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Top 10 wine poems

Dublin-born poet William Butler Yeats won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1923 for his poetry, and was the first Irishman to be honoured with the award. Fascinated by the occult, mysticism and astrology, Yeats was inspired and informed by the poets of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and Percy B. Shelley. In 1880, he and Ernest Rhys co-founded the Rhymers’ Club, a group of London-based poets who regularly met in a Fleet Street tavern to recite their verse, referring to the group as the “Tragic Generation” in his autobiography.

Wine comes in at the mouth

And love comes in at the eye;

That’s all we shall know for truth

Before we grow old and die.

I lift the glass to my mouth,

I look at you, and I sigh.

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Video: Basketball Player Wearing Eric Garner T-Shirt Dunks Over Cop Car: Gothamist

The Advance reports that the player, Brian Hogan-Gary, 20, “pulled off his jersey to reveal a shirt that had ‘R.I.P Eric Garner’ written on the front. He teed up for the shot, and proceeded to launch himself over the cop car, completely clearing it and slamming home the dunk. Cops blared their lights and sirens on cue from Soto, and the crowd went nuts.”

After nailing the dunk, Hogan-Gary jumps up onto the hood of the cop car as the lights flash and the crowd goes wild and nobody gets put into a fatal chokehold by police. Hogan-Gary won that round of the tournament, while league founder Joe Soto won the Understatement Round, telling the Advance.”The cops were really great and nice about it—it was a little bit surreal.

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(7) Humans of Singapore

Moving from a corporate job to be a lecturer was definitely a 360 degree change, but it was definitely a lot more meaningful. In a corporate environment, after work you feel good. But after school, every day, you feel like you’ve done something right. And that made a huge difference to me, because my life suddenly became a lot more about empathy. Empathy towards students, towards guiding them, and towards helping them become more like their role models.”

“Is there one such situation that you can recall in particular?”

“This one time, there was a student who had just finished her O levels. I was talking to her, and after speaking with her for over half an hour, my instinct told me that she would fit well within human resources. So that’s what I suggested to her as well. One year later, I got a long message from her, telling me how happy she was with her course, and that she had no regrets going about it. And that made me happy. So yes, it has its challenges, and there’s a lot of implications and commitments that come with this job – but it also has its rewards.”

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Plants are talking and these sensors let us hear what they’re saying : TreeHugger

A group of Italian, British and Spanish researchers are working on developing a network of microsensors that can be embedded in plants, sending us information on how plants respond to changes in temperature, humidity, air pollution, chemicals and many other changes in their environment.

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I wish you bluebirds!

Bluebirds are bedazzling creatures. This website was developed as a resource for people interested in helping bluebirds and other native cavity-nesters survive and thrive. See the Site Map (index) or Pulldown (Jump) Menu for an alphabetical list of topics covered.

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Noa: Open letter to the wind

If we refuse to recognize each other’s rights and embrace our obligations, if we continue to each cling to his own narrative with contempt and disregard for that of the other, if we again and again choose swords over words, if we sanctify land and not the lives of our children, we shall soon be forced to truly seek a colony on the moon, for our land will be so drenched in blood and so cluttered with tomb stones there will be nothing left for the living.

I wrote these words, and sang them together with my friend Mira Awad. They stand truer than ever today:

“when I cry I cry for both of us,

My pain has no name.

When I cry, I cry to the merciless sky and say:

There must be another way”

Noa, july 22, 2014

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Michigan Market Serves Neighborhood with Indoor Market

Local food growers, consumers and entrepreneurs in the Lansing, Michigan area have had good cause to celebrate as of late. Last September, Allen Neighborhood Center, a community development agency that doubles as Mid-Michigan’s nonprofit food hub, opened the doors of a warehouse they’d spent months renovating.

Located directly behind their community center on the city’s northeast side, that building, the Allen Market Place, now serves as an incubator kitchen and indoor market. It’s also linked to an online market called the Exchange, that connects regional farmers and food producers with commercial and institutional buyers in a 75-mile range of Lansing.

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