Delivering on the Affordable Care Act: Marketplace Premiums Lower than Expected |

Premiums are even lower for workers and families qualifying for tax credits. For example, in Texas, an average 27-year-old with income of $25,000 could pay $83 for the lowest-cost bronze plan, $133 for the lowest-cost silver plan, and $145 per month for the second lowest-cost silver plan after tax credits.  For a family of four in Texas with income of $50,000, they could pay $57 per month for the lowest bronze plan, $239 for the lowest silver plan, and $282 per month for the second lowest-cost silver plan.

And based on the law’s provisions (the premium tax credit and Medicaid expansion), nearly 6 in 10 of the uninsured will pay $100 or less per month for health coverage.

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Settlers attack 2 Palestinian girls in Jerusalem | Maan News Agency

Settlers attacked two teenage Palestinian girls in the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday, locals said.

Abu Yousef Abu Irmeleh told Ma’an that three settlers attacked his daughter, Thikra Ahmad Abu Irmeleh, 13, and his niece, Ghada Mahmoud Abu Irmeleh, whose age was not given.

He said that the two girls were passing through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City when they were punched in the face.

Abu Irmeleh filed a complaint to the Israeli police, who subsequently began an investigation. The attack was caught on camera.

Another witness, Abu Jamal said that he saw the two girls near the Chain Gate crying and visibly frightened. He asked them why they were crying and they said that they had been attacked by settlers.

Another witness, Abu Yousef, said that Palestinians are attacked on a daily basis by Israeli settlers while passing through the Jewish quarter.

These attacks take many forms, including verbal assaults, throwing of garbage, or physical attacks.

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Majority of French believe Roma should leave France – FRANCE – FRANCE 24

A new poll published on Saturday finds a whopping 77 percent of French people agreeing with a recent statement by Socialist Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who said that Roma immigrants are inherently “different” and “will have to return to Bulgaria and Romania” .

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The French,Brits and Germans have always feared /hated Roma.

Hornets have killed at least 28 people in Shaanxi this summer: Shanghaiist

Living outside of China won’t keep you safe either, Chinese hornets gained a foothold in France in 2005 when they arrived in a pottery shipment, and have already spread to Spain, Portugal and Belgium. The European Environment Agency expects them to arrive in the UK and Italy soon. Sightings of Chinese hornets have also been reported in the US.

Kill them. Kill them with fire.

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The Moon’s Glow #poetry #life’slesson #amwriting

penned in moon dust

Moon by ShironekoEuro

Ah the harvest moon

filled with amber glow

release your source

unveil your love

pour dust upon my soul


gazing down she softly smiles

her radiant all the more

adore me not

you star fazed one

gaze upon life’s shore


I smile into childlike eyes

I but a mirror grand

I gather light into my self

joyous to sit

upon sun’s night stand


look up into radiant  light

take in his daily glow

bask in his warmth

no matter what the day

his love for you will show

The harvest moon shot is by Shironekoeuro ck the site for more amazing photography

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Children’s Photos Tell the Story of Île-à-Vaches

Repeating Islands


A new photo exhibit in Miami, hosted by Flying High for Haiti, aims to tell the story of a small island off Haiti through the eyes of some of its schoolchildren. The exhibition will take place between 7:00pm and 10:00pm on Saturday, September 28, 2013, at 72 NW 25th Street in Wynwood, Miami, Florida. The exhibition will feature 40 photos taken by ten children from Île-à-Vache, an island off the southwest coast of Haiti. The show will also include 20 photos taken by Simon Russell, a travel and documentary photographer from New York. [Admission is free, but photos will be available for sale from $50 to $250.]

“The kids are the ones taking the pictures and telling the story of the island,” said Ines Lozano, president of Flying High for Haiti, a nonprofit organization which will host an upcoming photo exhibition. [. . .] All 10 kids are enrolled in…

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Lebanese Xriss Jor Wins At Dubai Music Week, Signs Recording Contract With Quincy Jones

Whew! What a great voice and feeling for Etta James!

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Xriss Jor Dubai Music Week

A jury that consisted of Timbaland and Will.i.Am chose Lebanese Xriss Jor as the winner of the talent part at the Dubai Music Festival, following her performance of Listen by Beyonce. As a result, Jor will sign a record deal contract with Sony Music and producer Quincy Jones, who has worked previously with Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra. She will get a single and a music video out of this.

Xriss was competing with Emirati singer Hamdan Al Abri, Dubai-based Lebanese band Jay Wud, Lebanese singer DD Fox and Sudanese R&B singer Nile.

I figured her name was familiar so I looked into her some more and it transpired that she was a contestant on The Voice and managed to reach the later stages of the show before being disqualified in the 1/4 finals. Those talent show contestants keep going at it until they hit the jackpot apparently. Another batch will…

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