AmeriCorps Helped Fulfill a Childhood Dream

A Lifetime Of Service

Today’s guest post comes from Jen Rudolph, Program Animal Specialist at Rhode Island Zoological Society

On January 1, 2008, after a very difficult time in my life, I woke up and made a promise to myself that I would find a way to change the world for the better.  Of course, this is an overwhelming goal if you look at all the world’s problems but if you can identify one problem at a time, like any other task, it becomes possible.

For me, working in corporate America, specifically for a retailer whose main goal was to produce more “stuff”, I began to realize that I had stopped listening to that little voice inside me that had always looked to nature for comfort.  I began my search for opportunities at one of the places I would go as a child to connect with animals, my local zoo.

When I went to…

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Rise of Radical Jihadists Setback for Syria



This image of the Omar al-Farouq brigade was taken from the group’s website; Syrian Sunni rebel Khalid al-Hamad, who mutilated a corpse, is a member of the brigade.

I wrote this piece for  Al-Monitor, look forward to your comments.

The recent gruesome video of a Syrian rebel soldier, Khalid al-Hamad, mutilating a corpse has triggered shock and outrage, fueling a tense debate over the wisdom of supporting the armed uprising against President Bashar al-Assad. While some consider the video as the ultimate proof that backing the rebels is a bad idea, others view the radicalization and increasing brutality of the armed opposition as a direct result of the weak Western response and US dithering. This later opinion is based on the assumption that an early and decisive intervention in support of the moderate factions of the Syrian rebels would have marginalized the radicals and reduced their recruiting abilities.

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The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) is propagating in favor of the deployment of combat drones. The influential think tank, headquartered in Berlin, has published an opinion poll indicating that more than two-thirds of the German population are in favor of using Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles or UCAVs in warfare. The results of this poll can be found in the current edition of “Internationale Politik,” the journal published by the DGAP. The journal extensively treats the subject – with an unambiguous tenor: UCAV development is characterized as an “enormous technological leap” that the German armed forces cannot evade. The authors consider the construction of combat drones, which, based on artificial intelligence can quasi “autonomously” carry out killer functions without human intervention, to be a “logical consequence.” The PR campaign, launched by the DGAP, accords with the German government’s intention to increase the reliance on UCAVs in future wars.


With hardline Islamic militants gone from Somali capital, a mystical branch blooms again

Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam, is having a major comeback since al-Shabab, an armed militant Islamic group, was pushed out of Somalias capital in August 2011. The Sunni insurgents had banned Sufis from gathering and prevented them from worshipping. Sufi sheiks, or elders, were attacked, graves of their saints were desecrated and rituals and celebrations became rare or secretly performed.

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KSA: Two Health Care Workers Infected With nCoV

MOH Announces Detection of Two New Confirmed Coronavirus Injuries in the Eastern Region

14 May 2013

Further to its previous statements and within the framework of the continuous monitoring and epidemiological surveillance of Coronavirus, MOH would like to point out that two new confirmed cases of Coronavirus have been detected among health practitioners in the Eastern Region, and they are currently still  under the medical observation receiving the proper treatment. May Allah grant  them speedy recovery.


Proceeding from its keenness to provide citizens, journalists and those who are interested with updated information on Coronavirus, MOH would like to expound that they can visit MOH website which is regularly updated:


It is noteworthy that MOH had already directed a number of medical tips and guidelines to citizens and residents in several ways, including social media; in order to raise the health awareness of this virus, and reduce the potential of infection with it.


For more information, kindly visit the MOH website referred above.


May Allah protect our country from all evils, and perpetuate the blessings of health and wellness upon everyone




Healthcare worker infections are of particular concern because – presumably – they are taking at least some basic precautions against catching diseases from their patients, and because of their ability to spread an illness to others in their care.

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Lebanon: Blogger Beaten for Taking Photos · Global Voices

Lebanese blogger Habib Battah narrates how he was held against his consent, forced to delete photographs of ruins from his phone camera and repeatedly assaulted in this post on the Beirut Report. When he reported the case to his local police station, the officers in charge said it was his word against theirs.

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