Herring Filets Recalled over Listeria Concerns | Food Safety News

Gold Star Smoked Fish Corp. of Brooklyn, N.Y., is recalling Baltic Treasures, Norwegian Style Matjes, Marinella “Delicatessnaya,” Jewish Style Matjes, Traditional Russian Matjes, and Rybacka Wies Matjes Brands of Herring Fillets in Oil due to contamination or possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.

In addition, Zip International Group LLC of Edison, N.J., is recalling Baltic Sprats in Spicy Brine Net Wt. 15.8 Oz (450g) in plastic packaging, also because of the potential Listeria contamination.

The recalled Gold Star products are packaged in 10.5 oz/300 gram, 17.64oz/500 gram, and 35.5oz/1 kg vacuum packed plastic packages and have sell by dates 103113, 113013, 123113, or 13114 stamped on the back of the container.

The UPC Numbers are 0 21143 24118 1, 0 21143 24119 8, 0 21143 24117 4, 0 21143 24116 7, 0 21143 24101 3, 0 21143 24105 1, 0 21143 24111 2, 0 21143 24103 7, 0 21143 24106 8, 0 21143 24110 5, 0 21143 24102 0, 0 21143 24104 4, 0 21143 24121 1, 0 21143 24122 8, and 0 21143 24123 5.

The products were sold nationwide. They are products of the USA.

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Antoine Cassar

The series of Atlas poems continues, with another island: this time, the Greek islet of Salamís, or Σαλαμίνα, in the Saronic Gulf, 2 km off the port of Piraeus, 16 km west of Athens. 96 km2 (larger than Gozo, but less than half the size of Malta), population 39,283 (as of 2011).

Until the mid-20th century, the majority of the inhabitants were Arvanite (Albanian Greeks), who know the island by the name of Koullouri (Κȣλλȣρι). Following mass migration from Athens, the Arvanites are now a minority; many of them simply became absorbed into the ‘national’ Greek identity.

Salamís Island is known as the birthplace of the warrior Ajax, and hosts the cave in which Euripides retired from the world to write his tragedies. It’s also known for the famous Battle of Salamis, 480 B.C., won by the Greek city-states, signalling the beginning of the end for…

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Plans to make H7N9 bird flu virus more virulent in high-security tests | World news | theguardian.com

Wendy Barclay, a virologist at Imperial College London, said it would be “ludicrous” not to do the experiments. “They allow us to see how the virus might evolve and what we can expect from nature,” she said. “This type of work is like fitting glasses for someone who can’t see well – without the glasses the vision is blurred and uncertain, with them you can focus on the world and deal with it a lot more easily.”

via Plans to make H7N9 bird flu virus more virulent in high-security tests | World news | theguardian.com.

Ever hear of anyone dying from poorly fitting glasses? But 50 million once died from Spanish Flu – right?

Botulism Scare Exposes NZ Reliance on Dairy Monopoly

But the panic underscored how dependent New Zealand’s economy is on agriculture in general and Fonterra in particular. Fonterra’s annual revenue of $16 billion is equivalent to 10 percent of New Zealand’s entire economy, meaning everyone from farmers to homeowners were left holding their breath over its dirty piping.

In a country that has always relied on its farmers to pay the bills, Fonterra has become a behemoth, exporting more in dairy products alone than the nation’s combined exports of lamb, beef, fruit and wine.

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SGGP English Edition- Bird flu reoccurs in quails in Tien Giang Province

Bird flu has reoccurred in poultry in quail breeding farms in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang since July 2 and more than  26,000 infected quails have been destroyed in the province in the past month, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

via SGGP English Edition- Bird flu reoccurs in quails in Tien Giang Province.

Never heard of a covey of quail being 26,000. Can’t folks figure out that when natural systems “see” that many quail in one spot that it is over-population that is unbalancing the system; therefore a disease is needed to re-balance the system!??!

P&G to offshore Cincinnati jobs – Cincinnati Business Courier

P&G to offshore Cincinnati jobs – Cincinnati Business Courier.

What price loyalty? Not much! Procter & Gamble Co. plans to eliminate about 50 jobs in its Customer Service Accounts Receivable department in Cincinnati, beginning in October.

The workers will be replaced by people who will be hired at current P&G offices in San Jose, Costa Rica.

About 15 administrators in the Accounts Receivable department will remain in Cincinnati after the offshoring is completed by June 2015, said Marie-Laure Salvado, P&G communications director for North America.

Ten similar jobs will be eliminated in Canada, with those employees replaced by new workers in Costa Rica. Five administrators will remain on the job in the Toronto office of Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG).

Rising violence against Egypt’s Coptic Christians

Egyptian Streets

The removal of Egypt’s Islamist president Mohammed Morsi from power has ignited a wave of attacks against Coptic Christians. Over the past few days, sectarian violence has rocked Minya, with Islamist groups attacking the homes, stores, cars, and even Churches of the country’s Copts.

The violence in Minya, which has left dozens injured, displaced many Copts, with many refusing to return to their homes due to fear of further attacks. On Sunday, Islamists prevented Copts in Minya from attending mass at a Church by blocking the entrances.

In other locations across Egypt, at least 11 Coptic Christians are reported to have been killed in sectarian-related incidents since June 30. Countless others have been kidnapped and injured. Churches have also been looted, vandalized and in some cases torched.

According to the Maspero Youth Coalition, the attacks on Copts in Minya are part of a wave of attacks that stared following Morsi’s…

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