Those wondering how big a fool or bigot he is get their answer! Christians only: Nigel Farage drops Syrian refugee call

He told the Jeremy Vine Show that Syrian Muslims could flee to neighbouring countries.

\”It\’s bad enough for Sunni and Shia. At least there are neighbouring countries that will take them,\” he said.

\”Where on Earth are the Christians going to go? Christians are now a seriously persecuted minority.\”

A spokesperson added: \”Christians are being increasingly persecuted across the Middle East and Syria as extreme Islamist elements seek to purge the region of Christianity.

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Hopes For A Better Lebanon: I’m Not A Martyr

Pray, Hope, Act!

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

“I just heard. I hope you’re okay,”  is the text I sent to the people who mattered to me this past Friday, moments after I had seen a column of smoke erupt in the distance from the hospital floor I had been rounding on.

I stood in patients’ rooms, transfixed as residents inquired on those patients’ state while television screens were lit with the bodies of people who had just perished. I was angry. I’m always angry. I was sorry. I was disgusted. It was an all too familiar sensation.

“Let’s continue the round,” the chief resident told me. “But people just died,” I replied. “It’s okay, life goes on.” It had only been a few minutes.

I don’t have suicidal ideations, but I wondered that day about how it’d be to die like those poor people, a burning corpse on a careless tarmac that has seen more than its…

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Cincinnati is Ohio’s drunkest city … and can you blame us? – Cincinnati Business Courier


There’s a veritable beer renaissance going on in Greater Cincinnati right now. New breweries are popping up on both sides of the Ohio River. Existing craft brewers are rolling out new label after new label. And so, it turns out, that Men’s Health magazine has ranked us as the drunkest city in Ohio.

So sue us.

The Queen City landed at No. 68 on Men’s Health’s ranking, with No. 100 on the list being considered the drunkest. The annual ranking is based on data like DWI arrests, binge-drinking rates and incidents of liver disease.

Cincinnati tipped a few more back than Cleveland, coming in at No. 67 among drunkards. Columbus was No. 64.

American’s drunkest city? That’s Bakersfield, Calif., followed by San Antonio and Stockton, Calif.

Cincinnati is Ohio’s drunkest city … and can you blame us? – Cincinnati Business Courier.

See UKIP supporters’ reaction to Nigel Farage’s call to let Syrian refugees into UK

Was there ever any doubt? “So according to UKIP supporters – immigrants and Muslims are ‘filthy’, ‘dirty’ ‘scum’ who deserve to be shot.

So much for Farage’s attempts to portray the UKIP as a modern, moderate, libertarian, non-extremist and non-racist party.”

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

To get a good idea of the real face of UKIP, all you need to do is to have a look at the reaction from party supporters on the official UKIP Facebook page to Farage’s suggestion that the UK should let some Syrian refugees come to the UK.

Here are just a select few from hundreds of similar comments on the thread (click to enlarge):



So according to UKIP supporters – immigrants and Muslims are ‘filthy’, ‘dirty’ ‘scum’ who deserve to be shot.

So much for Farage’s attempts to portray the UKIP as a modern, moderate, libertarian, non-extremist and non-racist party.


Please feel free to comment.

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SPIEGEL Interview With Pussy Riot Member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova – SPIEGEL ONLINE

SPIEGEL: Were you treated decently while in custody?

Tolokonnikova: No. It was terrible. They tried everything to break me and silence me. The collective punishments were the worst, almost unbearable. Because of a small gesture, or when I asked the camp management to observe the law, 100 people were assigned to a punishment unit, where beatings were customary. I was treated better than others, simply because there was so much public attention. In my case, they did adhere to the eight-hour workday required by law. The other women were often forced to slave away for up to 16 hours a day.

SPIEGEL: How could the Russian penal system be reformed?

Tolokonnikova: I\’m not claiming that everything I say here is the ultimate truth. But this is what would be needed: more exercise, a broader selection of work activities to reflect the talents and propensities of prisoners, and decent pay, so that prisoners can occasionally buy something without outside support. I was paid all of 25 rubles a month for sewing uniforms day in and day out. In euros, that\’s the equivalent of 60 cents ($0.82). I would have been in bad shape if I hadn\’t received food packages. It would also be very important to prevent prisoners from harassing their fellow prisoners. And I also think educational activities are important. For example, why shouldn\’t prisons feature the occasional guest performance by a theater group?

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The Lettuce People Grows Greens in Youngstown, Ohio

In addition to their produce, The Lettuce People sell hydroponic systems and kits, growing

supplies, and equipment. They are also looking to educate the public about hydroponics and

urban agriculture by developing programs for school children and prospective hydroponic

farmers and through extensive social media outreach.

“I believe in the importance of sharing what I have learned so that it can become exponentially

better. This is why I’ve recorded and shared my experiments on YouTube and Blogger from the

beginning,” Phibbs says. “I teach classes on how to begin your own hydroponics garden or

business, so I’m an educator and consultant.”

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The new(old) British Roma Racism Rampant Again! Tory activists call to extend restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians | UK news |

A group of senior Tory activists have joined calls for David Cameron to extend controls on Bulgarians and Romanians entering the UK.

Conservative Grassroots, a network of party members, is the latest to pledge support to an amendment that would prolong the restrictions rather than scrap them on Wednesday.

The prime minister has come under increasing pressure from his own party to take action, following concerns that full access to the UK labour market would prompt a \”wave of mass immigration\” from Wednesday.

In an open letter they urge Cameron to use a safeguard clause in EU law which they believe could extend controls until 2018 because of \”exceptional economic circumstances\”.

James Joshua, director of Conservative Grassroots, said: \”In just a couple of days Britain faces a wave of mass immigration from Bulgaria and Romania at the end of the seven-year moratorium put in place by the last Labour government.

\”Some estimates have suggested that more than 300,000 Romanians and Bulgarians will travel to the UK. This will put huge pressure on public services at a time when the country is struggling under a mountain of debt with on-going acute challenges within the economy.\”

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Israeli “training exercises” condemned – internally and external human rights groups

Ahmad Amro and his friends were breaking the fast one evening during Ramadan when a group of soldiers approached the Hebron community center they were sitting outside.

\”Around 12 of them appeared from three different directions,\” he said. \”Then more of them came and shut all the doors, started jumping all over the place, running from one room to another, going upstairs, acting as if one of them had been injured and carrying him off on a stretcher … We didn\’t know what was going on, or why they were doing it.\”

Ahmad later discovered the soldiers were training, rather than carrying out a real raid, and later returned to their base without making any arrests. Nobody came to apologize or explain what had happened afterwards.

The incident was one of more than 40 that have been documented by different human rights groups in Israel, which are working together to challenge the practice, which they say is inhumane and in breach of the Israeli Defense Forces\’ (IDF) duty to protect the local population. One of them, Yesh Din, has asked the Supreme Court to rule on the legality of this type of training.

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