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The Positive Futures Guide

Creating and sustaining the Positive Future you desire may well begin right here…

I have created the Positive Futures Guide to assist you in creating & sustaining a positive future for yourself, your family, organization, community, or the issue that fires your passion.

Ned Hamson (that’s me stuck into the photo above): Activist, Author, Researcher, Innovator, and Believer in creating Positive Futures Now is your Chief Guide here.

You may “guide” yourself with the content here at no charge. I’m offering these 30 plus years of experience creating and researching positive futures that “work and stick” to you as “payback” to the world for what thousands of people, animals and the earth taught me.

The practical “how to” tools and examples of how these tools, processes and methods have worked for others are all free for individual use. If you need, or want help, for-fee services are readily available here too.

Please see the articles matrix below to begin your journey.

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The sound of space discovery

The sound of space discovery.

From space data to beautiful music

To compose the spacecraft duet, 320,000 measurements were first selected from each spacecraft, at one hour intervals. Then that data was converted into two very long melodies, each comprising 320,000 notes using different sampling frequencies, from a few KHz to 44.1 kHz.

The result of the conversion into waveform, using such a big dataset, created a wide collection of audible sounds, lasting just a few seconds (slightly more than 7 seconds at 44.1kHz) to a few hours (more than 5hours using 1024Hz as a sampling frequency).   A certain number of data points, from a few thousand to 44,100 were each “converted” into 1 second of sound.

Rimon Guimarães’ Colorful Building Sized Murals – The Fox Is Black

Guimarães uses buildings as a means to hide his characters in. They are crouched or hanging from a wall, often popping out of nowhere to say hello. They cover various settings they are in, adding waves of light to Amsterdam and faces for walls in Porto Alegre. Like the artist, they are youthful and full of energy (which you can really see from the multiple photos of him jumping along with the characters in his work).

Guimarães does seem to just be getting started and has only shown his work in somewhat limited locations. His work has popped up a few times for us out in the annals of Tumblr so obviously the guy must be doing it right if people are drooling about him on that site. It’s easy to see why he is becoming popular: he makes big, happy work using wild colors. What isn’t there to like about that?

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Rebel with a Cause: Question Everything. | Rebelle Society

This is how the world must be changed, by questioning everything. We dismantle our ideas about ourselves so that we may understand others more fully. We honor ourselves by honoring each other. We question our thoughts to access the truth. We can change the world by opening up and letting go.

Perhaps you don’t believe me, perhaps you believe things are fine the way they are, that your life is as it needs to be. True, the present moment is perfect as it is, we must learn to be with things as they appear — but how many moments are you using to celebrate being alive?

For peace to exist, we must first practice peace with ourselves, we must be peaceful. For love to exist, we must first practice love with ourselves, we must be loving. If you really want to overthrow the system, put on your motorcycle jacket and start meditating.

Decide, commit, manifest. Rebel with a cause.

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500 Gardens in Madisonville | Sidestreams Foundation, Inc. – Urban Farming

(My old neighborhood) Madisonville is a neighborhood of Cincinnati that has a lot going for it, especially for a gardening project.  There are large lots, generations of garden tradition, active community partners in the Madisonville Community Council, the Madisonville Community Urban Redevelopment Council, and local churches, and we have two years of partnership with Lighthouse Community School and success in building gardens on the school parking lot and nearby vacant lot with the students.  The neighborhood has a vibrant mixture of ages, ethnicities, incomes, and family origins, and carries a USDA Food Desert designation.

For two years we have worked with the Lighthouse Community School in Madisonville.  We have built gardens on a parking lots and a vacant lot.  We have facilitated job training for young people and provide fresh food to our gardens neighbors.

Through the Lighthouse work we have learned that there is a desire for fresh vegetables in the neighborhood.

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Me being quietly a part of a tree. | Rebelle Society

How I wish we could be forever young, in that summer light.

With our secret language, and the envy of our older sisters. Although often jealously spying on us, they never did uncover our magic world. The dragons we searched out, the adventures we took, the summer buzzing around us unnoticed. But, I am sure my soul absorbed the essence forever: bumble bees and all shades and nuances of green in that old apple yard. Time lost in joy.

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