Breaking News: Iceland Whalers Want to Hunt Humpbacks

While covering Iceland’s commercial whaling industry over the last two months I have found myself thinking, “alright, this is completely unacceptable and terrible, but I guess it could be worse.”  I regret to inform you that it just got worse.  The nightmare that once was humpback whaling could potentially reemerge, according to a report today from Visir, a national newspaper in Iceland.

In the article (link below), Gunnar Bergmann Jonsson, director of the minke whalers association, seems confident that humpbacks will be hunted again, and expresses his company’s desire to engage in such “fishing”.  But what’s scarier than a powerful whaler expressing his opinion about killing a species that humans once pushed to the brink of extinction?

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A War of Numbers

It was enough people to show that many more than voted for the past elected government had decided that he was wrecking Egypt and had to go.

Egyptian Streets

Numbers, numbers everywhere, but not an accurate statistic in sight

By Peter Schwartz, contributor,

‘So let me get this straight: how big were the demonstrations?’ an Irish friend recently asked me.

I hummed and hawed, bandied around a few possible statistics, but then embarrassed, was forced to admit I didn’t really know. He was mightily unimpressed. After regaling him with tales of Ittihadeya crammed to the gills and suffocating-room only in Tahrir, I was supposed to have a good grasp of the situation.

I don’t, though, at least not when it comes to providing precise, or even vague figures.

In this, however, I’m far from alone, because Egypt, whose Pharaohs were conducting censuses when most Europeans were just about getting to grips with the wheel, has a problem with numbers.

Take June 30th as a case in point: 33 million people protested against Morsi, many of his opponents say.  It was more like 17…

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Immigration officers accused of singling out ‘Australian’ looking people in spot checks

Pride's Purge


Immigration chiefs have been accused of using ‘heavy handed’ and ‘intimidating’ tactics against anybody who looks Australian or New Zealand-ish during anti-immigration operations carried out across London recently.

The criticism comes after immigration officers targeting illegal immigrants stopped and questioned any passengers who were tall and suntanned with long shaggy blond hair and wearing surfer shorts at tube stations in several London boroughs.

However, according to several witnesses the officers were aggressive, intimidating and were specifically targeting individuals who had corks hanging from their hats.

Kensal Rise resident Sheila Irwin told the Times she was closely questioned about her attitude to wrestling crocodiles and threatened with arrest after she admitted she preferred vegemite to marmite.

She said:

I thought the behaviour of the immigration officers was heavy-handed and frightening. They appeared to be stopping and questioning every antipodean-looking person, many of whom were clearly ordinary Kensal Green residents on…

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Dressed For Murder

God wants to and does love us all – killing in God’s name is the abomination and fear of no being sure of yourself does drive men and women to believe they are above God

Jamaica Woman Tongue

DWAYNE JONES probably thought he was dressed to kill when he stepped out to that fateful dance. He couldn’t have known he was going to be the prey. But he must have realised he was making a risky fashion statement. After all, the dance was taking place just outside ‘Gyal-tego’ Bay.

That’s the new name for Montego Bay in the twisted vocabulary of super-sensitive Jamaican males. And Mandeville is now ‘Gyal-deville’. It’s not a joke. It’s a very serious matter. Sexually insecure men are so fearful of appearing to be homosexual that they cannot go into a ‘man’ town or city. Only gyal.

images-1It’s the same ‘reason’ bad man don’t eat guinep. Dem don’t suck seed. And, despite all the bravado, they don’t succeed in hiding their weakness. If you have to go to such extremes to reassure yourself that you are a real-real man, something must be fundamentally wrong.

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Egyptian Aak- Week 31. The Anatomy of Defiance

Ignoring the failed regime may well be the best strategy to diffuse it…


Main Headlines




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Venice Boardwalk Hit-And-Run Victim Identified As Italian Woman On Honeymoon: LAist

(So sad – RIP Alice)

The woman killed in last nights horrific hit-and-run on the Venice Beach Boardwalk has been identified as an Italian woman who was honeymooning in California.Alice Gruppioni, 32, died just hours after a car plowed through the crowded boardwalk, injuring a dozen. Gruppioni was on a honeymoon with her new husband Christian Casadei, an architect and planner. The pair were married on July 20, and they were building a home together in Pianoro, according to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.Gruppionis aunt, sister and father-in-law are headed to Los Angeles to meet Casadei, who is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries, according to the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera. His injuries were not serious.

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Brown Shirts and Jack Boots for Profiling Police! Government adviser’s warning over spot checks for illegal immigrants | UK news | The Observer

The dispute over the Home Office’s controversial spot-check searches for illegal immigrants has escalated, as one of the government’s own migration advisers warned that Britain should not adopt the draconian tactics of countries such as Singapore in dealing with the issue.

Last week Home Office officials, accompanied by police officers wearing stab vests, conducted a series of checks, mainly at railway stations, as they sought to find immigrants illegally living in the country. It followed the rollout of a number of vans displaying signs encouraging illegal immigrants to “go home” in a pilot that has been widely criticised as heavy-handed.

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Noa: my visit to the Knesset in support of peace!

Everybody, Arabs and Jews alike spoke beautifully, it was truly inspiring. I too had a chance to speak, and urged my fellow artists on both sides of the fence to step out and raise their voices, fearlessly, for peace (personally I think e should ALL be out on the streets!)

But what was MOST striking was the fact that for the first time in the HISTORY of the Knesset, the Palestinian flag was waving alongside the Israeli one!! what a sight to see!! (see photo)

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Cyclospora Outbreak Linked to Taylor Farms Salad, Some Served at Olive Garden and Red Lobster | Food Safety News

  1. News of who held up because Red Lobster and Olive Garden would have screamed loud if evidence not solid.
  2. Think twice now – why can’t they buy local and make their own salads? What’s going on with the rest of the “food” being prepared at these and similar outlets. 

The outbreak of Cyclospora in Iowa and Nebraska that has caused hundreds of confirmed illnesses has been linked to Mexican-grown Taylor Farms salad mix, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Some of the contaminated salad mix was served at Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants, according to the Des Moines Register. Other restaurants may also have used the salad mix.

It is not yet clear if concurrent Cyclospora outbreaks in other states are also connected to the Taylor Farms salad mix or the restaurant chains. At least 418 people across 16 states have been found ill with Cyclospora infection between early June and early July.

No grocery store products have yet been connected to the outbreak, as it is considered exclusively restaurant salad at this point.

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Breaking News: I Almost Died

Almost funny but people are injured and some die every year because of people shooting in the air to “celebrate.”

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Well, not quite.

I was in Tripoli when Saad Hariri’s long-awaited Ramadan speech was taking place. I couldn’t care less about what he had to say so I just sat with my friends on a porch, enjoying an afternoon August breeze.

“He’s ten minutes in and we haven’t heard bullets yet,” Ismail said jokingly. And, as if on queue, the bullets started getting fired up the air.

So as we discussed some inescapable politics through the distant shots, we heard something ricochet off the wall and land immediately next to us. We were four people. This surprisingly heavy bullet could have hit anyone:

Bullet tripoli lebanon

I’m not the kind to immediately freak out so we simply retreated inside as they cursed the morons shooting on the streets in celebration. The shooting soon ended as the speech died down.

Then I wondered: what if this actually hit one of us?

Any kind of…

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