Steve McCurry: Photographer of Life

The Secret Reveler

Steve McCurry  is a phenomenal photographer. He has been working as a photojournalist for the majority of his life & if you think you don’t know who he is, think again. His iconic national geographic image of the Afaghn Girl , resonates with everyone. His photographs truly capture what it is to be human, from absolutely all around the world. Below are just a few of his outstanding photographs. He also has a personal blog on wordpress, so start following to see continuous updates of his magnificent and inspiring work…


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Day One: Rebuilding Tripoli

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Day one post two blasts that killed 45 of its sons and daughters, this is Tripoli.

This morning, these young men and women are not pointing fingers and expressing blame. They are not sinking to the sectarian rhetoric that many people believe will change how this country is going. They are mourning their city in the way they know best: by cleaning up the rubble and the destruction so they can at least have part of the place they call home back.

For many Lebanese, Tripoli is a city that exists way up there, beyond that army checkpoint, that we don’t need to visit. For many Lebanese, Tripoli exists only as a city that is ravaged by Islamists and militants and violence and destruction. But this city, which currently sits in a near-comatose situation, is – thanks to the efforts of those young men and women – trying to get…

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AMERICA/COSTA RICA – Violence against children: an “epidemic” that continues to spread – Fides News Agency

Since the beginning of 2013, 1,115 children who suffered physical assaults have been assisted at the National Pediatric Hospital (HNN) in Costa Rica. According to data released by the health center, the situation is alarming because the annual average of cases of violence against minors correspond to 1,500. Concern is also growing because the attacks are becoming more violent, physical, sexual and psychological. However, the actual figures reported by the Patronato Nacional de la Infancia (Pani) exceed those of the HNN. Every year this organization receives more than 13,000 complaints.

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The Curfew Hours

Egyptian Streets

By Alice Tegle, correspondent,

With Egypt on curfew, daily routines can quickly into dangerous encounters. A packet of biscuits nearly killed 24-year-old Amin Abu Hashem.

“Well…Today I was shot at”, said Amin Abu Hashem to Egyptian Streets during the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Friday of rage”.

He is on the phone from his house in El-Nahda square where weeks of violence between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military culminated in Wednesday´s bloodshed. At least 87 people were killed meters from his apartment.

“A guy was behind a shed the workers use for coffee breaks. Suddenly I heard the sound of a shotgun,” said Amin before momentarily pausing.

“I dodged the bullet, felt it fly by and I hurried back inside.”

The sound of gunfire has filled the streets of Cairo the past two days. Amin had watched the sit-ins evolve from his window before they were dispersed by security forces on August 14.


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AFRICA/EGYPT – Tension for today’s demonstrations. A Coptic monastery attacked – Fides News Agency

Cairo (Agenzia Fides) – “The situation has been calm so far but one lives in tension due to the demonstrations announced today by supporters of ousted President Morsi. I hope that nothing serious happens”, says to Fides Agency Fr. Rafic Greiche, spokesman of the Catholic Bishops of Egypt

“In much of Egypt, security conditions are improving but not in Giza and Al Minya” says the priest.

In this regard, Fr. Greiche reported the assault against a Coptic Orthodox monastery in a small village near Al Minya. “A group of people attacked the monastery and beat the monks. The police intervened but it was too late for the monks who were taken to hospital. One is still in hospital, the other was discharged”. “It must be said that it is not always easy for the police to move in areas such as Minya, where Christians are always on the alert for the presence of various jihadist groups”, said Fr. Greiche

“Minya is one of the governorates where in the past (in the 90s) there was a large number of terrorist attacks. It is one of the focal points of the presence of jihadist groups”, recalls the priest.

“This is because the geography of the area favors the movements of these groups, often formed by Bedouin families who move easily, and can hide in the nearby mountains”.

The authorities in Cairo have imposed strict security measures all over the country in view of the announced protests after Friday prayers. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 23/08/2013)

via AFRICA/EGYPT – Tension for today’s demonstrations. A Coptic monastery attacked – Fides News Agency.


Here are my thought that was published today in Fikra Forum about the forced end of the sit-in and the crisis in Egypt:

I wrote on Sunday, August 11 that the sit-ins should be left alone and not dispersed by force; it seems that the government lost patience, and viewed the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and its supporters as an increasingly provocative group looking to defy the state. Sadly, the government’s tactics were brutal and deplorable, and there were other non-lethal measures that they could have tried before using force.

After the sit-ins were forcibly dispersed, emergency law became inevitable. Pro-Morsi protestors had been indoctrinated for 7 weeks during the sit-ins that Copts and regime thugs were behind the coup, so the military’s action against the protestors unleashed their raw, pent up anger.

I doubt both sides will reconcile their differences, and it appears that there are dark days ahead for Egypt. The leadership…

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Government vows to crack down on protesting toddlers after hundreds refuse to go to bed

Cameron chief refusnik!

Pride's Purge


The government has vowed not to give in to pressure from thousands of protesters across the country aged between 3 and 12 who are refusing to go to bed when told to by their parents.

And in signs that authorities are losing patience with the unruly protesters, pressure is mounting on police after complaints that officers have been resorting to using excessive force to remove the most obstinate tots.

A video sent to Pride’s Purge appears to show police officers forcing one protester to go to bed by brutally tickling pressure points under his chin and ruthlessly bending his teddy bear.

Sussex Police were asked on Monday morning to clarify their techniques and tactics against protesters since the mass countrywide protests against bedtime by toddlers were revealed – but as Pride’s Purge went to press last night, police authorities had still failed to respond to our urgent enquiries.


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Top 10 Must-read Caribbean Feminist Blog Posts

Feminist Conversations on Caribbean Life

In no particular order here are 10 boss posts from Caribbean feminist bloggers writing out loud.  Read, share and tell me what other articles should be on this list. Enjoy this gift from the Caribbean femisphere!

a. I swear if I hear “independent ladies” one more time…  by  Mar the Mongoose (Barbados)

Why?Quick wit. Pulse firmly on Caribbean popular culture! You will never scream on cue again!

stop singling out women as “independent ladies” based on some bullshit basket of goods that you determine of value to women: weave and clothes and underwear. All the women in that particular show or fête are independent by virtue of the fact that they are adults with rights. And they don’t need to scream at your command to make that so.

b. No Women Died, This is Not a Women’s Issue by Sherlina Nageer (Guyana)

Why? Because when innocent men are…

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