Ministry of Culture To Buy Land & Save Lebanon’s Oldest Church in Downtown Beirut?

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The site in Downtown Beirut, which is called “The Landmark” and at which a future hotel and mall were to be built, turned out to be an archeological jewel for Lebanon, unveiling three very important entities:

  1. A Roman gate,
  2. The old Roman road,
  3. Lebanon’s possibly oldest church (source).

I wrote on the issue yesterday. The matter has since made the rounds online. And it seems we’ve made a ripple. Lebanon’s ministry of culture is now considering to purchase the land where “The Landmark” is to be built because of its historical importance according to the following source (link – Arabic).

While the news is definitely welcome, I have to wonder – is it really Lebanese-like to have a ministry with a proven track record – the Roman hippodrome, Phoenician port and Amin Maalouf’s house are all destroyed – somehow respond this fast to demands and…

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14-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot On Queens Bus Was Not Suspect’s Intended Target: Gothamist

D’aja Robinson, the 14-year-old Queens girl who was fatally shot aboard the Q6 bus on Saturday night, was the not the suspect’s intended target, police said, but rather the victim of a gang-related shooting gone awry.

Robinson was heading home with a friend from a Sweet 16 party at Onyx Lounge in South Jamaica around 9 p.m. when the bullet sailed through the bus window, striking Robinson in the head. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

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How you can support the domestic workers movement

Domestic work is gendered and waaay undervalued. This we know. We know this because it’s been established over and over again on feminist blogs and in academia. But more importantly we know this because so many of us have seen it happen before our very eyes. We’ve watched our mothers cook and clean each day after working at her full time job, while Dad watches TV. We’ve seen this happen to our sisters, our friends, maybe it’s even happened to you. So many women aren’t properly compensated for that “second shift” they take on, and this extends to women who do domestic work professionally.

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Latinos Hardest Hit By Community College Class Shortages | Fronteras Desk

Since 2007, San Diego Community Colleges have cut more than 2,600 class sections, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Colleges lost 1,600 classes and Palomar College halved its summer offerings.

A new report commissioned by Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit company that runs private colleges, projects the lack of access to community college programs could cost California Latinos $17.8 billion in potential earnings by 2022.

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We’re looking for volunteer writers, reporters, investigative journalists

We’re interested in exposes, Investigative reports, news articles, interviews and op-eds concerning:

Human Rights emergencies including assassinations, evictions and kidnappings

Threats to Indigenous Peoples/rights from governments, corporations and NGOs

Protests, blockades and related campaign efforts that focus on protecting Indigenous rights, culture, knowledge/history, the environment, etc.

Reclamation projects including the development of authentic Indigenous economies, permaculture/food sovereignty and securing Indigenous languages

Health issues

Victories, successes and inspiration stories

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A Rape Attempt in Hamra

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

A 20 year old girl recently suffered through a rape attempt while going back to her apartment in Hamra. The man followed her to her apartment where he attacked her and ordered her not to scream. But she did scream. So he beat her up and she kept on screaming until the neighbors and people on the street ran towards her.

The man was given to authorities. The man was a married man with children and who worked with our army, an entity theoretically tasked with making sure our women and children are protected from the travesties that living in Lebanon entail.

I salute that woman’s courage. Not only for standing up to her rapist and shouting her lungs out despite him threatening her life, but for having the courage to stand up to him when he was taken into custody and tell her story for the world to hear.

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Egyptian Aak: Week 20

Not the best of weeks for the new Egypt



(Photo via the Brotherhood’s website, Ikhwanweb)

Main Headlines




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