Shanghai Reports Two New H7N9 Cases – Total Now 33

Two more H7N9 infection cases reported in Shanghai   2013-04-10 18:47:25

SHANGHAI, April 10 (Xinhua) — Two more cases of H7N9 bird flu infections were reported on Wednesday in Shanghai Municipality, bringing the total number of infected people in the country to 33, health authorities said.

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Women take over Kenya’s farming sector | Environment | DW.DE | 09.04.2013

According to the World Bank, women make up 80 percent of Kenya’s farmers. Despite their majority, they still have many challenges to overcome, like gaining ownership of the land they work.

Flanked by a poultry yard and several cows grazing just a few meters from her home, Linda Okal is busy in her vegetable garden in Kenya’s central Mbeere province – famous for its agricultural products.

Okal grows maize and cultivates fruit trees, rears dairy cows and numerous chickens. She also takes care of her two children. “I started farming when my husband moved to town to look for a white collar job,” Linda says. She was left behind to take care of the farm and the children – an increasingly common tale in Kenya, where more and more women take over farms.

Women traditionally used to stay at home to take care of the family and cook for the men on the farm, Okal told DW. “But there were no female farmers.”

Linda Okal

Now, more than 80 percent of Kenya’s farms are run by women. Only half of these women actually own their farms; the others work the land that belongs to their husbands. But not having ownership creates a lot of problems. Since the women don’t own the land, they cannot join farming cooperatives that would help them interact with other people who could help them improve production or sales.

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US: Yield lettuce which sprout in hot weather discovered

Guard your non-GMO lettuce seeds!

In the new study, researchers turned to lettuce genetics to better understand the temperature-related mechanisms governing seed germination. They identified a region of chromosome six in a wild ancestor of commercial lettuce varieties that enables seeds to germinate in warm temperatures. When that chromosome region was crossed into cultivated lettuce varieties, those varieties gained the ability to germinate in warm temperatures.

Further genetic mapping studies zeroed in on a specific gene that governs production of a plant hormone called abscisic acid — known to inhibit seed germination. The newly identified gene “turns on” in most lettuce seeds when the seed is exposed to moisture at warm temperatures, increasing production of abscisic acid. In the wild ancestor that the researchers were studying, however, this gene does not turn on at high temperatures. As a result, abscisic acid is not produced and the seeds can still germinate.

The researchers then demonstrated that they could either “silence” or mutate the germination-inhibiting gene in cultivated lettuce varieties, thus enabling those varieties to germinate and grow even in high temperatures.

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Guard your non-GMO lettuce seeds!

“Plants communicate what type of light they want”

The project’s aim is to produce a system that employs the plants’ response to automatically regulate the lights in the greenhouse. Natural sunlight can then be supplemented with light from lamps to ensure the total lighting is that required by the plants, both in terms of brightness and light spectrum.

This can be achieved using advanced LED lamps, which consist of several groups of dimmable light emitting diodes with different colour spectra. This kind of lamp can also be programmed to provide lighting that is adjusted to the needs of the plants.

“The technology has enormous potential for energy savings,” says Torsten Wik. “We are counting on being able to save about 30 per cent by switching from sodium lamps to LED. Furthermore, it is possible to save 20 per cent by regulating the light’s intensity and spectrum using our method. This means that greenhouses in Europe alone would be able to save as much electricity as half of Sweden’s electricity consumption.”

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Santa Muerte Shrine To Open in Lebanon

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Following the outrage of some Lebanese that other Lebanese were outraged at a possible shirtgate involving demonizing a Virgin Mary icon are not aware of well-rooted Mexican folklore, the Mexican embassy, in collaboration with the Lebanese government, will be building a Santa Muerte shrine in the village of DeirBella.

Issuing a brief statement on the matter, the Mexican embassy noted the “overwhelming support” their not-recognized saint has gotten over the past few hours in Lebanon. They were “absolutely dumbfounded” by the well-rooted knowledge of Santa Muerte among the Lebanese populace whereby everyone seems to be quite the expert. “We didn’t know Santa Muerte had so many fans in Lebanon,” they said, “this makes us quite excited about possible culture fusion between the countries.” The embassy was also quite “enthusiastic” about the culture fusion prospect in Lebanese society, à la St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving.

“It shouldn’t be exclusive to the…

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Bershka Lebanon Insulting The Virgin Mary

The style takes it’s inspiration from a combination of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico and their Day of the Dead All Hallows Eve celebration during which they visit the grave or the relatives – The skull is not meant to mock. Good design and tee!

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

A friend of mine just sent my way the following shirt being sold by Bershka Lebanon for 49,000:

Bershka Shirt Lebanon Christianity - 1Bershka Shirt Lebanon Christianity - 2

The shirt called Lady of Skulls features a Virgin Mary-esque image that cannot, even with the most out-of-the-box approaches, not be considered as a distortion of many Christians icons of Mary

I am not the most sensitive person when it comes to religious jabs. In fact, I think we need some of them more often so people can light off a little. Caricatures or comedic approaches to some religious symbols might be acceptable – they are to me – but demonizing religious holy figures for the sake of having fun such as in this case is, quite frankly, unacceptable. I find it revolting and offensive.


It’s not about freedom of expression or freedom to wear whatever you want. This isn’t a book I’m saying you should not be reading or…

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Egyptian Aak: Week 14

I am sure that many wish their land would awake from what now seems to many as a bad dream That will only happen if you raise your voices loud enough to wake even the deepest sleeper!


Coptic death (Coffins of dead Copts following Saturday sectarian clashes – Twitter  via @auscma)

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