Former Chilean student leader Camila Vallejo runs for congress

Former Chilean student leader Camila Vallejo runs for congress.

After much speculation the district where Camila Vallejo — poster-child of the Chilean student movement and, increasingly, icon of the global left — will compete in the upcoming congressional elections was announced this week. The Communist Party candidate will vie for a seat in La Florida, a borough in south-east Santiago in which Vallejo has spent most of her life.

Egyptian Aak. Week 16

“The emerged videos, and photos of Brotherhood’s supporters wielding machetes and guns during the clashes, have stripped the Brotherhood from their alleged moral superiority. The group that once accused their opponents of “thuggery,” has decided to respond with an equal level of violence.

So was violence a goal? Probably yes, mainly to drain the anger of the young Islamists youth and to justify future decisions by Morsi (for example, arresting opposition figures and Christians, and charging them of organizing the violence). The rhetoric against Christians has increased recently; currently, there is a Christian militia hashtag on Twitter (in Arabic), under which many Islamists are piling sickening accusations against Egyptian Christians and opposition figures, whom in their eyes are traitors, just like the Copts.”


Friday clashes image

(Photo from Friday’s clashes via The Daily News Egypt)

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Can The Boston Bombing Suspect Be Deemed An “Enemy Combatant?”: Gothamist No – here’s why and dumb idea anyway

Unless Tsarnaev, who was eight years old at the time of the September 11 attacks, has some credible link to al Qaeda or another terrorist cell related to those enumerated in Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists that was passed in 2001, it’s unlikely any court would allow this designation for very long. Even Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has forcefully argued [PDF] that an American citizen cannot be named as an “enemy combatant.”

Besides, it’s unclear what designating Tsarnaev as an “enemy combatant” would do to help prosecute him, besides discredit a perfectly capable civilian justice system, debase the Constitution, allow for questionable interrogation tactics, make Tsarnaev a point of propaganda for terrorist organizations, and extrajudicially subject Tsarnaev to cruel and inhumane punishment.

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How Muslim Families Use Breastfeeding to Make Adopted Babies Their Own | Green Prophet

My clients are women who had been married for many years and had difficulty conceiving a child. Under my supervision the mothers adopted and breastfed infants around the age of four months old with 250 ml of expressed breast milk.

Lactation and milk expression took approximately two weeks. To encourage lactation, the mothers began by orally taking 60 mg of Domperidone a day and several cups of brewed Fenugreek while pumping and stimulating their breasts every two hours.

During the first week, small beads of milk could be seen coming out of the nipple; by the end of two weeks, the mothers were able to express 250 ml of breast milk, fulfilling the need for the five feeds to make the children their own.

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The Myth of All Terrorists Are Muslim

Pretty savvy commentary

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Bad luck Muslims: they drew a deep sigh of relief when the Boston bombings turned out not to be done by a Saudi citizen… it turns out they were European Muslims who, ironically, are literally Caucasian. I guess racial profiling is out the question now?

I didn’t know that a simple comment on a BuzzFeed article from yours truly would spark a debate of over 50 comments and a hundred “likes.” The article in question was simply about the Islam leaning-Youtube page of one of the bombers. My comment was: how is this relevant?

Many sided with me. Many called me overly politically correct. Many others said that even though not all Muslims are terrorists, all the terrorists are Muslims.

If you ponder on that last statement, you are sure led to believe it’s true: the Boston Bombings, 9/11, etc…. However, it turned out to be the furthest thing possible…

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El Cocinero

Through the Eye of the Needle

That big red brick chimney always caught my eye. As a girl it seemed immense to me. I imagined goblins living there. It aroused great fascination, especially since it was on a route we had to take — leading to the “scary” iron bridge over the Almendares River, which occasionally would open up like a giant wolf’s jaws to allow yachts to pass through — when we went to visit Aunt Cuca in Miramar. It was always one of my favorite walking paths.

With the passage of time and the sudden takeover the country by incarnate deities, these fantasies and dreams of childhood were abruptly ripped out by their roots in order to make way for a “new reality.” The dream-like tower remained, but it no longer sent out smoke signals. Little by little it came to seem more lifeless. My make-believe creatures disappeared along with the gray puffs that no longer billowed from its…

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Heirloom vs. Hybrid vs. Genetically Modified

Urban Gardens NYC

Among the considerations when starting a garden of your own is what kinds of plants and seeds to purchase. If you’re a beginning gardener, you might be surprised to hear that there can be several different choices when deciding what kind of seed or plant to purchase for each type of produce you buy.

The three main choices are these: heirloom, hybrid, and genetically modified. Each comes with a unique set of benefits and concerns that you’ll want to consider before making a final decision. Let’s review what each term means.

Heirloom seeds and plants are open-pollinated by insects, birds, and the wind. Plants grown from heirloom seeds can be allowed to flower and go to seed. Once that happens, you can collect the seeds and use them to re-plant the following year. They have also often become adapted to local climates, meaning they are likely to be more resistant…

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