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Criminalizing Homelessness (and a Lot of Other Things) in Hungary

What can one say but WHY? So, now you can claim someone is homeless and then jail or deport them because you don’t like them or they disagree with you. You will soon find yourselves boycotted, if you cannot find a way to return to freedom and democracy.

chtodelat news

Dear International Friends,

As you already know, the Hungarian Parliament will vote on an amendment to the Constitution that would encode the criminalization of homelessness into the fundamental law of the country.
In addition to penalizing poverty, the Constitution will also introduce a very restricted definition of family, limit the freedom of movement of students and seriously curtail the right and authority of the Constitutional Court, which so far has been a safeguard of democracy.
Please help us put as much pressure as possible on the Hungarian Parliament not to pass the amendment. 
Below, you can find a lot of useful information about the proposed amendment and its negative implications for democracy in Hungary:
* Please watch the video by homeless activists of the City is for All about the proposed amendment.

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Quotes show them for who/what they are…

Pride's Purge

(It’s not satire – it’s the nasty party)

We’ve all heard nasty quotes from Tories such as “Hang Mandela“, The homeless are what you step over when you come out of the opera” etc etc which prove just how nasty the nasty party really can be. But those quotes are all pre-Cameron – who likes to claim his party has changed.

Well, here are a selection of quotes from Tories from the Cameron era which prove the nasty party is alive and kicking and just as nasty as ever:

1) Hugh Jackson– Tory councillor in North Tyneside  – suggested euthanasia was a good way to reduce the costs of looking after disabled children.

2) Steve Hilton – senior adviser to David Cameron and Tory strategy director – said the government should boost economic growth by abolishing all working mothers’ maternity leave and rights.

3) Iain Duncan Smith – Tory Work…

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The Gaza Kitchen

Laila and Maggie had a roaring success when they launched Gaza Kitchen at Brooklyn’s famed Book Court store last night!

Today, they’re working with Sara Jenkins, the chef/owner at Porsena in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, helping her finetune preparation of the ‘Gaza Kitchen’ Gala Dinner’ that Porsena will be serving tonight.

Tomorrow, the talented duo have TWO public events– and then additional ones on Friday and Saturday. Their full schedule is here.

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UK’s version of the Hokey Pokey – Right foot, right foot out, left foot in and left foot out

Pride's Purge

(No  – it’s not satire – it’s the LibDems!)

At their conference today, the Lib Dems have voted against introducing secret courts.

Mind you, this comes after the Lib Dems voted in parliament to introduce them last week.

Which in turn came after the Lib Dems voted unanimously against introducing secret courts at their conference in September last year.

Erm …. wouldn’t it save us all a lot of fuss and effort if the Lib Dems stopped all this voting nonsense and just agreed to nod through anything their coalition partners wanted?

Just a thought.


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Alfie Meadows and Zak King found not guilty – two years, three months, and three trials later

Alfie Meadows

After years of uncertainty and two mistrials, Alfie Meadows and Zak King have been found unanimously not guilty of violent disorder on a demonstration against tuition fees and cuts to education of December 9, 2010. Alfie was beaten so badly by police on that day he needed three hours of emergency surgery after he developed bleeding on the brain.

The following is a press statement from Defend the Right to Protest, who have tirelessly supported Zak, Alfie and other victims of police violence and harassment.

Today a jury has delivered a unanimous verdict acquitting Alfie Meadows and Zak King of violent disorder. Alfie and Zak were amongst thousands of students who took to the streets against the tripling of university fees, cuts to higher education and education maintenance allowance on 9…

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