Guy toys – really? : Check Out The Military-Grade Stealth Motorcycle The LAPD Bought: LAist

“Our officers have an added tactical advantage while on patrol,” said Officer Steve Carbajal of the LAPD Off-Road Unit in a press release. Among these tactical advantages aside from the quiet engine include the ability to go zero-to-60 in 4.4 seconds and ford water over three feet deep. The bike is designed for off-road use, but can even be used in indoor pursuits down with zero emissions. It has a top speed of 85 MPH.

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Asian Heatwave Precedes Monsoon : Image of the Day

In the first half of June 2014, news accounts described an extreme heatwave in India, as well as the late and somewhat weak arrival of the seasonal monsoon. Air temperatures in New Delhi climbed as high as 48° Celsius (118° Fahrenheit) and stayed above 43°C (110°F) for seven days. Satellite data offer some insights on what was happening on the ground.

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Term – poem


by W. S. Merwin


At the last minute a word is waiting
not heard that way before and not to be
repeated or ever be remembered
one that always had been a household word
used in speaking of the ordinary
everyday recurrences of living
not newly chosen or long considered
or a matter for comment afterward
who would ever have thought it was the one
saying itself from the beginning through
all its uses and circumstances to
utter at last that meaning of its own
for which it had long been the only word
though it seems now that any word would do

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Chennai children sing for peace – The Hindu

On the occasion of World Music Day, students from city schools – both private and Chennai Corporation-run institutions — are singing to promote harmony and peace.

On Saturday, will have school students and professionals sing across the city. Beginning 6 a.m. at Gandhi statue in Marina beach, there will be performances through the day at PSBB School in T. Nagar, Citi Centre Mall and Narada Gana Sabha. “Around 250-300 children will participate and we want to pass on these ideals to the next generation,” said musician K.N. Shashikiran. There is also an event in the evening at Narada Gana Sabha.

On Friday, 500 children sang folk, classical and semi-classical songs at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Anil Srinivasan, musician and founder of Rhapsody Music Foundation, said, “The idea is to bring communities together, to see music as an educational tool and not just as art.”

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“Hunting Street Children and Shooting Them Like Dogs” is NOT the Solution! – Egyptian Streets

I agree with you on one thing: a need for a government to show bravery. But, Sir, we are not cavemen, neither are we Nazi’s. Bravery must be shown by our governments in admitting they have not got the first clue on how to solve the problems that lead children to the street. They must be humble in admitting they need help from professional researchers and NGO staff to get together and find out what’s leading the children to the streets, why they stay there and they must be brave in investing money to trial solutions of monitored alternative care where families have abused their children out of their homes! This Mr Op-Ed writer is a far braver solution.

Below are a couple of photos of some of the street children I have met, none of them have committed crimes, none have raped anyone, none have HIV/AIDS, none are stealing anyone’s jobs. Does your suggestion for brave measures include ‘fishing’ and ‘shooting’ these little ones? Or will the cute ones escape the executioner?

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