javid has said he will wear a mask for Wednesday’s Budget when the chamber will be packed.

But the health secretary said on Monday it was a “personal decision” for ministers and backbenchers as to whether they did too.

Source: Covid: Masks mandatory for everyone in the Commons – except MPs – BBC News

Study links March Madness parties to more county COVID cases | CIDRAP

Infection rates peaked 24 days after the last game (21.8%; 95% CI, 6.4% to 37.3%) and then fell until day 30, when the difference between participating and nonparticipating counties was no longer significant (17.1%; 95% CI, –0.6% to 34.7%).

“The findings of this cross-sectional study suggest that social gatherings among unvaccinated students were associated with increased COVID-19 infections (in this scenario, slowing the previous downward trend and briefly increasing) in a university’s community beginning 8 days after the event, which corresponds with the 75th percentile of time to symptom onset,” she wrote.

The researcher cautioned that states vary in how they test for and report COVID-19 infections and that universities competing in March Madness may have increased surveillance testing during and after the tournament, leading to higher case counts than in other counties.

“This study identifies an urgent gap in evidence on the risk of COVID-19 spread at social gatherings among university students, although the increase in transmission was brief,” she wrote. “This increase in transmission may have been brief because of increases in the vaccination rate of university students during this time or because some students may have completed their semester before the end of the study period.”

Source: Study links March Madness parties to more county COVID cases | CIDRAP

2 border agents are fired for offensive Facebook posts

One fired agent in Texas with 10 years in the Border Patrol posted an image of Pepe the Frog, “a symbol of the alt-right and white supremacy,” and doctored images of President Joe Biden touching U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., the report said. The other, California-based agent, who was at the agency for 20 years and was disciplined in 2005 for undisclosed reasons, published homophobic memes and a doctored image of then-President Donald Trump raping a member of Congress. The report doesn’t name the lawmaker but Ocasio-Cortez has said she was depicted being raped on the Facebook group, named “I’m 10-15. Source: 2 border agents are fired for offensive Facebook posts

How One Woman Protected Millions of Acres – RTBC

Pumalín Patagonia The now 71-year-old president of Tompkins Conservation and her late husband Doug Tompkins were attempting a feat of conservation never before done on such a large scale, spending more than $345 million to buy large swaths of land in Chile and Argentina, restore the grasslands, the forests, and the waterways — and then give them back to the people.

In 2018 and 2019, Kris Tompkins finished this chapter of her life’s work by handing over nearly one million hectares to the Chilean government. This was added to the four million hectares of their own land that formed five new national parks and enlarged three existing ones. A contract with the Chilean government assures that Tompkins Conservation stays involved for the next ten years to guide and support the ecosystem restoration. In Argentina, Kris signed over her land under the condition it would remain protected for at least 99 years, thus creating or significantly enlarging six national parks. Her gifts at the time marked the largest private land donation in history and helped conserve a total of 14.7 million acres of land and 30 million marine acres.

Source: How One Woman Protected Millions of Acres – RTBC

The Magnitude of the Challenge


With the COP26 climate summit due to kick off in Glasgow on Sunday, here’s a stark warning of what the future holds in store for us all if our global ‘leaders’ fail to come through (as I fully expect them to do).

As Sir David Attenborough said recently:

If we don’t act now, it will be too late.

Sir David Attenborough

Dr Will Steffen from the Australian National University discusses ‘Climate Change: The Magnitude of the Challenge’ at Festival of Ambitious Ideas, May 2016

Dr Will Steffen: OK, now, as Monty Python said, for something completely different: I’m going to talk a bit about climate change, but probably stuff you haven’t seen or heard about before. So, I want to talk about the magnitude of what we have to deal with and the reason that the exciting developments that Laughlin talked about need to be accelerated; they’re not optional…

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Creamy Pumpkin Miso Soup

Tanooki Homemade Cafe

Happy National Pumpkin Day! Did you know, today 10/26 is the day to enjoy pumpkin! 

As Halloween is next Sunday, I’ve seen a lot of people start to decorate their house either as a scary theme or beautiful harvest of Autumn. We move a lot so never think about getting fancy decorations for the fear of how many extra boxes we’re going to need, but love watching how beautifully my neighbor transforms their home for this special occasion. 

And as decoration products started to be in stores, we’d easily catch the produce section is getting ready for Autumn’s beautiful harvest too. We see butternut squash, grapes, apples…and pumpkins!! It’s absolutely fun to entertain our eyes in this holiday season, but also we need to entertain our stomachs too! 

Since it’s getting chilly day by day, how about some soup to comfort our body and soul? And as I’ve already made…

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